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She never told Harry or Ron about it.

It wasn't something they needed to know.


They both needed the release, she muses sometimes. She didn't know why he needed it—not until later, anyway. But she knew she'd needed it, an escape from the stress of school, exams, and Voldemort. She loved Harry and Ron, she did, but she couldn't always be the smart witch, the one with the plan.

He gave her freedom from that.

There was never time for plans, or even words with him—they would sneak into the Room of Requirement and fall onto each other like there was no tomorrow.

Well, at the time, they didn't know if there would be a tomorrow.

She can still remember, if she tries. She still keeps those memories, of his cool fingers and hot lips, the softness of his platinum hair, the way he would clutch her like the world was breaking and she was the only solid thing.

And the love—oh God, the love.

Because that's what it was. Love. Sheer, pure, unadulterated love. Love so strong it made her feel high and dizzy, love so forceful her mind went blank when she was with him.

And then it was over.

Death Eaters in the castle, everyone fighting and Dumbledore dying, and it was his fault, all his fault.

Harry and Ron assumed that she was upset over Dumbledore's death, and that alone.

There wasn't much time to mourn—there was a war, and she knew she had to fight Voldemort, no matter who was on his side. And then she fell for Ron, and she fell for him hard.

But she was relieved, oh so relieved, when she found out he survived.

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