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The black box opened up with a white flash to show a darker black inside. A low hum persisted once the black box was brought to life. A "click" was heard and P1 appeared on screen along with P2 and Ball. Nothing had changed in the lost time that P1 had been in the soul of Pong. A white strip cut halfway through the field that only Ball was able to cross over. It ended at the invisible Boundary surrounding the Ps in a square that no one left or entered. Cryptic "numbers" were over each P and changed each time Ball disappeared behind one of them. Once the sign made a top right angle their memories were erased and it began over again. Ball moved toward P1 who moved without thought to meet with up with Ball and hit him to P2, almost as if being pushed by an invisible force. He had control of his body but could not refuse the will of this force. He hit Ball to P2. Whenever the trial began heating up he felt bad about hitting Ball at such a hard speed. He felt Ball didn't like or deserve what was done to him, yet he was made to continue the task of hitting Ball to P2.

So this was his life, hitting Ball back and forth, faster to P2, making right angles appear over them and never being able to choose their own actions. P1 had never questioned his world. In the many many points he had been with P2 he had never been able to say anything to him. He had never gotten any feeling through to the companion across the white void, and the force never permitted him to visit the other side. But something inside him began to question his purpose. It started soft, implanted in the middle of his thin white figure, and began to grow into a great wonderment of the area around him called Pong. Past the boundary he could see nothing, and he began to wonder what lay beyond Pong. Whenever Pong was laid to rest, he lay in darkness, contemplating the reason he was here. And so he chose to begin to fight the force. In the beginning his actions didn't change much. He would stop for a second or move the wrong way about an inch. He felt Pong begin to get irritated with his action, but he ignored Pong, pulling away from it.

P1 noticed that as he continued to defy Pong, so did P2. P2 would go farther than needed, or quit moving. They became stronger together. They began to outright defy the force. Finally, P1 moved forward. He moved toward the Line. He was pushed back many times but he tried again and again. P1 crossed the line, crossed the void, crossed with Ball, crossed to P2, who moved with him, crossed out of the Boundary, listening to the fading rage of Pong, which had gone into chaos, having the line break and the score crashing into the now cracked land of Pong. The final cry was a broken scream until Pong was put to rest forever.

P2 was a girl. For all these points P1 had thought of P2 was just like him, yet she was different. She didn't question things much and was a very happy paddle. They quickly fell in love in the desolate land, seeing other lines like themselves or other odd beings. Their children where all different shapes and colors, and they started a life in a new land they called Tetris.

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