I promised, and now I deliver. Welcome to the prequel to the epic Wind of Time! Starring the heroes of alternate worlds, Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog! Like Wind of Time, this story will be told entirely from a first person POV, however this time around, it will alternate between Blaze's POV and Silver's POV. We'll start with Blaze's POV. Well, let us begin.

Chapter 1

A Land above the Clouds

I awoke to the reprising sound of a harp ringing through the air. My body ached in several places, and my head was screaming in pain. Sitting up on the stone walkway I had found myself on, I noticed that I didn't recognize anything nearby, especially this huge statue of what looked like a woman with these angel wings on her back. I could hear the harp from the opposite side of the statue, but being a cat, I decided that it would be a bad idea to risk exposing myself to any natives that might be nearby. I turned to look behind myself, and took note of an edge to the rock platform, but it looked as if the place was just an island floating hundreds of miles above the ground, like Angel Island in Sonic's dimension.

I would have looked over the edge to check exactly how high this chunk of rock is, but my acrophobia prevented that from happening. How exactly did I end up here?

I remember Eggman Nega rushing into the secret garden to try and steal the Sol Emeralds… the robot he came with was possibly one of his strongest yet, and I had to use the Emeralds to become Burning Blaze… and then this weird song started playing… followed by this flash of light, and…

Wait… SILVER! Wasn't he around when the flash came? I looked around frantically for any sign of him, but all I could find was this unusual long-sword, in this scabbard decorated with cyan lines that seemed to be luminescent. Almost hesitantly, I picked the thing up, and gently removed the sword from its scabbard.

I could not believe what I was looking at. The handle had looked like it was in perfect condition, but the blade was caked with layers of rust and grime. It might break the minute it hit something. I would have just left it there, but something seemed to be calling me from within the blade. With that in mind, I decided to hold on to it. It might come in handy later.

As I began to wonder where Silver and possibly the Sol Emeralds, were, I suddenly heard a masculine voice call to someone in front of the statue. The music stopped playing, and with peaking curiosity, I peeked around the edge of the statue to see two blonde haired humans, one male the other female, facing each other in front of the statue. What was unusual was that they both had pointed ears, like elves.

I didn't catch a lot of their conversation, mostly because I didn't want to completely eavesdrop on these people, but I did catch some key bits about the current location, and them. The boy's name was "Link", the girl was named "Zelda", and the two of them had apparently known each other since they were little. Zelda's father was the headmaster of the boarding school the two of them attend, which is the reason that Link had nicknamed her "Princess". Just by looking at them, I could easily detect that little… spark.

Deciding that I had learned enough, I started looking for a way to leave this area without either of those two seeing me.

Thankfully, I soon discovered an old trail along the side of the island, and after making sure the two lovebirds were still distracted with their conversation, I ran over to the ramp fast enough to not be seen by the unaided eye. The path was a wooden walkway from there, so I just walked the rest of the way to avoid falling to my death. Eventually, I made it to the central town of this island in the sky. I think that Zelda girl said it was called "Skyloft". The name certainly fits. No one seemed to notice me, so I made my way over to a lighthouse I could see in the distance. I could catch small instances of conversation between the locals, but the language they used seemed unusual, but I could understand what they were saying.

See, as an actual princess, I have fluent knowledge of over 10,000 different languages, and apparently this local language was on that list. Silver can fluently read, write, and speak any language in existence, as part of his Psionic powers. Silver… where are you?

I was jerked out of my thoughts by a deep voice coming from nearby. I could see that I had finally reached that lighthouse, and there in the cargo port, were three boys that had "troublemaker" written all over their posture, language, and dress. The leader of this trio was this muscular guy with sleek red hair, and rugged face, and ridiculously pronounced lips.

"… really hurt. Groose, that bird did a severe number on us." One of the lackeys said to his leader.

"What did you expect? No Loftwing would let themselves be cut off from their riders without a fight." Their leader, Groose, commented. I quickly found a place to hide, so I could safely listen in on their conversation.

"But no matter. He's not getting out of that pen anytime soon." He seemed to hear something behind him, and I could see him turn to face the approacher. I followed his line of sight to see the boy I saw back at the statue. Link, was it? He was clearly angry with the jerkball. I think he heard what he had just said.

"Ah, Link, what a pleasant surprise," Groose said in this sickeningly false sweet tone. "You must be highly prepared for the Wing Ceremony today. After all, your loftwing is a rarity here." Link gave Groose this look that clearly said "What does that have to do with anything?" "Say, where is your loftwing, anyway?"

"You should know the answer to that, Groose," Link growled at the pompous cheater. He definitely heard him.

"Me? I have no clue what you're talking about," Groose responded. I could see that playing dumb would not get him out of this facedown.

"Look, bucko, I am sick and tired of you rubbing your childhood friendship with Zelda in everyone's faces!"

"I never rub it everyone's faces. I haven't even mentioned it once since I joined the academy."

"Yeah, right. Look, there is no way you will win the race that forms the Wing Ceremony. I am the best flyer here. I will be the one who will be getting some alone time with Zelda after-"

"You'll be getting some WHAT with me?" Here, Zelda intervened, and I could see that Groose was getting a little nervous in her presence. I guess that's what happens when your father is the headmaster of the school you go to.

"Look, Groose, I am sick and tired of you always picking on Link! What has he ever done to you, huh?" She asked him in this overly stern tone.

"I suppose… I suppose… I…. Ohhhhhhhhhhh…." I could see that Groose was not listening to a word she said. He was too busing staring at her, his eyes glazed over with extreme lust. Incredible. I haven't properly met this guy, and I already despise him.

"I suppose nothing! I will win the Wing Ceremony!" With that, Groose charged towards the end of the pier, and jumped over the edge. I heard the cheater give this loud whistle, and then saw him fly off on this colossal bird.

Obviously, he is someone I would not get along with very well. I wanted to help Link find this Loftwing of his, but my immediate concern was the albino hedgehog.

Almost in curiosity, I removed the sword I found earlier, and vividly examined the rusted blade. That strange force that enticed me to keep this thing… what was it? And all this rust and dirt… this thing has probably seen better days. Well, since I have it, I might as well use it. I saw a wet rag nearby, and started trying to rub off all this grime that had built up on it. The stuff was rock solid, and no matter how hard I scrubbed, it wouldn't come off.

Hmm… Maybe if I added a little heat…

Holding the weapon in my right hand, I created a small flame in my left, and slowly lowered the blade into the fire. However, to my surprise, the minute the heat of my flame made contact with the sword, the entire flame leapt from my hand and onto the rusty blade, bathy the entire thing in a burning scabbard. Soon, the fire was eating away at the layer of rust, and the exposed parts of the blade glowed in this bluish green light. Finally, the entire layer of grime exploded from the weapon, exposing the glittering blade in all its glory. What was unnerving about this was that it was giving off a greenish cyan light, with energy branching off near the tip to give the weapon five pointed tips.

This small light formed at the crossgaurd, and then broke away from the sword. This light hovered in front of me for several seconds, before it suddenly took on a shape I could never fail to recognize.

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