Faith's present

By: Dark angel

Dark angel: Hallo! This is my second fanfic! Hope you like it! *Stares at title and then sweatdrops* Yeah, yeah, I know, the title is weird… I just couldn't think up another one… well, anyways, *Looks up at the sky with a thoughtful expression, then turn to the readers again* Ever wondered if the source of eternal youth actually exists? *Smirks as she continues* You might be surprised that it ain't a fountain… as I've found out recently… *Suddenly stops mid-speech as she feels someone tug her sleeve. She turns and finds a young, five year old Filia looking up at her, holding a wolf plushie and sucking her thumb* Filia! Didn't I get you a babysitter?

Filia: *Blinks, then frowns* No… will you be my babysitter, Angel-sama, *Hugs Dark angel as she continues* Please? Pretty, pretty please?

Dark angel: *Sweatdrops as she pats Filia's head* Huh… sorry, but I've got stuff to do. *Sweatdrops even more when Filia looks up with huge watery eyes*

Filia: Who's gonna be my babysitter then?

Dark angel: *Smirks as she manages to untangle herself from the little golden dragon's hug* Don't worry Fi, I've just the person… or demon, mind you, in mind! So wait here till I get him, ok? *Leaves*

Filia: *Sits down, hugs her plushie, sucks her thumb and waits for her babysitter to show up* …

Disclaimer: I am NOT saying it! No one can make me! *Owner of Slayers appears, glares at Dark angel, and prepares to Dragon slave her* Eck! Ok! Ok! I don't own the Slayers! *Dodges the spell as she runs* Hey! I said it, leave me alone! Please!! Someone help me!! *Continues to run, followed by an unhappy owner*

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

It was late; the sun was going down and a sweet breeze rushed past as the Slayers gang walked their way across a forest towards the next village in their routed, Well actually, everyone walked, and Xellos floated along ^- ^

As she walked, Amelia couldn't help but glance at the mazoku who was happily floating behind her, "Xellos-san…" she said as he turned to her, smiling, as usual, "You said that the next village wasn't far off… when will we get there? I was really hoping that I'd be able to sleep in a bed tonight…"

Xellos seemed to smile wider at the young princess' distress, "Ah, it's not far off now!" he said in a happy-without-a-single-problem voice, "We'll get there soon enough, don't worry!"

Filia, who had been walking alongside the cheerful mazoku, rolled her eyes, "Why is it that every time you tell us not to worry about something, I became more worried than I already was?" she asked him as she gave him a bored expression. Stupid mazoku… always up to something, always bugging her to no end. Who could actually assure her that this wasn't one of his tricks to nourish himself off from their negative emotions?

Said mazoku smirked as he glanced towards the sulking Golden dragon, opening one eye for effect, "My, my, Fi-chan… becoming paranoid as well as selfish, now aren't we?"

His comment had the desired effect, for Filia's tail popped out as she glared at him, fangs bared, "I am NOT selfish! Got that? And second, who wouldn't be paranoid when forced to travel with a Namagomi mazoku like you?"

The purple haired priest actually twitched… it was a constant source of surprise for him how hard that stupid nickname could hit him when used against him by a certain blond haired dragon with an attitude.

Xellos frowned and opened his mouth to shoot back a sharp retort, while at the same time, Filia reached for her mace, raising it above her head with rage. However, neither was able to perform his or her move, for suddenly, Lina planted herself between the fuming Golden dragon and the sulking mazoku.

"STOP!!" she shouted, red aura irradiating from her body, "Either you stop this stupid fighting till we get to the dam village, and I get my dinner, or I'll MAKE you stop," as Lina continued, her face became dark, "And believe me, you do NOT want me to make you stop. So, what will it be? Will you two behave?"

Filia and Xellos blinked at the sudden interruption, but decided not to push the matter further, so as not to enrage the red haired sorceress more, putting them in risk of receiving a Dragon slave or something worse. Therefore, they found themselves nodding dumbly to Lina's request.

Satisfied with their response, Lina turned to face Zelgadiss, who had taken up the chance to look at a map and try to figure out their current position, and was currently frowning as his finger traveled up and down said map, "Zel, you think we'll reach the village before nightfall? I'm hungry… I haven't eaten anything since lunch time! I think I'm gonna diiiieee!!" she wailed.

The quimera turned to Lina, frown still across his stone face, "Well… if you want me to tell you the truth, we're more likely to reach the village tomorrow around mid-day, so we're gonna have to camp most likely, Lina," he looked around himself at this point, "And this clearing ain't a bad spot to do just that, you know…"

The redhead groaned, dam! She had hoped that she would have been able to sleep in a bed tonight, take a bath, but noooo… they were going to have to camp again, and sleep in a sleeping bag. But then again… if they camped now, she'd get to eat dinner early!

The idea of dinner brightened the fiery girl instantly, and she nodded towards Zelgadiss, "Ok! We'll camp here, but I want dinner now!" she looked up at the quimera with huge pleading eyes, "Will you make dinner now? Please? Pretty, please?!"

Zel sweatdropped at his friend's sudden mood change, "Sure Lina, you and Gourry go find wood for the fire while Amelia and I get the food ready," he turned towards Filia as Lina ran off, dragging Gourry behind her, "Filia, would you mind setting the sleeping bags? Get Xellos to help you if you can."

The dragon maiden nodded at Zelgadiss and glared at the mazoku in a don't- you-even-dare-come-near-me way as she set herself to work.

Xellos shrugged and teleported himself to the high up branch of a nearby tree. It wasn't often he got time to rest and be lazy, so why not take advantage of the situation? He heaved a sigh as he watched the rest of the gang's activities below him.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

The night continued it's way along time, and everyone slept soundly; Lina, Zel, Amelia and Filia in their sleeping bags. Xellos in his tree Yup, I need him to be asleep, so I made the mazoku take a nap ^-^, I mean, even if he IS a demon, he is sure to need some sleep once in a while, don't you think? And last but not least, Gourry, who had also fallen asleep even though he was supposed to stay awake and keep watch.

Therefore no one saw a little yellow, purple-stripped snake slither into the clearing that was being used as a camp site. The little creature lifted its head and smelled the air using it's bi-forked tongue to taste it.

It slithered across the clearing until it came to a halt beside the opening of Filia's sleeping bag, the inside looked warm, or so the snake thought so anyway, as it looked at said opening… warm and comfortable…

The little creature thought about it no longer, as it moved inside, deciding that the place was indeed very warm and comfy; it would make a perfect sleeping place for it until the sun would wonder up into the sky once more, so it curled up beside Filia's sleeping form, completely unaware of the dangers of sleeping beside a girl who was usually accustomed to toss and turn during the night…

A little time later, Filia decided that she had been in the current position for too long, and so, did a full turn, squashing the poor snake as she did so, waking it up from its slumber. The creature then proceeded to do what anyone would have done if squashed flat to the floor by someone enormously big; it bit Filia.

The dragon maiden gave a little yelp as she woke up and caressed her hurt arm as she took a look around herself, "That wasn't funny…" she muttered, "Who bit me?" she looked around herself, just in time to see the little yellow, purple stripped snake leave the clearing in a hurry; it had had enough for one night…

The Golden dragon suddenly began to feel the effects of the snake's venom; she began to sweat, and she moaned as her vision became a blur, 'what's going on?' Was her last thought before she collapsed on the heap that was her sleeping bag.

Filia opened her eyes some time later, where was she? Where were her parents? Where was her bed? And why was she in a forest instead of at the dragon sanctuary?

She got up from the messy heap she had found herself on, and noticed that the long dress she was wearing was WAY too big for her small five-year old body. The Golden dragon stretched her arms to take a better look and nodded to herself, WAY too big… this dress would just not do… she wouldn't be able to run around with it, where were her normal everyday clothes?

Filia looked around, smiled to herself when she noticed a shirt to her right, and put it on herself instead of the large dress… yeah, the shirt was also too large for her, but at least it was better than what she had been wearing, plus…

Her thoughts were cut off when she heard a distant howl, coming from the depths of the forest. Now that was something that couldn't be ignored, she decided as she walked towards the distant sound and out of the clearing, leaving relative safety behind. Five year old Filia! ^0^

~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~

When the sun came up the Slayers gang minus Xellos, Who was still sleeping ^.~ boy, he needed a break… a made an incredible discovery; Filia was gone! She was nowhere to be seen! And most important of all; her priestess dress was on top of her sleeping bag… this didn't make any sense at all… the only idea that jumped into their minds was trying to call her and hope she'd be ok, and so they began shouting her name at full strength, waking the sleeping mazoku in the process.

Xellos teleported down and raised an eyebrow at his companions, "What are you all doing? Where's Lizard lips?" he asked as he approached them, still half asleep.

Lina grabbed him by the collar of his neck the moment he reached them, "What the hell have you done with her, Xellos? If anything happens to Filia, I'll kill you!" she yelled at a very stunned mazoku, who, for once in his extremely long life, had no idea of what was going on.

"What do you mean, Lina-chan? I… I don't understand, has something happened to Filia?"

"She has disappeared dam it! She's not here!!" Lina let go of Xellos to wave her hands in the air, "She's to one who knows the route to follow!! We need her!!"

The purple haired priest brushed himself off as he looked at the red haired girl, "Fine, but we will not achieve anything if we just stick around calling out her name. I'll search from above while you search from the ground." and with that, he was gone… he was not about to let his favorite toy get killed so easily.

The rest of the gang searched the forest to no avail, and were about to give up when Gourry pointed out that laughter could be heard from somewhere in front, and so, they entered another clearing, with a beautiful crystal- blue lake in the middle, where they found a little blond haired girl running up and down, chasing a snow-white wolf, giggling as she did so.

"FILIA!! What the hell happened to you?!" they all shouted at the same time, All except for Gourry, who was currently entertained with a furry squirrel who was watching them from the relative safety of a tree

Both, wolf and girl stopped running and turned to stare at the four people who had ruined their fun, "Who are you?" asked the girl as she approached them, swishing her little tail and followed by the wolf, "Do I know you? Are you dragons also?"

Suddenly before anyone could do any other move, Xellos phased in, and almost fell over when he saw how much his favorite toy had changed in only one night, "Fi-chan?" he asked as he approached her, open eyed, "Is that you?" the trickster priest held out a finger and touched her arm, in an attempt to prove to himself that the little girl in front of him, was indeed real, and not a figment of his imagination.

The blond giggled while her furry white friend sat himself by her side, tongue lolling out of his mouth, "You know?" she said as she looked into the mazoku's eyes and smiled, "You're funny, and I like your eyes!" she finished, hugging his legs to her as she giggled even more.

Lina blinked, looked at Zel and Amelia, then back to the confused mazoku, and then back to Zel and Amelia, "OoooK… Xel, you're in charge of Filia until we get back here with a cure for her umm… state," she said as she leaded everyone towards the boundary of the clearing, "And if anything else happens to her… you'll regret it… believe me."

Lina and co left, leaving Xellos to blink and look down at the still hugging dragon girl… "Lina! Get back here! I am NOT a babysitter!" he shouted, however, to no avail, for they could not hear him anymore, 'This is going to be one LONG day…' he though.

Dark angel: Ok, I know, it's weird, but hey! I decided that maybe it would be ok, and so I posted it… what do you think of it? Was it Ok? If you want me to, I'll write more, till then… Bye!