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Warriors Orochi: Shinobi of Fire

Chapter 1-The Arrival

It'd been about a week since they had returned from their mission to rescue Gaara. Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura had just finished training together and they were heading back into the village to grab dinner and to rest up for the next day. It was a long tough day and they were looking up at the beauty of the sky.

"Stars are beautiful tonight," Sakura pointed out. It was true. Many more stars than usual had appeared in the night sky. One in particular was far brighter than the others.

"Yeah," Naruto said. "Especially that bright one."

"I don't recall ever seeing that star in the sky before," their sensei pointed out.

"Me neither."

That was when the star began to get brighter and brighter and brighter.

"What's happening?" Sakura pratically shouted. Soon, a strong wind began to blow around them like a whirlwind and before anyone could react they were gone in a flash of light.

The first thing that they saw regaining their sight that was taken by the blinding light was that it was mid-day. The sun was shining over head and all seemed peaceful. But it wasn't. They weren't in Konoha. In fact, they had absolutely no idea where they were at all.

"Uhh, where are we?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know," Kakashi replied as he cautiously looked around.

"Well, we better find out soon or we'll be marked missing nin," Sakura pointed out. Within a couple of second the sounds of battlecries of large groups of men could be heard in the distance. They clashing of steel and screams of pain were unmistakeable. There was a battle going on.

"Come on," their sensei ordered. "They may need our help."

"Right," the two other shinobi answered. Soon, from the branches of a tree, they looked down over a skirmish that was taking place in another clearing. Men with spears and archers in green and gold armor fought against swordsmen and a single regal-looking axeman in yellow armor in what appeared to be a full on brawl. The swordsmen in yellow outnumbered the men in green armor about three-to-one. There seemed to be about sixty men in green and two hundred in yellow. It definitely wasn't a fair fight.

"We've got to help those guys!" Naruto muttered as his fists clenched.

"I agre-" Kakashi was cut off by a loud battle cry. Startled, they looked down at the skirmish and were surprised to see a rather large and grizzled-looking man with a polearm charge out of the forest behind the small, green force and straight into the lines of the men in yellow. The men in yellow had different reactions depending on the soldier. Some seemed terrified and tried to escape while others seemed eager and charged at the newcomer. These men were easily crushed by the grizzled man who swept them aside with a laugh, as if he was enjoying the fight.

As the newcomer started to slow down as the numbers of his foes became less and less, much more detail in his appearance was noticeable. The man was grizzled man with a single green shoulder plate on his right shoulder and mostly bare-chested. He had a little length of green cloth that wrapped around his left shoulder. This cloth was connected to a bulkwork of green pants with other big pieces of cloth and bags over it. In his hand was a polearm with a large, jagged spearhead on the top that had an assortment of decarations near it. He wore large leather shoes and was obviously battleharded and a fierce warrior.

"Incredible," Sakura breathed.

"He decimated that whole group in under a minute using only his strength and furiousity," Naruto's mouth was agape, obviously impressed.

"I agree," Kakashi smirked under his mask. "To see such bravery and furiousity in someone is rare indeed."

That was when the noticed the axe-wielding in yellow armor that showed a higher standard of living than the others crept up on the newcomer, seeking to backstabbed the man. This man in yellow was obviously the one in charge the the just-desimated force of swordmen.

"Uh oh."

"We've got to help him!" Naruto said but didn't wait for his sensei's approval. He immediately jumped down at the man. The yellow officer didn't see it coming. One minute he was creeping up on one of the famous Five Tiger Generals and the next his face was planted by some sort of large force into the ground. The grizzled man immediately jumped around to face his would-be attacker. But instead he saw a Yellow Turban axeman's face buried into the ground by what appeared to be a boy with blonde hair and orange and black clothing. The boy looked up at him and grinned widely. The boy had blue eyes and what appeared to be whisker marks on his cheeks. He had a sort of metal-plated protector on his forehead with what appeared to be the symbol of a leaf on it. The boy's clothing was mainly black on the upper portion than ended just below the armpit but went down his sleeves. Black went down the center of his shirt and around his waste, making look like he was wearing some kind of belt. He wore orange pants with a bandage wrapped three times around his mid-thigh. He wore black shoes that went up to about his mid-shin and gave him an inch or more of height and also revealed his toes.

"He must be some kind of ninja," the grizzled man returned the grin. "Thanks for the help, kid. I owe you one."

"No problem. Would you like some help?"

"Nah, I've got this mess just about cleaned up. What's your name boy?"

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Believe it!"

Zhang Fei gave a smug grin at the boy, now dubbed Naruto. He liked the kid's enthusiasm.

"Your name sounds Japanese," Zhang Fei pointed out. "You from Japan?"

Naruto gave the Tiger General a confused look, "Japan? Where's that? I'm from the Land of Fire."

Zhang Fei's eyes widened at this. This kid didn't know about Japan? Where had he been for the last few years while Orochi brought chaos and disorder to the world? "Kid, you and I are going to have a long talk when this battle is over."

"What about my friend and my sensei?"

"There's more of you?"

"Yeah!" then Naruto turned to where Sakura and Kakashi were. "Hey guys! Come over here!"

Sakura and the Team Seven leader looked at eachother then jumped out beside Naruto. Zhang Fei immediately studied their appearance.

The first was a girl with, strangely, pink hair. Her hair wasn't very long, not even reaching passed mid-neck, and was tied by a red ribbon in the back. The ribbon had a metal plate on it with the same symbol as Naruto's forehead protector. Her eyes were teal and didn't seem fazed at all by his grizzled appearance. She wore a red, sleeveless shirt with black shorts with two seperate strands of bandages wrapped around her right thigh. In between the bandages on the side of her thigh was some sort of container. Over the black shorts, both on the front and the back over her legs, was what appeared to be pink cut-outs of shorts that were attached together around her waster by and small, pink rectangle stitched onto the fabric. She had black, fingerless glows with a square rectangle cut out on the back of the hand and light pink elbow pads. Her shoes gray and came up to just below her kness and they had a small heel that gave her a couple of inches. Like Naruto, they showed off her toes.

The other man had grey bushy hair on top of his head that seemed oddly out of place with the man's young age as it appeared. He wore a light indigo mask that covered the bottom half of his face that seemed to be connected to the long sleeved shirt he was wearing. His forehead protector was exactly the same as Naruto's only he was wrapped at such an angle as to block out the left side of his face. He wore long pants the same color as his shirt and mask with a forest green vest. His shoes were similar to Naruto's while his gloves were simliar to the girl's. The only difference between the girl's gloves and his was the metal plate on the back end of it. On his back and on his left shoulder was a red circle with a swirling pattern on it. His right arm near his shoulder, his right thigh, and his left shin all had bandages wrapped on them.

"And who might you two be?" Zhang Fei questioned.

"I am Haruno Sakura. I am a medical-nin," Sakura politely introduced herself.

"Medical ninja, huh? Good, the boys out there on the front lines are dying for a medic. Literally."

Then the battleharded warrior looked at the second man, "And you are?"

Kakashi gave a slight bow and put his hand on his chest, "I am Hatake Kakashi. I am Naruto and Sakura's teacher."

Zhang Fei grinned, "A pleasure."

"Now, would you mind telling us who you are?"

"They don't know who I am? Something definately is not right here." Nevertheless, Zhang Fei introduced himself. "I am Zhang Fei! Second of the Five Tiger Generals and the Warrior worth a Thousand Warriors!"

The three ninjas looked on impressed.

"The warrior worth a Thousand Warriors? This guy's got to be pretty good to hold that title," Kakashi thought, pleased they got on this man's good side.

Pleased with the look on their faces, Zhang Fei turned to leave when Sakura spoke up.

"Um, General Zhang Fei...where're you going?"

Zhang Fei looked back at her, "To rejoin the battle. The army of Shu is currently in a battle against Lu Bu. I'm here to take care of that rapid dog."

"Lu Bu?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow. "Who's that."

This time Zhang Fei and the entire Shu force around the ninja looked on shocked. This boy didn't know who Lu Bu was? Unthinkable! Lu Bu was perhaps the greatest, most powerful warrior in the world! It took the might of himself, Guan Yu, and Liu Bei to subdue him last time! And that is an impressive feat.

"You don't know who Lu Bu is?" a Shu spearman shouted out.

"Impossible!" shouted another.

"How could you not know who that mighty warrior is?" shouted yet another.

Naruto sunk his head into his shoulders, embarrassed by his ignorance. Kakashi stepped forward, "Forgive our ignorance but we are not from around here. Who is this Lu Bu?"

Zhang Fei looked at Kakashi for a minute then decided to answer his question, "Lu Bu is the greastest of all human warriors. No one person has ever been able to best him in hand-to-hand combat. Everytime he has been subdued it has been by more than one person."

"Sounds like a mighty warrior."

"Yes, but he's a rapid dog who will do anything to gain a fight and will do whatever it takes to beat his opponent himself. He was in the way of our army as we returned home, so we have to push him out of the way."

Kakashi nodded, "Mind if we help you put down this 'rapid dog' as you call him?"

Zhang Fei nodded, "Sure, just remember one thing though."

"And what's that?"

Zhang Fei smirked widely, "Lu Bu's head is mine."

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