Loony Mystic Prediction



Ajaa was stretched out in the sun, watching the clouds pass by as he debated which quests might help pass the time. He looked up at the shadow that fell over him, seeing the young Mystic that Darkcri was helping out.

"Hey Ajaa, I've got a mission out by Sanctuary. But I'm not sure if I can handle it alone. Darkcri suggested I ask you for help. Think you'll have some free time next week?" she asked.

"Sure. Drop by and we'll fly out there," he replied, making a note to talk to Darkcri about the details.

Ziyel started to leave, then paused. "Make sure you feed the rabbits, okay?"

Ajaa shook his head, muttering to himself, "What rabbits, Tala doesn't have any of those, right?"

Ziyel had her work cut out for her on this mission, Ajaa could see. While she was turning out to be quite a powerful Mystic, this mission was a little out of her league. Darkcri did the right thing in sending Ziyel to him for help. Though the constant chatter about anything and everything was more than a little distracting.

By the time they decided to take a lunch break, Ajaa had finally managed to tune out most of the talking. He leaned back against a tree and stared up into the leaves while Ziyel took twice as long to finish lunch. All that talking and babbling.

Ajaa's eyes started to close. The nice warm sun, the comfortable position, the wetness on his leg... Wait, what?

His eyes flashed open, daggers quickly drawn and ready to take out whatever it was. He didn't have to look far. Or at all. It was huge. And white. And chewing on his neon green pants.

Ziyel started laughing at the stunned look on Ajaa's face. The giant rabbit had quietly hopped up and decided that Ajaa's pants looked delicious. "Can I keep him, Ajaa? Please?" Ziyel pleaded.

Some how, they got the rabbit home. Tala was amused at the state of Ajaa's pants as he stormed up the stairs to go change.

Ziyel turned to Tala and said, "I didn't think he paid attention when I told him to feed the rabbits, but who would have thought they liked pants?"