Naruto/Hulk crossover challenge

Okay so I noticed that most Naruto/Hulk crossovers are a little lacking. And by lacking I mean there are only seven and their just not my cup of tea so to speak. Now normally I would write this myself, but since I have some a few other stories going I decided to make a challenge of it. Now to the rules:

1. The story must take place exclusively in the Naruto universe. No other Marvel characters besides Hulk are allowed. No exceptions.

2. Hulk has to come to the Naruto-verse and be sealed inside Naruto INSTEAD of Kyuubi.

3. Naruto must be depicted as having green hair, preferably long, and green eyes(no green skin though), around 6 feet(7 feet after time skip), and be more muscled than normal(Not Hulk level though, see rule 4.), and generally short tempered and sarcastic.

4. Naruto can only Hulk out when he's super angry, not just whenever he gets angry or gets worked up(Basically like it is with Kyuubi)

5. Naruto must have Hulk like powers(i.e super strength, healing factor, denser skin, and stronger when angrier) in his human form though at a lower level than his Hulk form

6. You can make Naruto villains like Hulk villains(like Absorbing Man, Abomination, the Leader, etc)

7. Sakura, Sasuke, and Neji bashing are optional but encouraged.

8. No harems and the only girls Naruto is allowed to be with are: Ino, Tenten, Temari, Tayuya, Karin, Hana(Kiba's sister in case you didn't know), or younger Shizune. Hinata is excluded because although I like the pairing, it gets a little old and I'd like to see something different with this story.

So those are the rules, anything else is up to you! Review this or PM me if you want to take it up.