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"You didn't have to be so cold with Persephone…she's nothing like the other Goddesses. She has a …" Thanatos began but Hades just sighed. Not really wanting to get into the Persephone discussion right now. He still felt insanely guilty for speaking to her the way he had. He might have gone too far this time.

"I know she's nothing like them." He finally replied, head bowed as he pushed away from the wall where he had been waiting. He had sent Thanatos into the debating chamber in his place. With Persephone on the brain and his anger towards Zeus for punishing her in such a way he really didn't want to have to listen to the God's bicker and Ares justify his war. If there was anything important said, Thanatos would fill him in later.

"Then why the attitude with her…I'm sure…" Thanatos continued as he looked at his friend in a confused manor. Hades really didn't want to get into the details.

"I'm rude with all people Thanatos…one half breed shouldn't concern you so much." He stated as coldly as possible, hating himself more.

"Hades, you know…" He started, his tone sharp as Hades began to walk…trying to tune him out.

"Thanatos!" A voice cried, stopping Hades as he turned to see Artemis come flying out of the debating chamber and race up to Thanatos – a huge grin on her face.

"My Lady Artemis." Thanatos bowed quickly, looking utterly confused at what the Goddess was doing before him.

"I know it's rather rude of me but I was wondering if you could give this to Persephone. It's extremely important…and she'll want to read it." She produced a letter from her dress pocket, holding it out as Thanatos looked down at it as if it was speaking to him directly.

"All communication is banned to the Goddess while she is in my realm." Hades cut in from a few feet away, arms folded as he leant against the wall again. He didn't miss the was Artemis snarled at him, eyes narrowed before she turned back to Thanatos.

"That's why I'm not asking you." She bit back, head tipped upwards as she ignored Hades.

"Thanatos please…she must know this." She softened, eyes going wider as Thanatos look between Hades and the Goddess in utter confusion. He sighed finally, bringing a hand to rest on Artemis' shoulder.

"I'm sorry Artemis but it is out of my…" He began loudly, waiting for Hades to divert his attention long enough. Before he grabed the letter and shoved it into his pocket with lightning speed.

"Care." He finished, releasing her just as Hades tuned back to them with a suspicious look on his face. Artemis smiled slightly before bowing and scuttling off the way she had come. Thanatos caught up to the god of the underworld as they made their way farther down the corridor before turning into another.

"You took the letter didn't you?" Hades stated quickly, raising an eyebrow as Thanatos flushed from the lie he was about to tell.

"Hades…" He began pathetically and Hades laughed, turning his attention from the god and wishing that he didn't. His feet froze in place on the white marble floor. He'd been too busy, he'd forgotten he shouldn't have come this way. It was just a corridor to anyone else, but to him, it was one he knew better than any other. One he could find even in his sleep. It was the corridor she'd always meet him in, the one that lead to her chambers. Memories he'd tried to forget flooded his senses as one in particular came back to hurt him worse than the others.

He'd backed her into the wall, her eyes were wide and bright with excitement as she smiled, hands resting lightly on his chest. He knew she was more than his mere existence was worth, but when she smiled at him like that, he forgot all about how worthless he was. She made him feel, made his heart pound, warmth filled every vein as the emptiness within him was no longer void.

Then he had kissed her, he knew from that kiss that she was it for him. There was no lust, no need to fulfil any fantasies or desires or to feed. It was just a kiss and he would just kiss her for the rest of eternity if that made her happy.

"You'll be my undoing Seph, tempting me with what I can't have." The words came out as he reached out and brushed a stray strand of hair from her warm cheek. He was lost in her eyes as she smiled, and leaned forward.

"You can." She whispered against his cheek, pulling back to watch him as her fingertips dusted his cheek.

"I'm yours Hades, yours completely." Her words hung in the air before him as her eyes watered with the intensity of her words. He'd kissed her then, holding her to him like he would die if he was to release her. He didn't know what it meant, or the fates intentions for letting him meet her. But he knew it would end badly even then…but he couldn't pull away.

"Hades? Whatever is the matter?" Thanatos words cut through the daydream and Hades wished he had interrupted sooner. The pain in his chest was only more unbearable now.

"I'd leave him to his daydream Thanatos…gives you a chance to get away and stop lurking in his shadow." A voice cut in, making Thanatos spin around and Hades glare in hatred as Ares stepped into view. Shoulders tipped back with a smug grin on his face.

"Ares…" Thanatos greeted as politely as possible, Hades didn't even bother.

"I do hope you have the Lady Persephone still in one piece…she must be hiding in disgust of your kind down there." He continued to speak like they had been in conversation a few moments ago.

"I've heard nightmarish stories…but me off dinner they did." He finished, folding his arms as Hades glared.

"The Lady Persephone is in the highest of spirits…of what concern it is of yours is the real question here." Thanatos spoke, knowing all too well Hades would wage war if he replied.

"She's a solid piece of one of my greatest plans…I'll entrust you to look after her until negotiations with Zeus have been settled." He continued conversationally.

"Demeter won't hand her daughter over to you." Hades half snarled, it was no secret Ares was after Persephone – he'd been after her for years…it was one of the reasons Hades had dreaded letting her go. He couldn't bare such a life for her if Ares eventually convinced Zeus.

"No, but Persephone's a woman…I trust you know that better than us all Hades…Or are the rumours wrong?" The God grinned, watching Hades with amusement as the God tried to control his anger.

"Are you insinuating something Ares?" Thanatos jumped in, eyes hard as Ares held his hands up in surrender.

"Not at all. Persephone is part mortal. Therefore she is weak. She'll do anything to end this war…anything to save the mortals. Even if that anything is something in her right mind she'd never go near. That's all I'm saying." He shrugged simply.

"You underestimate her." Hades bit back, making Thanatos look at him in confusion.

"No…I know her. And that's why you're so defensive". He grinned, Hades kept his face expressionless, all the time wishing to tear the God apart with his bare hands. He knew nothing of her and he would continue to know nothing of her as long as Hades had breath in his body.

She gasped, moving backwards as her back collided with the closed door. Her heart pounded as her palm grew slick. Cerberus barked once before scratching his nails against the marble and charging for Persephone. A hundred thoughts shot through her mind, a hundred images flashed before her mind as a small voice inside her head screamed at her to move. She didn't. Her back straightened, she brought her hands away from the door as stood tall. Green energy flared in her palms, burning her skin, her face became a hard mask of anger as the creature continued its charge.

"Stop!" She screamed, fists clenched as the beasts ears shot up. Its claws came out as it dug them into the marble floor. He stopped just before her feet, his deep brown eyes held confusion as his fangs disappeared; his tongue came out as he sat down before her. She let out a long breath and swallowed, thanking the fates for not killing her for her stupidity. She stayed frozen to the wall as she looked at the huge creature that seemed to be debating what to do with her.

"Good boy," She whispered half heartedly and almost jumped out of her skin as his huge tail began to thump against the floor. She took this as a good sign. His tongue hung out as a large blob of drool landed on her skirt just below the knee…lovely. She hadn't had much experience with Hellhounds and although this one seemed pleasant enough – she'd rather come back another time. When she'd managed to start her heart again. She knew there was no chance of opening the door with the creature right there. And she wasn't about to startle him by moving. She racked her brain for something as the beast yawned, making her hair blow into her eyes. Then she had it. She started humming. Her mother had done it a few times to calm mountain lions that had come into their lands. Persephone decided now was a good time as any to see if she maybe had the gift. The creatures ears pricked up at the sound, its eyes grew heavier as it yawned again. Against every warning she gave herself she reached out and patted the animals head and hummed louder. A few moments later it hit the ground with a loud thud and began to snore. Persephone wanted to cry with relief as she pushed away from the wall silently. She turned around to pull the door open and make an escape when there was a loud tearing sound. Her eyes shot down to see a large rip in the skirts of her dress caused by the creature large nails that were still sticking out mere centimetres from her feet. Good job it wasn't her favourite one. She had better things to worry about; she still had to make her escape.

Minutes later Persephone was able to make a open the door wide enough to wriggle out, trying to be as quiet as possible as she took a deep breath before shutting the door quietly. She let her heart settle once more before hurrying back the way she had came down the corridor. She found herself back at the library and worked out the way Aurelia had brought her this morning. She found herself then on the right track and wanted to jump for joy before a voice interrupted.

"Wandering was against the rules…I thought I made that clear." He stated calmly as she span towards the sound of his voice.

"Hades…" She breathed, already knowing she looked guilty as his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. He leant against the wall, covered in darkness as it seemed he had been following her. But he couldn't have been because he didn't look mad…he looked suspicious. She exhaled a sigh of relief and decided to just apologise and walk on…but his eyes weren't on her anymore – they were on the bottom of her skirt.

"Your dress is…" He began, Persephone flushed at the thought of how much of her leg was on show.

"Ripped…I know…" She stuttered, her hands fiddling with her skirts nervously as she panicked he'd realise she'd broken a rule the longer she stayed here.

"There is demon hound drool on it." His words cut through the quit hallway as her eyes shot up to meet him. Oh no. They were pitch black, no colour left as he stepped out of the shadow as towered over her.

"Tell me you didn't go into that room alone." He gritted out, his voice like steel that made a cold shiver run down her back.

"I…I didn't…" She knew it was hopeless lying but she needed to calm him down. He wasn't good like this.

"Don't lie to me Persephone." He growled, fists clenched as she tried to think of anything to say. Words were just leaving her lips when his impatience got the better of him. He gripped her arms and she gasped from the shock of it. His hands were ice cold as he glared down at her. He had never handled her this way before…he had never turned on her like this. Her heart sank in her chest as fear ran through her.

"Do you have any idea what could have happened to you…" He began; he couldn't control the venom in his voice as his nightmare flashed to mind. She was being careless just to spite him.

"Do you!" He growled, emphasising each word with a shake. Persephone's teeth chattered together as her heart thudded in her ears. The hall grew darker and darker, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her arms like claws.

"I told you, all locked doors…" He started, but she pushed on his chest, making him release her as her cheeks were bright red in anger.

"The door wasn't locked!" She shouted right at him, chest heaving.

"I can take care of myself! I've knocked you on your back a fair few times! I'll do it again if I need to prove myself further!" She finished, folding her arms and matching his glare with a chilling one of her own.

"That creature…" He huffed, teeth clenched but again she shot in before the words could come out.

"Is no more than a puppy, one who does not understand his actions yet! He wouldn't harm me intentionally and If I wish to help him I must take that risk." She bit back, chin angled upwards in defiance. She knew that was partially a lie…but he wasn't winning this one.

"You will not take any such risk in my realm." He stepped closer; her eyes went wider as she forgot how big he was. He seemed to surround her as his black eyes looked right through her.

"If Zeus found out…" He began but her peel of laughter shocked him into forgetting what he was going to say.

"What! You're afraid of Zeus now? The world must be ending." She snorted, watching anger cross his face as his hands clenched into fists at his sides.

"Don't be so insufferable! You're like a mortal adolescent." He barked, moving closer again until her back was flush with the wall, she still had that defiance on her face as she watched him with her soul consuming eyes.

"And you're a barbaric, narcissistic pain in the…" She didn't get to finish her rant, because her lips were suddenly busy, being kissed by Hades. Her heart stopped in her chest as warmth shot through her veins, despite the cold wall at her back. Her eyes were wide as her brain failed her, her lips slowly moving in response to her own. Stop it! She screamed at herself but her heart wasn't listening. It was like a well worn fort crumbling to the ground as her eyes fluttered shut and she kissed him back with such passion it shocked her. She flung her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, pinning herself to the wall with his body. He responded to her like always had, his hands gripped her waist as he brought her flush with his body. Her hands instantly flew to his chest before running to the hem of his shirt, as she tried to find any access to the skin beneath. His kiss deepened, one hand gripped her hair now as another kept hold of her waist. He gasped against her lips as she found the smooth skin of his back. He made a sound in the back of his throat and she couldn't help herself, her nails dug in as he pulled her even closer, biting her lip as it was her time to make embarrassing noises. The thought of his hands on her brought everything she'd tried to hide back into the present. The night they first met, the first time he had kissed her on the balcony outside the great hall. Every day after that when his kisses became more, Every time he had surprised her, secretly met her in the meadow, slept in her bed and never taken it further – the frustration she'd felt…that she still felt now. Each memory was another strong beat to her weak heart. She clung to him, her hands touching anywhere she could reach as she continued to kiss him – wishing she could die doing it. Then she remembered that she would die doing it…

"Stop it!" She cried, her heart splintering with each word as she pushed him back and scrambled away from the wall. He seemed shocked by the sudden break in contact, his eyes were silver once more as he looked at her.

"Seph…I…" He stuttered, breath coming out ragged as he tried to think of something to say. He wasn't sorry, he'd wanted to kiss her since the day he'd walked away from her – but he never wanted it to be like that.

"I didn't deserve that." She whispered so softly he almost didn't hear it. He looked at her then, really looked at her and he knew exactly what she was talking about. Her eyes were watering, her cheeks red with embarrassment as her arms were crossed over her chest like she was trying to physically hold herself together. He'd hurt her again.

"Persephone." He outstretched a hand, wanting to pull her to him and say he was sorry, to tell her it was a mistake when he let her go…to tell her Menthe was nothing…to tell her he cared for her enough to let her go…that he…but he didn't have time. She was already gone.

Persephone ran, she couldn't help it…she hated him and she needed to be as far away as possible before her brain would work again. Before she could tell herself what to do. She was rounding the final corner to her room when she collided with something solid. She let out a squeak as she stumbled backwards, eyes wide.

"My Lady." Thanatos' hands shot out to steady her as she let out a long breath.

"Thanatos…I'm so…so sorry." She sniffed, stepping back and whipping her face shamefully.

"Whatever is the matter my dear?" He enquired, face soft as he released his hold of her.

"I'm just being silly…homesick…and all that nonsense." She hiccupped, playing with the sleeve of her dress as he looked over her with sympathy.

"If you're sure?". He stated, eyebrows raised in question and Persephone felt bad for lying but carried on anyway.

"Thank you Thanatos…" She moved to walk past him, flashing a small smile but he caught her arm gently.

"One more thing, Artemis bid I give you this…she said it was important." He smiled, releasing her as he pulled the envelop out of his coat pocket. Persephone's heart went into overdrive.

"Thank you." She grinned, taking it like a child on their birthday as Thanatos smiled down at her.

"I'm sorry if Hades is harsh on you, he hasn't been himself for awhile now." It came from nowhere, making her eyes widen as she looked up at the elder god. His face was kind and open, which told her he knew nothing of her and Hades…so she let her nerves settle down again.

"It's alright." She bowed, smiling once more before picking up pace and half running back to her room. She shut the door, threw off her shoes and clambered onto the bed before tearing the envelop open.

Dearest darling Persephone,

I didn't know how much this will help, or if it will help at all but I wanted to write you something. Sorry for the delay but Zeus has threatened Hermes something fierce…the little twerp wouldn't send it for me. Your mother and myself have been fighting tooth and nail with Zeus but he is a stubborn as anything. Ares' war still continues and continues to spread through the once peaceful lands. He's entered into negotiations with Zeus but they're of a secret nature so no one knows where this war is going. Myself and the Amazon's have kept them back off your mothers lands…but I know if you were here there would be no more war. You'd take them all on singlehanded and probably win.

I know it must be hard, being around him all the time and I don't know what to say to comfort you…only that I'm trying. Just remember that there are people up here who love you, he doesn't matter…we'll get you back and it will all be over. It will get better. I promise. We're waiting for your return with great anticipation.

Your faithful friend,


She couldn't stop her tears as she pushed the letter onto the nightstand and crawled into the cold bed. She couldn't lie to herself, not anymore. She knew she was loved above, she knew she had her mother and Artemis…but in her heart…she wanted more. She'd always want him…even if it cost her her soul she'd still want him. She wanted to cry for things she couldn't have, beg the fates to bring back the past. But she stopped. Sat up and suppressed the urge to slap herself. She wasn't going to cry over him, he didn't have the right to make her like this – and she was going to give him a piece of her mind about it.

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