Okay, if you're reading this you're probably like, "What the hell? I thought this was chapter 3?" Well, as you can tell, it's not. Your next thoughts after reading that are probably, "Oh shit, he's cancelling this!" or "YES! HE'S CANCELLING THIS!"

Well, true believers, I'm here to tell you I'm not. Infinite Origins: Captain America is going to live to fight another day.

The only deal is, what you've probably read by now, will cease to exist. The first two chapters were crap. Complete and utter bull shit. And I'm not going to re-write them.

Now you're confused. I can understand that. One minute I say "nothing's being cancelled and this title will go on." Another I'm like, "Yeah, those two chapters you read and loved/hated are being trashed. And not being brought back better."

Well, the thing is I've had an idea. Similar to my idea for currently-being-planned X-Men title. So, I'm going to write a new Captain America origin story tying in directly with Infinite Avengers.

And let me tell you right now it won't be the same. It will be completely different! In a good way! This won't be your grandpa's and your dad's and your own Captain America. But, true believers, it'll still be in WW2. So I guess that's good news, right?

I'm also going to let you know I don't plan on spoiling this plot to anyone, except maybe a co-writer (hint-hint).

If you didn't just understand what I was implying than let me put it bluntly for you. I can't do this on my own! I've got ideas. Different, awesome, epic ideas. But I don't have the time to write this title. So I'm sending out a message to you guys: do you want to be part of the Infinite Universe Initiative! Join numerous other writers as we try to build an epic Marvel Fan Fiction Universe!

And know this, if you want to write Cap and hate my idea that's fine. You can use your own. Or you can use mine…or change it some or whatever. Just know this…