Chapter six of Disembodied Sword! Here, we finally meet Ghirahim. By the way, Demise will be mute while a piece of him uses a foreign body… wouldn't be fair if I had him say mean things to Blaze and Silver, only to have the past version of him not remember them in the final battle. Ghirahim will do the talking for both of them. Well, what do you say we get things started, Silver?

Chapter 6

"Lord" Ghirahim

Skyview Temple had to be the oldest, dustiest, most run-down religious building I have EVER set foot… can't really say that right now, can I? Well, ever visited, let's use that, huh? Anyway, the interior of the temple was dark, dusty, and there were fungi growing all over the floor and walls. It was more run-down than one of Nega's old bases.

The puzzles Link and Blaze encountered within the temple were easy enough. The final door blocking the way to Zelda had to be opened with this Golden Carving Link found close by. The chamber beyond the doorway was huge and open, probably 35 meters in diameter across the floor. I left the Psycho Sword to get a decent idea of exactly how big it was, when almost immediately someone materialized in front of us.

I could tell he was male by his clothing, but his bodily stature seemed a little feminine to me. Had sleek, short hair that hid the left side of his face, but I could still see that his left ear was round while the right ear was pointed, like Link's. His skin was incredibly pale, with diamond patterns decorating his legs. He held this thin saber, but had his back to us… although, he soon noticed me, Link, and Blaze, and his blade vanished in a shower of diamond patterns.

"Well… this is a surprise…" Yup, definitely male. He turned around to face us, and I could see he had these pronounced lips, like Groose.

"I would have thought that tornado I conjured would have torn you to pieces… and you two… the Goddess certainly has a strange taste in heroes."

I could see Link tense up at the man's words… so he's the one who kidnapped Zelda…

"Who are you?" I finally asked him.

"Oh, where are my manners? I am the ruler of this land you see around you… this place you call 'The Surface'. I am Ghirahim. Though, I prefer to be called by my full title: LORD Ghirahim."

Like it matters.

"The spirit maiden would already be mine… if that Goddess-serving wench hadn't STOLEN HER AWAY!"

Through that outburst of anger, I could catch a glimpse of a murder-happy psycho under that calm, collected demeanor.

"So… I guess I'll take my frustration out on you. I promise, I won't kill any of you…" He vanished in a shower of diamonds after that.

"…just beat you to within an inch of your lives."

Link flinched, and rapidly turned to face the self-proclaimed Demon Lord. He sent his decorative cape away, ready for battle.

"Let's start with you, in the green tunic."

With that, he sent this wave of magic at me and Blaze, locking us out of the fight. Blaze and I could only watch anxiously as Ghirahim started to slowly advance on Link, with his right hand raised in front. Link sliced at the self-proclaimed Demon Lord, but Ghirahim caught the blade between his fingers. Link fought against the grip Ghirahim had on the blade, eventually prying it free and slashing at empty air as the "Demon Lord" gracefully leapt away. Blaze and I could only look on in annoyance.

I realized something right then; Ghirahim will only catch obvious attacks. If Link doesn't telegraph his slashes, he can land a hit. Link seemed to figure this out as well, and using this tactic, managed to harm the Demon Lord.

Link repeated this tactic a few more times, and Ghirahim seemed to have decided it was time to try a different strategy. After he licked his lips, he summoned this black sabre in his right hand, obviously readying to go sword-to-sword. As I expected, Link was the better swordsman, and was able to defeat Ghirahim easily after that point.

Ghirahim's sword vanished, and I could hear him panting softly.

"Don't think you have me bested," the Demon lord wheezed out. "It is only because of that sword that you are still alive. It doesn't matter anymore, anyway. The maiden's presence has all but faded from this place."

How can he know that?

"Mark my words, you three; the next time we meet, I won't be so generous."

With that, he vanished in another burst of diamonds. The force field keeping Blaze away from the arena faded, and she ran over to the exhausted hero.

"Link, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Blaze. Just a little winded."

I noticed that the door on the far side of the room was glowing, but laying on the floor in front of it was…

"Blaze, look over there!" Blaze looked in that direction, seeing the red Sol Emerald where I had noticed it. She ran over to the gem, and gently lifted it in front of her.

"Ghirahim must have dropped it while he and Link were dueling," she deduced. Link walked over to where the two of us were, but kept his focus on the door. He calmly walked towards it, an marched onward as it opened before him, Blaze running to keep up with him, as I returned to the Psycho Sword.

Past the door, Link and Blaze found themselves in this tranquil spring, with birds littered around the inland part, and a monument to the goddess Hylia in the center of the spring. Link slowly made his way towards the shrine, and, noticing a symbol like the one inside the statue of the Goddess, fired a Skyward Strike at it. Fi emerged from his blade shortly afterwards, apparently having something to report.

"Master, a message from the Goddess has awakened within my memory," she announced. "Here is the message;

Hero from the skies above, travelers from a world parallel;

The place you stand in now is called Skyview Spring.

To fulfill her role in the Goddess's plan, the spirit maiden must purify herself in the waters of two springs.

Skyview Spring is one of them.

Follow the spirit maiden to the lands of Eldin, to Earth Spring, the second spring must bathe in.

Use this tablet to open the way forward."

After Fi finished the message, the mouth on the statue opened, and deposited an old, weathered tablet that looked like it could fit together with the tablet from the Statue of the Goddess in Skyloft. This one, however, had a ruby embedded in it.

Link slowly turned back to me and Blaze, after he figured out what we had to do now.

"Okay, guys, the lands of Eldin are our next stop. But first, back to Skyloft."

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