Author's Note: I recently finished watch Gosick; I loved it so much I couldn't resist writing a fanfiction for it. It is another LiveJournal 50 prompts challenge. I'm going to attempt to post them in order numerically but there probably won't be any chronology to it, although it did work out conveniently that this first segment happens before she meets Kujo. I'll have to see how inspiration strikes me for this one, for if it will stay numerical and if it potentially turns chronological. Sorry this first segment is so ridiculously short.

001. Sleep.

Victorique shivers beneath the thin blanket, her only comfort in the cold dark cell. The moon beams faint light into the cell. It is hard and cold. The stone beneath her unforgiving.

She squints her eyes shut, an attempt to forget the world that she has been trapped in for so long. It is the only home she has ever been given, and she hates it. She craves a home of warmth, but that is not what she finds here. Here there is only hard stone, and the books her father has designated acceptable for her to read.

Her body shudders again, prying her eyes open, despite her wish to sleep. She feels control slipping from her, the shuddering shakes of her freezing body no longer within her power to resist.

Victorique lays on the hard stone floor and shivers. Illuminated by the moon, she freezes the night away. Sleep eludes her weary form.