France woke up with a throbbing pain in his head. Where was he? This room was much too small, and much too dark, to be his bedroom.

Confused the Frenchman sat up. Something fluffy touched his face. He sighed and pushed it out of the way. As he did this, a rusty noise was heard, as if something above him was sliding on a pipe. This made him even more confused as to wear he was.

He stood up, but his head hit something hard. Was that a wall there? No, a wall wouldn't be that far to the ground, so that makes no sense. He backed away from the low wall, and stood up again. This time all sorts of different fabric surrounded his head. Was he in some sort of fabric shop for midgets? No, that didn't make sense either.

Finally, France noticed a small amount of light. That's when he realized that he was standing behind a door. He moved to the area above the small rectangle of light, and felt around with his hands until he found the doorknob.

He found it. When he turned the knob the door opened. Which was very fortunate, because being locked in some unknown small room would just be unfortunate. Once outside the room, France realized that he just entered his bedroom, and the short wall he hit his head on was a shelf, and the fluffy thing touching his face was on for his many coats, the rustic noise was the hanger on the pipe when he pushed the coat out of his face, and that other fabrics that touched his face were just some of his other clothes.

But, how did he end up in his pasted out in his closet? France scratched his head as he pondered this. Then he noticed that his bedroom wasn't in the proper order he normally leaves it in. Was somebody or multiple somebodies in his house earlier?

"Spain?" France asked noticing his friend unconscious on the floor. "Was there some sort of wild-"

He cut himself off when he noticed the gift basket on his bed. That most certainly wasn't there before. He when to his bed and picked up the note so perfectly placed on top of the gift basket.

"Dear France," France read out loud. "This is the gift basket England asked me to deliver to you. As you can tell, it made it to you. However, the journey it took to get it here was very educational. Do you recall England ever wearing a red cape?"

France paused in his reading for a second. Now he remembered what happened before he blacked out. Spain had come over asking about the wolf fur coat, the only thing that can save somebody if they mistakenly put on the red cape. France told him to go away, and let him sleep. Then his doorbell went off, and as he left his room to go answer the doorbell, he met Spain in the hallway, and then everything went black.

France turned to the unconscious nation lying on his floor. "So, if you saved Sealand, why are you laying lifeless on my floor?"

Unable to come up with an answer himself, France returned to reading the letter. "Well, England unfortunately gave it to me. I don't think his intentions were bad, for this cape is a lovely bright shade of red which can be very helpful in crossing a busy street, I think he just didn't know or had forgotten about the horrors of the cape."

France gave a nervous laugh. England not knowing was his entire fault. If he had told England that it was cursed, none of this would have happened.

He returned to the letter. "Anyway, Spain tried to warn me, but I ran away. He was being creepy, and I've been told to run from creepy people. When I made it to your place to deliver the basket I found him waiting for me in your room. He threw my new pet bird to the ground and covered my mouth with his hands. The moment my bird hit the ground I felt a stabbing pain."

France frowned. Pet bird? Since when did Sealand have a pet bird?

"As Spain talked the pain increased. Then out of nowhere America came and punched Spain. That's why Spain is knocked out on your floor. If he isn't, then he got up before you read this. Anyway, the safety ritual of the cape wasn't needed because my pet bird somehow kept the cape from harming me all this time."

What was this pet bird?

"I took off the cape. I plan to tie it too a heavy rock and throw it into the sea."

France sighed. It might be for the best, but now France would never get to perform a safety ritual if England somehow mistakenly put the cape on. Whatever, grown men don't wear capes anyway.

"Enjoy whatever England put in your gift basket. I never looked inside the basket, so I don't know what he is giving you. Love, Sealand. P.S. If you call America he will be willing to pay for all the damages caused downstairs," France said aloud reading the last part of the letter.

Damages downstairs? Did Spain and America have a brawl or something? Sealand didn't mention anything like that in his letter.

France sighed and left his room. "Merde!" he cried noticing all the damages downstairs. Did America have fun with a chainsaw or something? All this damage was just ridiculous. Most of the stairs were gone, and his front door was lying on the floor cut in two pieces.

France would give America a rude phone call later, right now he was curious about what England was giving him a gift basket. He returned to his room, went to his bed, and opened his gift basket.

"You've outdone yourself, Angleterre," France said smiling pulling out the contents of the basket. At the bottom of the basket there was a note.

France laughed when he opened it. "Enjoy all the wine you left. Love, England." The fact that England wrote "Love, England" made France laugh like a little junior high schoolgirl.

England certainly was a funny person. France would write a thank you letter later. This letter would inform England that he never left wine at his house, and that England was actually giving him a gift. But, this letter would have to wait until after Spain woke up.

Spain's heart was in the right place; he was just too creepy which made him seen as the bad guy. France will help his friend regain consciousness, because he really should have just helped him earlier.


The chapter before this was going to be the ending. But, I felt that you guys would be cheated if you didn't get to know what was in the basket. And, I didn't like ending this story with eleven chapters.

The End.