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Warning: Lemon Scene

Chapter 5 The Start of the Revolution

Naruto sighed as he relaxed in the bedroom he shared with Shino and Hinata. Soon, he knew, he'd have to meet with Shisui to talk about the events, but first he had to get rid of his guard dog.

He cracked open an eye as he saw Kurenai "discreetly" open the door to check on him.

"You know, sensei, what happened to me was just a miscalculation. I am not losing control over whatever you think I have."

Kurenai opened the rest of the door showing that Kakashi and Asuma were with her.

"It is not that Naruto-kun. I know you have incredible control over yourself. It is just, those creatures you summoned, not the fish but the ones possessing the Shari…"

She was rudely interrupted by Kakashi still reading his book. "We want to know how you came across so many Sharingan users. Given your answer, we might not have to report this." Kurenai glared at him, not just because he cut her off, but also because he was harassing her student.

Naruto stared blankly at the masked man before uttering one word. "Souls"

Kakashi stared up from his book to look at Naruto in surprise. "Excuse me?"

Naruto sighed before getting up. "Because of this strange seal on my stomach I'm able to see souls. I learned that I was able to use a part of them to make my summons." Naruto knew the sensei's didn't know he knew about the Kyuubi, so the only way to dissuade them from thinking his power is Kyuubi-based was to make them think he was ignorant of the Kyuubi.

All three jonin's eyes widened. They couldn't tell if he was lying, but what he said had to be the truth. They all saw the monsters with the Sharingan. How could Naruto ever acquire the power of the Sharingan without manipulating the dead? They all heard about the seal, Kakashi from his sensei, Asuma from his father, and Kurenai was debriefed by the Hokage, and they all knew it was created using the Shinigami. Could Naruto have received a portion of the Death God's power? If so, what else could Naruto accomplish?

Naruto inwardly smiled as he noticed the senseis accept his explanation.

Asuma then thought back to the fight. "Who thought you how to fight like you did?" Asuma asked him. "The way you fought was organized and planed and was easily modified in action."

Naruto smiled at Asuma, liking how analytical he was. "The souls. Well, not all of them. I met with this one soul who called himself Fugaku Uchiha who thought me how to coordinate the trolls, that's what I call the ones with the Sharingan, and helped me develop my own fighting style." Naruto inwardly smirked. The best way to prove to them he was telling the truth was to give them the name of someone he would never have met without his powers. Besides, he was telling the truth. It was Fugaku-san who suggested Naruto learn how to manipulate his blood based on his observations of how Naruto could manipulate liquids and living cells.

He was right as the senseis seemed to be appeased.

"May we see the Uchiha Trolls?" Kakashi asked and Naruto inwardly cursed. He didn't want him to analyze the Akutamas for fear Kakashi would figure out what they really were. But then, Naruto smirked, he had a great idea.

"Okay." Naruto snapped his fingers and the three jounins looked towards the black bubble that appeared in the middle of the room.

Before they could make out who or what it was, the being opened its eyes and all three became entranced. They then heard a voice in their heads ordering them and they couldn't help but follow the order.

'Trust Naruto.'

Naruto, seeing the jounins nod, tried out what he believed Shisui implanted in their heads. "Could you leave me alone for now? I still need to rest."

All three jounins nodded and left the room. After they all left, Naruto jumped out of bed and rushed towards Shisui, the one he had summoned, and hugged him.

"That was a close one, Shisui-san."

Shisui merely hugged him back and smirked. "I told you Naru-chan, call me Shisui, or at least Shisui-kun."

They broke away from each other and Shisui leaned forward to kiss him. As soon as their lips touched, Ino's loud voice broke the silence.

"Come on, Naruto, the foods ready." She screamed over the stairs.

Naruto groaned as Shisui laughed at him. Giving him a peck goodbye and promising to see him tonight, Naruto left the room as Shisui left via Shunshin.

As Naruto entered the room, he noticed the senseis acting like nothing happened. He smiled as he noticed many of the genins were quite, inwardly pleased as he knew the reason. He then frowned as he saw Sakura and Ino yelling at each other over something trivial.

Kurenai looked up. "Naruto, please take a seat."

As Naruto sat down to lunch, he noticed Tazuna and Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter, sitting at the table and a missing chair, probably Tazuna's grandson's. Naruto then started eating.

"Hmm, this is good Tsunami-san." Naruto exclaimed with genuine happiness.

Tsunami smiled at him. "Thank you, Naruto-kun. It isn't every day I get to cook for so many people so I'm happy you all enjoy it."

As they finished eating, Kakashi then spoke up. "Today, we will be training."

All the genins stopped, some in excitement, some in boredom, and some in dislike.

"Why? Our mission is to protect Tazuna-san. It isn't like we haven't done a good job so far." Sakura cried in despair. Training meant sweating and sweating meant not looking good in front of Sasuke-kun.

Ino turned towards Sakura. "Did you not hear what we said yesterday? Zabuza is still alive and that hunter-nin was his accomplice. Kakashi-sensei even said Zabuza might have more than one accomplice. We were barely able to defend ourselves against just Zabuza. Do you think we would do any better with two, maybe three, other ninjas?"

Sakura just glared at Ino, hating the fact she got to look good in front of Sasuke.

Kakashi, seeing as the rest now understood the reason behind the training, nodded. "Alright then, let's head to the forest."

With that, all but Naruto left the table. Tazuna and Tsunami turned to see Naruto pick up the dishes and bring them to the sink.

Tsunami, seeing Naruto about to wash the dishes, rushed to the sink. "Naruto-kun, it's okay, you don't have to wash the dishes, you're our guest. Besides, shouldn't you be training with the others?"

Naruto turned to Tsunami with a soft smile. "It's okay; I think I already know what they're going to be doing. Also, I should rest a little bit more because I used a lot of energy in my fight with Zabuza. Besides, it's impolite to let you wash all these dishes."

Tsunami smiled and with that, they both set out to wash the multitude of dishes that were piled up as Tazuna left to continue working on the bridge. Both either didn't notice or ignored the boy hiding behind the door, looking at his mother happily talking with the blond ninja.


After Naruto finished helping Tsunami with the dishes, he slowly made his way to the forest. He came upon the sight of all the genins besides his teammates trying to climb a tree using chakra. He noticed neither his teammates nor his sensei were present.

Naruto sighed. 'I was right, this was the exercise Kakashi wanted us to do. I'm surprised they haven't learned that yet.'

Kakashi noticed the approaching Naruto. "Ah, Naruto. Good of you to finally join us."

Naruto blankly stared at Kakashi. "I knew we would be doing something like this and, since I already know how to do it, I figured it wouldn't matter if I skipped it."

Sakura, hearing this, turned to Naruto. "Yeah, right Naruto. I bet your just trying to act cool."

Naruto just sighed and made his way to a tree and, much to the surprise of all especially Kakashi and Asuma, he easily climbed the tree using his chakra. He climbed back down and turned towards the sensei.

"May I know where Kurenai-sensei is?"

"She's with Shino and Hinata over by the lake." Asuma answered seeing as Kakashi was still shocked that Naruto, with as much chakra as he has, was able to perform the Tree Climbing Exercise so easily.

Naruto nodded and smiled at Asuma, who rubbed his neck awkwardly, wondering why he felt so nervous around the cute blond.

Naruto then left the genin, who started trying again seeing Naruto perform it so easily.


"Kurenai-sensei." Kurenai turned and smiled as she notice her last student arrive.

As Naruto came towards her, he noticed Shino and Hinata were sparring. They were each trying to subdue each other without their special techniques. He nodded to them and they nodded back, though Naruto noticed Hinata was blushing a lot more than usual.

"As you can see, they're training to overcome their weaknesses. Since I know you are pretty well balanced, Naruto-kun, why don't you tell me what you want to work on and I'll try to help you." Kurenai smiled at her favourite student.

Naruto thought about it for a second and turned towards his teacher. "Could you teach me Genjutsu?"

Kurenai looked surprised before she smiled even more. Yes, he was her favourite student. "Of course! With your chakra control, you should be able to maintain strong Genjutsu and with your chakra reserves they could probably become even more powerful."

And so, as Shino and Hinata continued to spar throughout the evening, Kurenai thought Naruto the basics to Genjutsu. How to manipulate the chakra of others to maintain the illusions, how to create believable illusions, and how the brain works. Naruto smiled at the last part as he heard Kurenai tell him how the blood flows in the brain and how each lobes work. He realized then and their how to make his ninjutsu more powerful. If he could introduce his own blood into the blood stream of another, he might be able to control their thoughts and movements, making it easier for him to turn them into Akutamas. Throughout the evening, Naruto practiced how to create illusions and how to manipulate the blood circulations in the bodies of others.

Supper at Tazuna's House

Supper was a silent affair as all the genins were in pain. Most from falling from trees, while Shino and Hinata were in pain because of the constant blows they dealt each other. Naruto, on the other hand, suffered from a major headache. He had no idea that training in the field of Genjutsu would be so mentally draining. However, the peace and quiet Naruto so needed was ruined by the outburst of Tazuna's grandson.

"You're all gonna die. You can't beat Gato, he's too strong. Why don't you just give up?" Inari yelled at them. Many of the genins were shocked that he had so little faith in them.

Ino growled out. "Listen kid. Our job is to protect your grandfather and if defeating this Gato guy is the way to do it, than we will."

"Yeah, right, you all look dead already. How do you expect to defeat him?" Inari yelled back.

Shikamaru sighed. "Troublesome, Ino you should just give up. There's no way you can change his mind."

Ino turned to her teammate. "But, Shikamaru…" Seeing the look he was giving her, she stopped.

Inari smirked, thinking he had won, when Kiba grinned. "Don't worry kid. We're like superheroes we never die until we save the day."

Inari yelled again. "There are no heroes; Gato is too powerful he has an army. You're just kids." He pointed to a calmly eating Naruto, who didn't seem concerned with the child's outburst. "I mean, look at this guy, eating without a care in the world. You people don't know the hardships we had to live through." At this, all three jounins' eyes widened and they looked at Naruto, afraid he might do or say something harsh. All three knew that the life Naruto led was perhaps worst than the one the people of Wave have lived, especially considering the torture.

This time, before Kiba could retaliate to defend his friend, Naruto spoke up. "How sad. You're will is practically nil. No wonder you have no faith in us. How can someone who has given up on his own existence even hope to believe in others." The entire room was eerily silent as Naruto turned towards Inari. Some afraid he might verbally lash out at him like Naruto was prone to do in class, others afraid he might just attack him. Inari was staring at him in anger, he would have said some other hateful things if Naruto hadn't interrupted him again. "While I understand your concerns, it is true that Gato has gained tremendous amount of political power, our mission is not even to assassinate him. Like Ino-san said, we were sent here to protect your grandfather, not destroy Gato. And by the way you so eagerly believe we might fail, It is a little insulting of you to not care your grandfather might die." Inari looked down in shame. "However, if it is Gato's army you worry about rest assured…" Naruto snapped his fingers, making hundreds of emblem Akutamas appear. Many of them were bugs, some were birds, others rodents, there were even large tigers and other dangerous beasts. The entire room was completely overshadowed by the sheer amount of dark creatures that currently inhabited it. "…My army will stop at nothing to tear the flesh from their very bones if I so allow them to." Inari stared in horror and disguised awe at all the tremendously terrifying monsters in the rooms. Many of the genins also had similar reactions, while other stared in awe. Naruto then dismissed them all and rose from his chair. "Kurenai-sensei, is it okay for me to continue my training in the forest?" Kurenai nodded, smiling slightly at her student's maturity in dealing with Inari. Naruto then turned to Tsunami. "I'm sorry, Tsunami-san, I won't be able to help you clean tonight." Tsunami just shook her head, also smiling, happy that this polite boy had given her son some hope.

With that, Naruto left the still silent room leaving a shock still group of genin, sad jounins and a pensive Inari. The moment he was outside, he leapt onto the rooftops, running to get to the meeting place he had previously set up with Shisui.

Naruto smiled as he saw a dark haired figure patiently waiting for him in a clearing. With a small laugh, alerting the figure of his approach, he jumped in his arms, giving him a long kiss. The kiss helped relive the entirety of Naruto's stress which had accumulated this past week. After a while, they both had to separate for air.

Shisui smiled down at his omega. "Well, Naru-chan, I hope you greet me like that every day."

Naruto chuckled. "Don't count on it, Shisui-san. If I do that, then tou-san and Fugaku-san will expect the same and I can't give them the satisfaction of owning me."

Shisui pouted. "Aww, what did I tell you about calling me Shisui-san. Call me Shisui-kun or Shi-kun. Aren't we closer?"

Naruto smiled and pecked Shisui again. "Alright Shi-kun." Shisui smirked in victory. That's what Naruto liked about Shisui. He wasn't like all the other Uchiha he had met before they were killed. Shisui wasn't above showing some emotion once in a while.

Shisui turned serious and dragged Naruto to the base of the tree, sitting down and placing Naruto face-to-face on his lap. "This mission sure turned out for the worst, hasn't it?"

Naruto sighed and nodded.

Shisui then closed his eyes. "So, do you mind discussing the breakdown you had back there."

Naruto looked at Shisui in surprise. "No way, you actually bought that?" Shisui stared in confusion as Naruto started laughing. "I wasn't really angry, but I did feel the pain of the Akutamas. I guess it's my empathy towards my Akutama. But, I needed a way to finish the fight quickly. Making everyone believe I was angry let me release my chakra to retaliate against Zabuza. I mean, my chakra is naturally dark, so if I just released it acting calm, the jounins would think I was evil."

Shisui nodded again when a thought occurred to him. "Speaking of which, how did you turn those two water dragons into real creatures. You can turn a person into Akutamas by corrupting their will, but those dragons had no will. They were just water held together by chakra."

Naruto looked at his Rensa no Tamashi. "I have a theory. You see, I can manipulate will right? Who's to say I can't create it either." Shisui looked at Naruto in question. "Well, when I turn someone into an Akutama, I place my will into them to chain their will to mine. So, I believe that I can also extend my will to other objects. Thereby creating an Akutama whose will is already my own. Although, I'm not sure how I did it so when we get home, we should look into that."

Shisui's eyes widened at the possibility. "Naru-chan that would mean you could turn any jutsu into an Akutama. Heck, you could probably turn anything into Akutamas by injecting your will into them. I can already think of some legendary weapons that we could use."

Naruto smiled a little sadly. "Actually, I think I should be careful with that power. When I turn a living being into an Akutama, I just chain my will to theirs, but inanimate objects do not have wills, so it's harder for me to chain my will to them. You saw how weak I was afterwards, didn't you? It's extremely taxing for me."

Shisui nodded in understanding before looking up, suddenly remembering something. "That's right, Naru-chan, I almost forgot." Naruto looked at Shisui. "When I was observing you, I noticed three people watching the match. All three of them seemed to be observing Zabuza. In fact, one of them was the Hunter-nin that saved Zabuza."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Three! So I was right. I sensed three wills not too far from the battle. So, they must be Zabuza's accomplices. Then we're okay with the number we have."

Shisui looked at Naruto sceptically. "You really think the genin can defeat the three other ninjas. If they are as good as Zabuza, they will need help."

Naruto grinned. "Which is why I took the two Demon Brothers. We can question them on the strengths and abilities of the other three. I'll let the others fight for a while so I can create my Chi no Bunshin (Blood Clone)." With that, Naruto got up and took out a scroll. He summoned the corpses of the two Demon Brothers and summoned two purebloods to devour the flesh. Once they did, Shisui and Naruto watched as the two Akutamas grew to above human proportions. However, instead of the generic Troll appearance they expected, the Demon Brothers turned into something else. The creatures were the same size as the Trolls but had sleek black skin rather than black fur. On both their arms there were gauntlets with the same poisonous property as their previous gauntlets. Instead of chains coming out of the gauntlets, the brothers now sported a connected tail that seemed to be made of the chain they had before. Also, instead of the trolls that appear without clothing, the brothers kept their clothing, making them look more like demon versions of their human forms. The moment the transformation was complete, they both bowed to Naruto.

"How may we help, Naruto-sama."

Naruto approached them. "I need to know everything you know about the other three shinobi that accompany Zabuza." The demon brothers proceeded to tell them everything they knew about the three mysterious partners. Their appearance, their weapons, their abilities and their weaknesses were discussed. When it was over, Naruto dismissed them to his inner world.

Once that was done, he felt Shisui hug him from behind. "Well, that was informative. However, now you can't tell the others anything without explaining how you acquired the information. They might have believed you if you said you could communicate with souls, but because you summoned the Uchiha Trolls, they might think you turned the Demon Brothers as well." Shisui sighed. "You shouldn't have revealed the Uchiha Trolls so soon. Even if I managed to trick the jounins, it will take a while before I can do the same for the other genin."

Naruto grinned. "I know, that's why I chose to summon the Uchiha." Naruto looked up at the moon. "Hmm, they should be arriving…now." Both males heard a rustling in the leaves. Shisui placed himself in front of his omega but was surprised to see that, instead of a threat, it was the rookies! Shisui was about to dispel himself when he noticed they were all glazed eyed indicating they were hypnotized.

All the rookies placed themselves in a perfect line in front of both males. Sasuke, Choji, Hinata and Shino each had pyjama shirts and pants. Shikamaru had on a random shirt and was in his boxers. Kiba, without Akamaru, was only wearing boxers, showing of his chest. Shisui smirked, knowing why Naruto wanted them as his Rensa no Tamashi. He watched as they all kneeled, waiting for Naruto.

Shisui turned when he heard Naruto take out a kunai. He almost reacted when Naruto placed the kunai at his wrist before remembering that most of Naruto's techniques involved him cutting himself to make himself bleed. Once blood started pouring from his wrists, Naruto performed several hand seals before slamming his hands onto the ground.

"Chi no Bunshin"

Watching Naruto create his blood clones was always morbidly fascinating. Blood Clones were made differently than regular clones. For one thing, it is how they are formed. Most clones are instantly created. Blood clones require time. Naruto had to recreate the entire human body from his blood, essentially creating a real clone of himself. Shisui watched as bones started forming, then the muscles and vein, finished by the flesh until the clothing was created from the skin, finishing the clone. Another difference is that most clones were made from pre-existing material like water or earth and were likewise as strong as the element they are composed of. Shadow Clones, because they are little more than chakra, were easy to dispel, while earth clone, made of stone, were harder to dispel. However, blood clones weren't clones made from blood. They were actual, living, breathing, clones that were composed of real flesh, muscle and bone. As such, they had an eternal lifespan, as they are essentially living beings that require no sustenance as long as they were pumped with chakra. They could still be destroyed, but they had to be killed like a normal living being. This would mean that unlike most clones that required a single, strong punch to dispel, the blood clones had to be killed like any other human to be destroyed. There were some good things about the clones is that Naruto did not required to constantly give them chakra as they could replenish their energy through food and sleep. Also, since they were created from Naruto's flesh and chakra, they could, like the Shadow Clone, transmit all that they have learned back to their master. However, there were some negative points as well. As they are made from Naruto's blood, Naruto loses a lot of blood making many, even with his increased regeneration. The current limit he could make was 10 before he passed out from blood loss. Another weakness is that if they died or dispelled themselves, they left behind blood, thereby eliminating the use of using them for espionage. However, Naruto could reintegrate the clones back into himself by turning them back into blood and absorbing the blood, allowing him to heal himself while gaining the memories of his clones. Besides, Naruto could still use his Akutamas to spy on others.

So, Shisui watched as Naruto created 5 clones and the original, along with the rest of the clones, approached the row of genin.

Shisui suddenly realized why Naruto had summoned the trolls. "You summoned the Uchiha Trolls so they could use their Sharingan to hypnotize the genin."

The original Naruto turned around to talk to Shisui. "Yes, that's right. When I first saw Zabuza, I knew this mission would become harder. So, knowing this would be the perfect opportunity to use the Uchiha Trolls to lower the wills of the genin, allowing me an easier time to transform them."

Shisui then noticed that Ino and Sakura were not there. "Why aren't you turning Ino and Sakura?"

Naruto looked at Shisui with a 'are you serious' look. "No offence to them, but I do not see them as beneficial to the army. If they can prove themselves to be useful, then perhaps I will consider it."

Satisfied, Shisui stayed quiet and turned on his Sharingan to watch as the Narutos placed a hand on the head of each genin. Seeing Naruto turn others was always a turn on for Shisui. It showed how powerful his omega was. He watched as Naruto's chakra took on a black hue. The black chakra then poured out of Naruto's body in tendrils, immediately searching for the nearest will. He watched as the tendrils clung to the head, shoulders, stomach and legs of the hypnotized males. He made sure to keep extremely quiet in this instant as he knew that if Naruto was distracted, he might overload his chakra and erase the wills of the genin. When Naruto or the Akutamas turn another living being into an Akutama, they merely overload their wills, erasing them. Thus, it turns the victim into beings that follow Naruto's every order without question. This separates the common Akutamas from the Rensa no Tamashi. The Rnts, when transformed, have their wills intact. However, their wills are instead synchronized to Naruto's. This allows the RnTs to make independent decisions without Naruto's consent, although, the Rnts will always act in Naruto's best interest. That's why Naruto's mates were all RnTs. However, not all RnTs were Naruto's mates as some beings might be beneficial to the army without being turned into mindless weapons. Some examples would be political figures or intellectuals.

Soon, the process was complete and their stood six new Rensa no Tamashi. Thinking of new, Shisui smirked teasingly. He waited until Naruto reabsorbed the clones before speaking. "Ne, Naru-chan. Are you going to break them in?"

Naruto turned and stared incredulously at the Uchiha. He turned again and saw all the genins were looking at him with a longing look. He lowered his eyes and saw they all had large bulges protruding from their bottom drawers.

Naruto smiled gently and reached out his hand to caress the cheek of the closest boy who happened to be Sasuke. The boy instantly reacted to the touch. He leaned closer, hoping to get more attention from his new omega, but Naruto pulled the hand away making him mewl in disappointment. He then turned to Shisui. "No, not yet, I only turned them to make it easier for me to coordinate their movements." He turned back to the genin. "Alright, get up. I need to tell you how we are going to accomplish this mission." At that, all six boys jumped to their feet, waiting to listen to Naruto's orders. Naruto proceeded to tell them exactly how they will act, who they will fight, and how.

After they were done, he dismissed them all, making them return to Tazuna's house before the jounins noticed their absence. Naruto was about to follow them when Shisui grabbed him by the arm and slammed him into a tree trunk. He looked up to see midnight black eyes staring at him with lust.

"You know seeing you assert your dominance is such a turn on, Naru-chan." Shisui whispered as Naruto shivered.

Shisui slammed his lips onto Naruto's as he gripped Naruto legs and wrapped them around his waist. He then ground his hips into the blond's, making Naruto groan as he felt Shisui's arousal through both their pants. Shisui released the kiss, giving himself a second to gain his breath before attacking the blond's neck. He lathered Naruto's neck with kisses and bite marks as he removed his jacket.

While Shisui was attacking Naruto's neck, both boys grabbed onto the other's shirt. Both struggling to lift it off the other. When they finally managed, Shisui reclaimed Naruto's lips as both their chests pressing against each other. Naruto started exploring the expanse of Shisui's muscular chest. He went from the developed six-pack up until he pressed his hands against Shisui's defined pectorals.

As Shisui started nibbling on Naruto's lower lip, he started undoing Naruto's pants. He successfully removed them along with the boxers, leaving Naruto naked with his back scratching against the tree behind them. Both were unconcerned as they knew Naruto will easily heal from the scratches.

Shisui then started undoing his own pants. He didn't remove them completely, only enough for his engorged erection to slip out.

Finally breaking the kiss, Naruto stared down at Shisui's length. He had seen Shisui naked before but he never saw him aroused. Shisui was a good eight inches. He wasn't as big as Minato, but still an impressive girth.

"Take me raw." Naruto panted out.

Shisui grinned, positioned himself at Naruto's entrance and, without warning, slammed into Naruto's unprepared hole. Naruto screamed out in both pleasure and pain. Both were thankful that they were far away from the village that Naruto wouldn't be heard.

Shisui started gently ramming into his beloved sunshine as he continued to bite at Naruto's neck. Naruto moaned and groaned as he felt pleasure from the fucking and pain from being grinded into the tree trunk.

After a while, Shisui started slamming harder and faster as Naruto's sensory pleasure escalate. Wanting to receive more pleasure, Naruto took hold of his own length and started stroking at the speed of Shisui's fucking. Soon, Naruto was able to synchronize himself with Shisui, making him feel more pleasure.

After half an hour, Shisui latched onto Naruto's legs and lifted him off the tree. He turned around, leaning his own body against the tree with Naruto still bouncing on his cock. He slowly sank to the ground and let Naruto ride him. He could see Naruto close to coming and could feel himself also reach his limit.

"Ahh, ahh, Shisui." Naruto moaned as he finally came, covering Shisui's chest with his seed.

As Naruto came, his muscles constricted, making Shisui reach his own limit. Shisui's mouth opened in a silent scream as he unleashed his load in Naruto.

Both males were panting as Shisui slid down until he was laying on the ground as he propped his head on one of the tree roots. Naruto lied on top of him, legs straddling his waist and arms laying on his chest. Seeing as Naruto was falling asleep, and feeling sleepy himself, he grabbed onto his jacket and placed it over them, offering them a little warmth as they both fell asleep right there on the forest floor.

Next Morning

Haku was calmly gathering herbs for his master when he stumbled into a clearing where a lump seemed to be resting against a tree. He slowly approached it, curious as to what it was, when he recognized a mop of blond hair.

'Could it be the boy that almost defeated Zabuza?' Haku slowly approached, debating on whether to kill the boy or not when he noticed four legs, not two, poking from under the makeshift blanket. He blushed as he saw that two of the legs, which clearly belonged to the blond, were naked and that the boy was naked resting against another, very male, naked chest. 'Did they…? Out here, in the middle of the forest!'

Haku wasn't sure what to think. He had never witnessed such an embarrassing scene. He would have stood up and walked away had a voice not interrupted him.

"You know, it's rude to watch people as they sleep." The voice was much too baritone to belong to the blond as he notice the older male underneath the blond open his eyes to reveal coal black eyes. He watched as the male rose, blushing as he was exposed to more of his chest, and saw the blond open his eyes, awakened by the movement.

"Shi-kun, why did you wake me?" Naruto mumbled as he rubbed the back of his palm against his eye. Haku blushed as he saw the act and had to stop himself from crying out how cute the boy looked.

Shisui chuckled as he saw the adorable act. "It's because, Naru-chan, we have a visitor."

At this, Naruto suddenly woke up and stood up abruptly, making sure the jacket hid his modesty. The sudden action startled Haku who stood up himself and backed away a little.

When Naruto turned around, he saw one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen. While not obvious, the person was male. He was wearing a pink kimono, probably to keep up the façade of being female, and was carrying a basket of herbs.

Naruto then noticed something particularly familiar about this boy. "Oh, you're the hunter nin who helped Zabuza get away."

Haku tensed and was prepared to take out his senbon when he was placated by the gentle smile Naruto was giving him. "Don't worry, I have no intention of harming you. In fact, I wanted to thank you and Zabuza for allowing me to practice my abilities. In Konoha, I have to hide my abilities so it was a nice change to fight regardless of the consequences."

Haku was stunned. 'He's thanking us? But, Zabuza-sama destroyed that fish of his. He should be hating us, not thanking us.'

Naruto, seeing Haku's confusion, continued. "You see, I needed to end the battle between Kakashi and Zabuza. The only way to do so was to pretend to have a breakdown, which also worked in my favour as I now have some powerful new pets."

Haku guessed he was talking about the Water Dragons, not realizing he was also talking about the Demons Brothers. Speaking of which, he still didn't understand how the two jutsus came to life.

Haku suddenly looked up as the two other males came towards him. He tensed when he saw the blond boy lift his hand, but relaxed when he saw he only wanted to shake hands.

"I'm Naruto and this is Shisui, pleased to meet you." Haku carefully shook the other's hand as he saw Shisui stare at him, making sure he didn't try anything funny.

Naruto let go of Haku's hand. "Now, could you give me some privacy while I change?" Without waiting for a reply, Naruto dropped the jacket. Haku blushed and turned around listening as clothes were being ruffled.

"So, you are picking herbs to help Zabuza's recovery, right?" Naruto asked making Haku turn around. He was relieved to see both males were now completely clothed.

Haku nodded. "Yes. Would you like to help me?" Naruto nodded and both proceeded to pick up some herbs. Meanwhile, Shisui was lingering in the back, making sure his mate was safe.

Both effeminate boys were laughing, enjoying their time together. Naruto then looked a little confused. "From what I see from our little conversation, you are a pretty nice person. Why would someone like you help Zabuza?"

Haku looked surprised at the question before lowering his head, a small, sad smile on his lips. "I would do everything in my power to help him because he is precious to me." Haku then looked up to lock eyes with Naruto. "Do you have someone precious? Someone you would do anything to protect?"

Naruto answered the question almost immediately. "Yes." He thought of his Rensa no Tamashi, his father, Shisui, and Fugaku, even the newly turned genin. The reason that they are even RnTs was because they were special to him.

Haku continued. "Do you know the feeling of trying to do everything in your power for them?"

Naruto answered promptly again. "Yes." Shisui, content with being in the background for now, smiled at his omega's sincerity and love for his RnTs.

Haku then smiled. "You see, I believe that true power stems from the desire to protect. You proved that when you're power multiplied after Zabuza defeated your creature."

Naruto nodded. "Yes, I see what you mean. However, you should not let yourself be blinded by your devotion. Zabuza is a rather ruthless man who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. You should be careful."

Instead of getting angry like Naruto thought, Haku merely shook his head. "Even if I must sacrifice my life, I will stop at nothing to serve him." Haku stood up and started walking away, before he was out of sight he turned around. "Thank you for the help, Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled and waved. "No problem, Haku-kun." Haku paused and turned around shocked that Naruto knew he was a boy, before smiling and leaving.

Shisui came up behind Naruto. "So, what do you think of them now."

"Well, I can't speak for the other two, since I haven't met them yet. For Zabuza, I would probably turn him into an Akutama. I don't want such a violent person having independence. Haku, on the other hand, I wouldn't mind turning into a Rensa no Tamashi. He is too pure and has incredible will and loyalty for those he cares about."

Shisui turned Naruto around. "That's what I love about you. You always look for the good in people." He then leaned in to kiss Naruto.

"Naruto! What are you doing!" Both boys broke their kiss and turned to see the shocked figure staring at them.

And Scene.

Who's the mysterious person that found them? I will tell you something though; a lemon scene will be involved with the intruder.

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Also, some might be wondering why I included all the genin in the Wave mission. Truthfully, it's because I wanted to get them out of the way. Instead of Naruto wasting time turning each and every single genin into an RnT one at the time, I decided to turn them all at the same time so that I can concentrate on other characters in future chapters.

So, this chapter probably answered a lot of questions like:

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What is the difference between Akutamas and Rensa no Tamashi?

Why did Naruto reveal the Uchiha Trolls so soon?

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This chapter also highlighted some of Naruto's weaknesses. He won't be all powerful but he will be pretty well rounded meaning he will be able to handle different types of battle easily.

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