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"Y-You can't leave!" Dick cried, throwing his arms around his mentor fearfully.

Batman tensed up like a statue, the gravel from his voice transferring to his skin. He didn't shrug out of the hug or back away like he might have done at a previous time. He managed to break his head free of the statue state and he looked down at his trembling ward.

"This is League assignment and I cannot leave you at home tonight. Your… 'grandfather'… has requested a night off for… 'Witched'? Is that it? The musical based off of The Wizard of Oz or something?" Batman pursed his lips in thought, totally forgetting that there was a terrified kid latched onto his stomach.

"I believe you are thinking of 'Wicked'," Martian Manhunter corrected, just happening to pass by to exit the cave.

Batman nodded, smiling slightly as the memory returned.

"Ah, yes. Alfred was going to go see 'Wicked' with his niece or granddaughter… not quite sure which. It's not that I don't trust you home alone or anything…" he probably had more to say, but Dick didn't necessarily want to hear it.

"Don't leave me!" he screamed into the bullet-proof fabric, tightening his hold.

Batman tensed even more, glancing around for help. He never was good around children.

"I'm not 'leaving' you. I'll be back when the mission is over. If you're that worried, just stay up and wait for me. I'm sure Kid Flash won't mind keeping you company until I return," Batman swallowed a secretive smile as Dick's tight hold loosened at the last sentence.

Dick peered up over his shades, his eyes still afraid but the smile on his lips showing that he felt just a little better.

"Hurry back," he pleaded softly.

Batman nodded reassuringly, tousling his 'son's hair gently.

"You know how missions go. I'll try though," he promised.

Dick reluctantly let go of the man he considered to be his father in this day and age, or however you'd say that, and crept back slowly. He said goodbye with a single glance, creeping off to go lay down in his room.


The second Dick closed his eyes, he had to open them again. Nothing felt right. The quilts were cold and they were so constricting, reminding him of robotic arms designed to squeeze the life right out of him. The pillow was too warm; it was like he was slowly drowning in a pit of quicksand, the desert sun mocking him as he was slowly pulled away from the world. The fan shook back and forth and he just knew that it was going to fall and crush him. The clock on the back wall wouldn't stop ticking, even after he took the battery out. The mattress was too hard on his back and he couldn't stop turning, but every time he turned, the bed let out a noisy and obnoxious creak. To make it worse though, none of that was the reason why nothing felt right.

Every time he closed his eyes, he saw the same haunting, bone chilling, heart stopping scene repeat over and over in his head. If possible, it seemed to get worse and worse as it rolled through his mind, the details becoming sharper and more vivid. He kept seeing himself checking the screen, trying to find where they had put the ship as the robots started to surround him. He hadn't seen the robots. Wally had.

"Robin!" he heard Wally's terrified cry before a painful scream of agony sounded and all that was left of Wally was a small pile of ashes.

He kept seeing Wally's head toss back, his emerald eyes widening in pain as the red beam shattered against the lightning bolt on his chest. The first to go was his chest, then his face frozen in fear, followed by everything from the hips down, slowly turning into ash. The pale flesh dotted with cute little freckles caved in, darkening until it was nothing but powder. The sparkling emerald eyes exploded, their care and love forever gone from the world. His soft hair that had been played with and tousled on many afternoons in an effort to revive the energetic smile that was usually spread over the pale lips that were ash in half a second.

Dick leapt from his bed and tore silently across the wooden floor into the bathroom that was attached to his room. He switched the light on and turned the sink's water on so it was ice cold. He cupped his hands under the stream of water and leaned over the sink, splashing the water over his face. That didn't help at all. All it did was make him cold. Very, very cold. He didn't know what else to do though. He was traumatized from the simulation. Everything was going to scare the hell out of him. There was only one way he could think of to calm himself down. Looking up into the mirror, his face dripping with cold water, his cheeks still rubbed raw, Dick decided that it had to be done.


Wally's head snapped up in surprise as he heard his door slowly creak open.

"Hello?" he called, his voice weakly cutting the darkness.

He smiled when he recognized the short ebony in the dim light.

"Oh, hey Rob," he waved weakly from the bed, closing his comic book. "What's up?"

Dick closed the door behind him and silently crossed the room until he was standing next to Wally's bed. He had a hand on his elbow, his head bowed, fidgeting ever so slightly. Wally scooted over in the bed so his thigh touched the wall, leaving more than half of the bed available for the quiet sidekick. When Dick didn't move, Wally patted the spot beside him.

"I won't bite… unless you ask nicely."

Dick smiled, sliding onto the bed next to Wally and laying down, resting his head on the pillow.

"That won't be necessary," he mumbled, folding his arms over his stomach.

Wally pretended to be offended as he turned on his side, hooking an arm under his pillow so he could better watch his best friend.

"Why did I do to deserve your presence in this late hour?" he teased, his emerald eyes glinting with mischievousness.

The look made Dick's stomach turn in both a good and bad away. It was a cute look, but when he saw it, he kept imagining the eyes exploding into ash, scattering into the breeze.

"I… I couldn't sleep," he admitted, blinking slowly.

Over the years, he had learned that blinking fast only made your tears grow stronger. If you hold your eyes open, the tears evaporate.

"Well, if you're in here with me all night, we won't be doing much sleeping… if you get where I'm going," Wally winked playfully, drawing an adorable blush to Dick's cheeks.

"Sick dude!" Dick couldn't help but laugh though.

Wally was probably the only person in the universe who could joke about having sex with his best friend of the same gender and pull it off.

"But seriously… Do you want to talk about it?" he switched from sexual to comforting in the bat of an eye.

Dick stayed silent for a moment, staring down at his socks before he glanced over at Wally. He had such a soft smile and in the low light, his eyes seemed to glow.

"I… I might get all teary-eyed on you…" he warned, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Then I might just have to hug you," Wally shrugged casually.

The ginger knew all the right things to say to keep Dick's face alive with mad blushes. He wasn't quite sure of what to say, mostly because he didn't know if Wally was serious. It was hard to tell the difference between sarcasm and seriousness on a boy with a mischievous smile. Curiously, Dick inched closer to the ginger, studying the expression. Wally laughed lightly, wrapping his free arm around Dick's stomach and yanking him back towards his own chest, hugging him close. Black hair tickled the underneath of his chin, but it felt nice. He brought his knees up so Dick had to do the same, piecing the two of them together like a proper puzzle. The ebony's face was the same shade as Wally's hair, but he didn't resist. He took a shaky breath, scooting the slightest bit closer. He definitely felt safer now.

"So, what'd you want to talk about?" Wally asked softly, closing his eyes.

Dick shut his eyes gently, the warm arm around his stomach chasing off all of the bad images.

"Nothing anymore," he murmured.

Wally smirked, reaching down to pull up the covers before he wrapped his arm around Dick again.

"Sorry for saving you," he whispered into Dick's hair

Dick hummed contentedly.

"Don't apologize," he said simply, "Just keep hugging me."

Wally chuckled under his breath. "If you insist…"

The nightmares were replaced with happy little butterflies and fast paced dance tunes that escaped the radio in Wally's chest and finally, Dick slept peacefully.

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