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The following stories are written and co-written by myself (Ajaa) and Kazeodori


Tala IaRooga - Venomancer - The oldest member of this patchwork family. While she doesn't go adventuring anymore, she is kept quite busy supporting the six others. She maintains and defends their home at the edge of Wellsprings Village, makes sure everyone is prepared for their adventures, and has a warm smile for when they return. Can be identified by her shoulder length multi-color hair, antlers, and lightly tan skin.

Ajaa - Assassin - The second oldest and quite possibly the most powerful of the family. Always on one adventure or another. Makes friends at every turn, especially with his trusted turtle, Lil'Slow, following. He is constantly arguing with Darkcri over stolen clothes, and oblivious to the fact that he's the subject of many of Avaa's and AmethystMyst's arguments. He married the wonderful, though ever absent, venomancer, Kazeodori. At one point in time he had pink hair, then blond, and now its….green? O.o crazy assassin

Avaa - Assassin - Oldest middle sister, she quickly followed in Ajaa's footsteps into the assassin life. With her tabby, Lil'Sin she is always up for an adventure. Tends to be a little too hotheaded, but very likeable in her group of friends. Always trying to out do AmethystMyst to impress her idol, Ajaa.

AmethystMyst - Seeker - Youngest middle sister, she only recently joined the family. Enjoys the competition with Avaa and admires Ajaa for the strong warrior he is. On her adventures she is accompanied by a black tiger cub, Dark Hug.

Darkcri - Mystic - The only middle brother. He and Ajaa constantly accuses the other of stealing their clothes. Some days he just stays home and helps Tala out.

KJ - Blademaster - Considered to be one of the babies of the family. He rarely adventures. Instead he prefers to head up to Etherblade and brood in some unused corner.

Avan - Psychic - Also, considered to be one of the babies of the family. She prefers to spend her days down in Netherspring Village with her boyfriend, Cloud Shadow.

Kazeodori - Venomancer - Married to Ajaa. She is quite easily distracted which is partly why she's often gone. Some shiny thing catches her eye, and before you know it, she's off on the next journey to chase it down. Her trusted shadou cub, Lil'Yuki, right at her side.

Cloud Shadow - Psychic -Boyfriend to Avan. He knows better than to get in the way of the sisters trying to see who can out-do each other in their 'competitions' to see who can get the most favor from Ajaa. Thankfully Avan doesn't get involved... Much.

Aaja - Assassin - They say somewhere in the world, everyone has a twin. This is Ajaa's, at least in looks. Where Ajaa is a hard worker, Aaja is lazy. He'll do whatever he can for the easy ride, including impersonate Ajaa.