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Chapter Forty-Three: Forward

It didn't take much persuasion to get Takano excited, and as soon as the two entered the room, he seized Ritsu's shoulders and kissed him. It was an embrace Ritsu knew well, a kiss of fire and passion that encompassed him, but now there was also a gentleness present as well. Even as Takano's tongue slid into his mouth and wrangled, his large hands also tenderly combed Ritsu's fine-stranded sienna locks. One hand began to drift downward, smoothing against Ritsu's shoulder and then down his back, which cast a tangible shiver down the smaller man's spine. Takano's mouth moved as well, his tongue tracing the shell of Ritsu's ear and moving to his pale neck, where he left light love bites.

"Ah," Ritsu groaned as Takano mouthed his neck, blips of pleasure beginning to spring from his head to in between his legs. He was already starting to harden, and judging from the tight center of Takano's jeans, he was too. Both of Takano's hands met in the small of Ritsu's back and moved to the subtle curve of his ass, giving it a squeeze.

Ritsu was surprised at the gasp that flew from his mouth and he made more light noises as Takano kissed him again. This time however, Ritsu softly fought back with his own tongue, and let his hands lift from his sides to Takano's torso, bringing them ever closer together. This stoked Takano's fire till it was brimming and he carefully began to guide both of them to the bed, trying to be conscious of the brunet's baby bump. But as he felt himself being swept away by Takano's embraces, Ritsu suddenly had a thought. It made him blush, but that stubborn part of his brain decided it would happen tonight.

"T—Takano-san," He said out of habit as their kiss broke.

"No, Masamune," Takano breathed, leaning down to mouth Ritsu's Adam's apple as his hand reached down and unzipped Ritsu's jeans.

"Masamune," Ritsu gasped. "St—stop for just a minute."

Hearing his name made Takano's ears ring with pleasure, but he wondered at the sudden plea.

"What's wrong?" He asked gently, guiding Ritsu to sit on the bed. The brunet chewed on his lip and blushed furiously as he leaned forward and began to undo Takano's belt. Reading the implications with utter shock, Takano moved away.

"No Ritsu. You don't have to."

"But I…I want to."

"It's too much for tonight. We've never done that before."

"You've done it to me…a lot of times. Please Masamune."

Takano brow creased as his mind was enraptured with conflict, but seeing the amount of embarrassment Ritsu had put himself through in order to do something well…rather pleasant for him, he finally caved.

"All right." He murmured, coming back to stand in front of his partner.

"Th—This is my first time," Ritsu stuttered, still blushing. "So I may be a bit awkward."

"Don't worry about it. Just go at your own pace," Takano reassured him. "And don't worry about trying to make me come. This is for you—"

"Will you shut up?!" Ritsu sputtered. "I can't concentrate."

Takano's worried look curled into a smile and he zipped his lips, watching closely as Ritsu undid his belt and jeans. The pants sagged enticingly off Takano's trim hips and Ritsu found himself licking his lips. Reaching over, he dipped his hand into Takano's briefs and pulled out his blood thick cock, a pearl of precum pooling at the head. Ritsu visibly gulped at how large it was, but ever the stubborn one, he bowed forward and cautiously licked the head, grimacing slightly at Takano's taste. It wasn't unpleasant, just…different.

Hearing the deep sigh his partner gave spurred him forward, and Ritsu put his free hand on Takano's thigh as he cupped his mouth around the head. It was so warm and big he didn't know how he would get it all in, so he gripped the base and continued to suck at the head. It was hard to tell if Takano was enjoying this or not, seeing how he barely made any noise, so Ritsu tried his best to make it good, rolling his tongue around the foreskin and squeezing the base with his hand. Excess saliva and precum mingled in his mouth and dripped down his chin as he began to bob his head. He went deeper and lightly mewled as he felt Takano's head touch the back of his throat. His mouth was small and it so engulfed him that he was feeling short of breath and knew he couldn't keep going.

With a slight pang of defeat, Ritsu slid his mouth off Takano's dick and gasped for air, more liquid dripping from his mouth and landing on the carpet.

"I'm sorry," He panted. "It's too big—" But his words were cut off as Takano's mouth claimed his, the other man's tongue probing deeply and passionately. Takano gently pushed on Ritsu's shoulders and the brunet flopped down with Takano's body hovering over him as they kissed long and hard.

Ritsu gasped again as they broke their embrace and his blush deepened as he stared up at Takano's golden eyes, which were brimming with affection.

"Ritsu," He breathed. "That was amazing."

"Really? It's kind of hard to do…my mouth is small and your…well, you know."

"It's takes time for anyone to learn. But, thank you Ritsu. You gave me something wonderful and I appreciate it."

Ritsu blushed deeper and turned his head bashfully as Takano stripped his loose jeans and other clothes off. When he was done he turned to Ritsu.

"You need help with your shirt?" He asked, indicating Ritsu's large belly. Ritsu nodded and with Takano's help they pulled it off with little difficulty, along with Ritsu's jeans and briefs.

Ritsu closed his eyes as he felt his bare skin being touched by the air, and he shivered at the vulnerability of it all, having his body, his erect cock, and his stomach all laid out for Takano to see.

Takano laid down next to him, beginning to smooth his palms over the pale plains of Ritsu's chest. The brunet quivered under his hands and curled his arms to his chest as Takano's hand went lower, soothingly palming his baby bump. A new sensation was triggered by the touch, and Ritsu found himself letting out a moan. But he nearly jumped as Takano's hand took hold of his erect member and began to stroke him.

"Ohhh…uhhh," Ritsu moaned, closing his eyes. God it had been so long since he'd touched himself that Takano's hand was bliss.

Takano's mouth nuzzled around and found one of Ritsu's nipples, fluttering his tongue around it until it became a tight, red knob. He mouthed and nipped at Ritsu's torso as he continue stroking his cock, and found the brunet relaxing rather nicely. Ritsu's arms slowly went to his sides and he laid back on the pillows, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure. His lean, white thighs began to spread themselves, giving Takano a rather plain invitation.

"Masamune…" Ritsu murmured as Takano shifted and slid between his legs. "P—Please go slow."

Takano's golden eyes softened humorously and he leaned up to kiss Ritsu on the cheek.

"Did you really think I wouldn't?" He smiled, planting another kiss on the brunet's stomach as he went back down, taking Ritsu's cock into his mouth. He bobbed his head around the firm rod, his own arousal growing harder as he heard Ritsu's high moans echo up to the ceiling. He stopped momentarily to grab a bottle of lube stashed under the bed, and continued sucking Ritsu's cock as he carefully slid a finger inside him.

The brunet let out a strangled gasp as he felt himself penetrated. It had been months since they'd had sex, and he felt a familiar combination of pain and pleasure coming back to that area. Takano's finger probed deep inside him, sniffing out his sweet spot and pushing down on it.

"AH!" Ritsu gasped, clutching the sheets tightly as electricity coursed through him. Between Takano's mouth and his finger, he was so close to coming it was embarrassing. Takano knew this as well, and as he slipped in a second finger, he took his mouth off Ritsu's cock and began to stroke it again, timing it with his thrusts.

"N—No," Ritsu moaned. "T—Too much."

"Come on Ritsu," Takano said in a playful, husky growl. "Come for me."

"N—No…Masa—Masamune!" He cried as he climaxed, his thick seed coating Takano's hand. Ritsu's entire body relaxed and he closed his eyes, feeling the waves of the orgasm wash over him like warm water.

Seeing how calm his partner was, Takano removed his fingers and squeezed a handful of lube into his palm, stroking his own member as took in the enticing picture of post coital Ritsu. Limbs spread, thighs parted, eyes closed, and his full stomach gently rising with deep breaths.

Takano had never seen a more endearing sight. He wanted to engrain this moment in his memory for all time, and a quiet smile pulled at his mouth as he realized that Ritsu and him would have many, many more nights like this…

Spreading some more lube over Ritsu's twitching entrance, Takano kneeled close to him and began to press his cock inside. He grunted with relief and ecstasy as it easily slid in and propped himself up over Ritsu. With that belly of his the only easy position for them would be missionary, but it was exactly what Takano wanted. To see the face of the man he was going to be with…for years to come.

Ritsu moaned as he felt Takano completely slide inside him, his back arching and his hands clasping the sheets. While he waited for his uke to adjust, Takano took both of those white knuckled hands and wove his fingers in between Ritsu's. Ritsu quietly grunted at the gesture and gripped Takano's hands as he began to move, carefully sliding in and out. The pace wasn't fast or rough, but slow and steady, giving them both a soft pleasure and a tangible feeling of intimacy.

Takano went a little faster as he leaned down to kiss Ritsu, and the brunet briefly had a tiny flashback of kissing Saga-sempai the first time they made love and holding his face in his hands.

This feeling in mind, Ritsu slipped his hands out of Takano's and rested them on the man's cheeks and as deepened their kiss, stroking his firm cheekbones and thick black locks.

They joined hands again after the kiss and Takano began to thrust faster, beads of sweat beginning to pool on his muscular back. Ritsu's breathing was ragged as he cried and moaned higher and higher, feeling a second climax coming on.

Takano was close as well and Ritsu's body was rocked harshly as he began to go full tempo, closing his eyes and squeezing Ritsu's hands with all his might.

"AHH!" Ritsu cried, his body arching as he came again. Takano climaxed not a second later, bowing his dark, sweaty head as he tried to catch his breath. He laid down next to the heaving Ritsu and wrapped his arms around him, kissing the top of his chestnut head as pure bliss engulfed them both.

"I love you Ritsu." He murmured, almost feeling tears sting at his eyes. Ritsu turned his head wearily and gave Takano a small, tired smile.

"I love you too."

With barely a thought about anything but each other, Masamune and Ritsu curled up in each other's arms and slept. Their rest was all the more peaceful because they had resigned to leave their troubled pasts behind them and bask in the loving nest of the present, moving forward together, side by side.

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