Wrath and Pride


Naruto x Raven


Story Start


''Dove...you're back with me where you belong my little dove.'' those words, it wasn't Wrath speaking anymore. It was her guardian, her protector, it was Naruto. Dove, that was she was when she was younger. His precious little dove that he looked and cared for. Using his hand he parted her legs and moving one of his legs in between to keep them parted. His hands grabbed her wrists as they were held apart as he began kissing down her neck.

Raven founded herself pinned effectively; her small struggles didn't make any difference to him. She wasn't scared though, she knew he wouldn't hurt her. ''Stop...'' she softly gasped as his movements ceased. There wasn't any influence this time, though that didn't mean she still wasn't fearful. She was so young, so innocent at that time. ''Please.'' she pleaded as the blond's eyes closed and he released her wrists. Raven reached up and softly caressed her cheek.

''I want you so badly.'' he spoke in a husky growl.''But I won't hurt you. Not again,'' he said as his fingers softly stroked her leg. ''Its me Raven. Its all me,'' he gently assured her as he pressed his lips against hers. Her lovely lips were soon wet-ten as he ran his tongue over her lips. He gently nibbled causing Raven to moan as she relented.

The kiss sent tingles down her body. She wanted so badly to be in control, but would he let her? Would her over protective self appointed guardian relent control? Would he go against the very demonic nature that made up his core being. Her chest puffed out his tongue sought out her sensitive spots. Feeling bold, Raven used her battle to ensnare him, earning a startle yelp from the blond. By mere instinct Raven straddled Naruto's lap. He chuckled at her boldness, ''An aggressive dominant and a repressed dominant. It would be fun to take turns. I suppose if its you then I'm okay in relinquishing control.'' he said as his nails dug into her hips, causing a hiss of pain and pleasure to echoed from Raven as she wildly bucked against him.

Raven leaned over, her breasts firmly pressed against his chest as they went about exploring each other's mouth again. Her hands feeling out his rather well tone chest. His pectorals were quite defined, not so much as a scar; healing factor of a demon, it was the only way to explain it. His hands seemed intent on exploring the contours of her now naked breasts. As their passion increased, clothes were shredded and their nude bodies were on displayed.

Naruto moved into a sitting position, his lips attaching to her neck and his hands grabbing her well defined ass cheeks. His cock ground against her swollen lips, aching for relief. Both of them moaned as they fervently ground against each other, their respective sexes aching as they took their time to explore each other's body. Learning about each other and making the most out of the moment as there was no rush.

Raven learned that Naruto's cheeks, particular the spots between his whiskers were sensitive and in exchanged Naruto learned that Raven loved it when Naruto nibbled her neck. His teeth softly grazed as his fingers rubbed her hardening nipples. There bodies began to spasm as their naked dry humping was pushing them to the edge. There eyes met, and their desire was apparent. Neither wanted to wait any longer as Raven used her power to hover a few inches above Naruto's hard shaft. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she descended down the pole as his hands rested on her hips.

The pain cut through her like a knife, and made her go rigid. Her pink lips opened in a silent scream, but no air or sound left her, as Naruto thrust up in attempt to bury himself in her. Her walls closed tightly, almost painfully, around his member, making movement impossible. Their foreheads pressed against together as her legs tightened around him. Raven's powers began to seep out of her as they levitated. The experience left them breathless, small sobs escaping Raven's mouth as the pleasure of being filled overwhelmed her ability to concentrate. It got even better when Naruto's power coursed through him and into her, a calm, warm heat blazed through her as she rose up a few inches and dropped back down, beginning a long series of slow ministrations. ''More...please, give me more.'' she pleaded, urging Naruto on.

''Tell me what you want.'' he said, sudden movements causing them to drop back down on the bed. He pumped in and out of her with rabid strokes as he continued to explore her body. The faster pace was resulting in shallow breaths escaping their form.

''Naruto! More! Faster! Oh Azar!'' she squealed as she could sense him movements becoming erratic and she tightened around him.

''Uum, Raven, you're flower is so sweet. It's molded to fit me so perfectly.'' he said as pumped into her even harder. Soon Raven was brought to the edge, the ripples of her orgasm splashed the blond with a wave of dark magic that caused an involuntarily, albeit quite pleasure release. The level of magical inferno from the room was going to attract every magic user in a fifty mile radius, but right now neither of them cared. That was just the first round, and with the demonic heritage that made up both of them, they both planned on continuing until they were too tired and sore to move.


Chapter End


Next chapter covers backstory.