I DON'T OWN DP! Random one-shot inspired by my lunch…don't ask. Enjoy!

Sam's POV

"I hate pudding!" I growled. Danny gasped in mockery.

"You what? How can you possibly hate pudding? It's my favorite food ever!" declared Danny.

"I prefer tofu. Pudding is an unknown substance to mankind." I pointed out. "It's like Jell-O. It's squishy and looks like its alive."

"Maybe it is!" shouted Danny.

"If it is, then my name isn't Sam Manson!" I declared.

"My dad made alive pudding once. SO THERE! Now, since it was alive, what is your new name?" asked Danny.

"Sam Fenton." Wait, did I just say that? Aah! Danny chocked on his pudding.

"What did you say?" I gulped.

"Sam Fenton. You know, I always could be your sister or something. It could happen!" Whew! Averted that disaster! I mean, if Danny knew what I was really thinking, that would be bad. Danny studied me for a few seconds.

"Actually, Sam Fenton has a nice ring to it. Literally." He looked away. "Sam, if you hate me after this, at least sit next to Tuck." He smiled. "He needs all the help he can get!"

"I agree," I said, "But why would I hate you?" Danny gulped.

"Well, this seemed like the right time to do this." He pulled out a class ring. "Sam, I understand what you said earlier. That could happen in the future." My face got bright red, along with his.

"But for now, I want to ask you this: Willyoubemygirlfriend?"

"Slow down Danny. What did you say?" He sighed.

"Sam, will you be my-" he looked away,"-girlfriend?" I was speechless. And then I knew what to do. I kissed him. I know, not the most romantic place. But who cares? Danny's eyes got wide, but he soon closed them. And that's when we heard clapping.

"Hey, check it out!" Dash called out. " The lovebirds finally got together!" I broke the kiss and smiled at him.

"So, do you want to be 'together'?" I asked. Danny grabbed my hand.

"That would be a yes. Want the rest of my pudding?" I snorted.

"I hate pudding!"


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