In case you are wondering, yes this is M-preg.

I know, I know. M-Preg is sometimes regarded as the sewer of the fanfic world, but let me say that I have very much changed my mind about it. And it was all because of the stellar Cerberus Revised's glorious JR fic "The Uke Flu."

And even though I have read most of her stories, it remains to be my absolute favorite. And so when she asked me to write the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi edition, I was thrilled.

I am proud to bring you the newest piece of the Uke Flu world, and I hope you all enjoy it :)

Thank you,

The Black Flamingo 101


"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."- John Lennon

His first words were, "Oh dear God…"

And after that, all phrase was constricted by the sob that had risen unbidden from his chest, causing his whole body to jerk as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Onodera Ritsu crumbled to the floor of his kitchen, the test results from the clinic flapping down with him.

The young brunette ran his fingers through the soft, straight nest of his chestnut hair, wiping the last of the tears from his cheeks. His sandpapery eyes glanced up at the clock, blinking more than usual as they read the digital face.


Onodera rested his cheek against his folded up knees, taking a deep, soothing breath. He had cried for nearly two hours, and every muscle in his body ached from the contracting strains of his sobs. But as utterly exhausted as he was, when his emerald eyes settled on the torn envelope and scattered papers, he felt like bawling all over again.

And, he had reason to.

Onodera Ritsu was pregnant.

His body quivering with hunger and fatigue, the willowy young man tipped over and lay on the cool linoleum that soothed some of the raw heat lingering on his face. He sipped in another deep breath, the air doing little to ease the torn, hollow feeling of his lungs and stomach. The brunette hadn't eaten since that morning, and even then it had been very little sustenance. But underneath the physical and emotional weight that pounded his mind, Onodera didn't have an ounce of motivation to obtain food or water. Instead, he lay on the unswept ground of his apartment, his body and mind not stirring as his heavy eyelids slid downward…

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Onodera's eyelids shot open as the rapping rang like a gong against his eardrums. The brunette propped himself up on his elbows, his wide eyes staring at the front door in horror. And the quiet fog that had settled over his tired mind quickly turned into a lightning storm of panic.

"Onodera? Why weren't you at work today? Open up!" A gruff voice barked from out in the hallway.

One word surfaced in the inwardly screaming mind of the brunette editor. And with that one word, Onodera felt waves of nausea couple with the rising panic in his head. He bit down on his lip, curling his head and arms into his chest and staying as still as he possibly could. He barely breathed as he waited for further sounds of the presence, and his lip bruised from the sharp bite of his teeth that effectively housed any cries or sobs.

But it wasn't just a word. It was a name.


"Onodera? Onodera!…Ritsu! RITSU!"