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Chapter 5 - The Winds of Chaos

Two days.

That's how long they had been traveling. Two whole days. True, it was not much, but the more time passed the more worried the shinobi got about their home. It was understandable, however, the shinobi had gotten close to their Warriors friends. Mainly those talking with each other were Kakashi and Zhuge Liang as well as Guan Yu, Naruto, and Sakura. Naruto and Guan Yu mainly spoke about their many battles they had had while Sakura reminded Naruto constantly that he was part of a team as well that helped accomplish their goals.

Soon, they were only a couple of miles from the Wu-Shu border.

"Well, Pànduàn must be around here somewhere," Guan Yu stated.

"If he hasn't already moved onto some other location," Zhuge Liang pointed out.

"Right, everyone keep a look out for him."

"Um," Sakura started. "What does he look like anyway?"

"We never told you?" Guan Yu looked surprised.

"No, you didn't."

"Haha, forgive me, my lady," Guan Yu slightly bowed before beginning his description. "Lord Pànduàn Shén is a male in his early twenties. He has silver and black messy hair and a single eye with the colors of red and blue. His other eyes was slashed out by Kirshun during the Odigan War. His clothing is made up of black leather armor and a silver overcoat with a dragon imprinted on the back. Simple enough to find now isn't he?"

"I guess," Kakashi said but what he really thought was. "It's times like these when I wish we had someone on our team who could use the Byakugan."

"Then let's start our search."

"Yes, we need to get you home before trouble starts in your village," Zhuge Liang stated.

"Well, is that what will happen if they don't return?" said a grumbly voice. Suddenly, a figure burst from the nearby trees and landed near the group. He was a tall man, red hair, and pale-gray skin. He had black markings on his face as well as piercing black eyes. He wore baggy red and gray pants with spiked, metal boots and brocaded to his waste was a gray sash. A chain mail vest covered his chest and large, spiked, plated gauntlets covered all the way up to his shoulders. His hair consisted of several long braid held together by a single, gold ring.

The shinobi readied their kunais and Kakashi shouted out, "Who are you?"

The man smirked evily, "I am Kotarō Fūma, the Winds of Chaos. If your absence from your village will bring chaos, I will proudly make sure you don't return home."

"Like hell you will!" Naruto charged forward, letting loose a wild battlecry. The Winds of Chaos smirked. He flung his arms forward, seemingly stretching them farther than they should, and slingshot himself forward. In mid-air he front-flipped and nailed Naruto straight in the head with a strong, solid kick. Naruto didn't even have time to react as he fell back into a tree, cracking it.

"Is that all you've got? You're supposed to make this interesting."

"Then maybe you should try me on for size. What do you say," Guan Yu smirked as he got off his horse. "Painted Clown of the Fūma Clan?"

Kotarō's face grew annoyed, then his smirked, "Vanish."

Kotarō unleashed his Musou attack. Charging forward, swinging his long-range gauntlets at Guan Yu. The Tiger General barely had time to react and barely had time to block the attacks, but he was caught by Kotarō when at the finish of his attack he front-flipped and slammed his clenched fists into the ground, causing a slight eruption of dark energy. Guan Yu flew back a bit and was slightly injured, but far from defeated. The other two shinobi charged at Kotarō as Zhuge Liang called out, "Wait! It's a trap."

Kotarō grinned, "Fools."

Suddenly, both shinobi were taking out by someone, or someones. They looked up to see to gray serpent-like men who were dressed oddly similar to Kotarō except with metal helmets that completely covered all the way down to their shoulders.

"Dodomeki, Orbweaver," Kotarō called to his servants. "Destroy them."

"Yes, my lord," they responded and got ready to strike down Kakashi and Sakura just as two Naruto's appeared and knocked them down, allowing the real Naruto to run pass them with a Rasengan aimed at Kotarō. Naruto thrusted the Rasengan forward at the chaos-bringing ninja, who jumped out of the way just fast enough to avoid the hit. Kotarō frowned and pointed forward, "Attack."

Suddenly, a full three battalions of ninjas and sumos appeared to charge at the small Shu force. The group prepared for the attack. Suddenly, Guan Yu charged passed the shinobi with a large battlecry. He was glowing a radiant blue aura, "For my brother!"

The unleashing of Guan Yu's musou attack decimated one of the battalions of ninja. The shinobi looked on amazed. They didn't sense an ounce of chakra in that attack yet with his own power he defeated over 100 ninja in less than a minute. Guan Yu roared out, "WHO SHALL CHALLENGE HE WHO HAS SLAIN 10,000 WARRIORS WITH A SINGLE ATTACK? WHO SHALL CHALLENGE THE OATHBROTHER OF LORD LIU BEI?"

Kotarō stepped forward. He looked amused, "You certainly are mighty. Your service to your country and your lord is immesurable."

A devilish smirk graced Kotarō's lips, "Imagine the chaos that shall come of your death."

Kotarō lurched forward, using his extending gauntlet to grab ahold of Guan Yu's throat and using it as leverage to swing himself forward nailing the Tiger General with a brutal punch.

Guan Yu slid on the ground a few feet before he came to a halt. He was bleeding slightly from the blow. Sakura gasped, "Guan Yu!"

Sakura ran over to Guan Yu and used chakra to heal his wound. She could hear the Tiger General laugh, "Thank you, girl, but believe me when I say I have had far worse!"

Guan Yu got up and turned when he heard footsteps behind him. Guan Yu and the shinobi turned to see Zhuge Liang walking up, slowly patting his feathered fan on his open palm.

"Well done for buying us time, Guan Yu," Zhuge Liang smiled. Guan Yu laughed, "No problem, Lord Zhuge Liang. Anything to get one of your plans into action."

The moment the heard this, Kotarō and his forces raised their guard. Unless you knew his plans beforehand, there was no way to tell what the Sleeping Dragon would do. His strangest plans always had a way for causing great catastrophes to his enemies.

Zhuge Liang smiled, which put Kotarō's ninja even more on edge, "Then let us begin."

The Sleeping Dragon swung his fan infront of him and suddenly the entire surrounding forest became caught up in a great firestorm. Zhuge Liang's mini-fire attack was successful. To Kakashi's, as well as his teammates', surprise, they could not feel the dangerous, roaring flames. They could feel the heat, yes, but no more than that. So they were surprised to see members of Kotarō's army suffering from severe burns that were only growing worse and worse and worse. Kakashi turned to Guan Yu, "Guan Yu, how is it possible we do not feel the wrath of the flame yet they do."

The larger man only smiled, "My friend, you have much to learn about the power of sorcery."

Out of the flames, Kotarō jumped in out of no where. With a furious shout, the long, claw-like gauntlet swung, catching the Shinobi and the Generals of Shu off-guard just long enough for him to land a devistating blow to Naruto's chest. The shinobi and Shu Generals looked on in horror as Naruto fell to his knees at the terrible cutting blow. Sakura immediately delievered a brutal blow to Kotarō's face and sent him flying back into a burning tree.

Naruto began taking deep breaths and blood from the wound began to flow freely...

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto didn't even have to look to know where he was. He could feel Kyuubi's presence behind the cage in his mindscape. Naruto looked up and glared at the fox, "What do you want."

Kyuubi grinned, "What? I can't watch my jailor suffer?"

"You wouldn't call me hear just to gloat," Naruto pointed out. "What is it you really want?"

"Ha, so the kit is growing a brain is he?" Kyuubi laughed. "Very well, I shall tell you. It seems you need my chakra to survive yet again."

"Yes," Naruto admitted.

"Then I shall lend it to you. Make no mistake, some day I will be a factor in your death someway or another. However, I don't believe you dying in another world would be to my advantage."

Kyuubi made one final smirk before Naruto left his mindscape.

Outside Naruto's mind, Sakura was making an attempt to heal Naruto as Kakashi and Guan Yu fought off Kotarō. Zhuge Liang was nonchalantly defeat many of Kotarō's forces, who were horribly outmatched not only in skill and power but also due to their fatigue and weakness caused by the fire attack. However, as Sakura's hand reached down to heal Naruto's wound, a demonic, red aura surrounded him. His teeth became more sharper, his hands began to look more like claws, and his whisker marks began to look more pronounce. Sakura knew exactly what was happening: Naruto was using the fox's chakra.

Sakura gasped and immediately took a step back. The gasp was also heard by Kakashi, Guan Yu, and Zhuge Liang, who turned to see Naruto's state. The red chakra around Naruto began to form the shape of a fox and Naruto's eyes were red, evil, and slitted. Zhuge Liang also noticed that Naruto's wound had all but faded away. Naruto crouched down and charged forward and was a blur as he passed Kakashi and Guan Yu as Naruto grabbed ahold of Kotarō and pushed him farther into the forest. Soon they were out of sight.

"Naruto!" Sakura called.

"Come on," Guan Yu said. "We need to go after them."

Guan Yu charged off into the forest; Kakashi right behind him. Sakura glanced back at Zhuge Liang, who was finishing off Kotarō's lackies. His only main trouble was Dodomeki and Orbweaver. He mearly glanced back, "I'll be joining you shortly."

She nodded slightly and then ran off after her sensei and Guan Yu.

Naruto's Kyuubi-charged state was flinging the defensless ninja across the entire forest. Kotarō vainly tried to defend himself and sometimes he would painfully block a couple of blows, but even he knew that defeat was inevitable. Whatever power this boy had, it was beyond what he could muster alone.

Soon they reach a clearing in the forest and Kotarō knew it was now or never. Kotarō blocked Naruto's incoming kick and then he tried to use the momentum of the attack to get him close enough to the blonde-haired shinobi to deliver a punishing blow. However, before the blow could land Kotarō felt a hand grab onto his face and fling him into the ground. He looked up after recovering from the daze of the attack and saw demonic eyes staring back at him. He knew then that it was all over. Naruto began to swing a flurry of strong punches at the Winds of Chaos, who invain tried to block them.

Kakashi and Guan Yu arrived at the clearing and saw Naruto's merciless assault. Guan Yu snarled, "Alright, this has gone on too long."

Kakashi silently agreed and the two began to move forward to stop Naruto. Suddenly, a white beam flashed from no where and knocked Naruto off Kotarō. The demon-possessed teen flew but managed to recover in mid-air and land on his hands and one knee. Naruto looked up at his attacker with an evil and furious glare. Who would dare attack him?

Across the clearing was a young man with silver and black hair, black leather armor, and a silvery-white overcoat. The man's single-eyed glare was just as piercing as Naruto's. The man's one uncovered eye was a strange mix of sapphire and crimson while his other eye was covered by bandages. One of the man's arms was clenched around the hilt of a sword that was positioned at his side ready to strike at any foe who dared combat him. His other was point at Naruto. It was obvious that this man fired the beam.

"I believe Kotarō has had enough, demon," the man said with a strong, hard voice.

Another person walked beside him. It was a young lady in a white sleeveless shirt and blue shorts that came down to just above mid-thigh with over-sized, white shoes. The shoes and two gold commas on each of them. She had white sleeves that weren't attached to her shirt and blue, long socks that came up just below mid-thigh. The sleeves were hemmed with red and had a blue design on the upper portion of it. A similar design was on her shirt, which reached down to where her shorts ended and had no sides. Around her stomach was a long and large red ribbon that was tied in a bow in the back and had another ribbon with a blue and white triangle design over that. Around her neck was a necklace that had an odd looking face with three red commas attached below it. Her black hair was medium length, reaching just above her shoulders. It was cut around her forehead so she could see and had a gold ornament that was shaped like a face with big, closed eyes and a time mouth and nine little spikes radiating out from on top of it. The spikes were attached to black strands that were thick. It made it look like the sun was radiating from the top of her head. A red ribbon encircled the crown of her head and a yin sign and a yang sign could be seen imprinted below her left eye.

Her most notable feature, however, were the silver dogus that floating obediantly behind her. Her face looked just as angry as her companions, "Even he doesn't deserve such a merciless beating."

Kakashi turned to look at Guan Yu to find the Tiger General's eyes wide. Sakura just arrived and she looked on amazed, "Who is that man?"

Guan Yu cleared his throat, "That is Master Pànduàn Shén, the Dragon of Judgment."

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