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Yet another fan fic that popped up in the middle of my 2011 NaNo -

Mischief Managed, a tale of the Marauders and their short attention spans leading to Lily throwing herself at Severus Snape. M for theme and sexual situations. Two versions posted to tone down the FF version.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Mischief Managed

Summer, 1977, prior to 7thyear for Marauders

Lily could not believe how fast a week went by. She thought she would not like spending a week of holiday with Potter who was made head boy, and had been ready to leave within minutes of arriving when she found out Potter's parents were not here. No parents were here. That had been so silly. This week had been bloody brilliant. Lily could not believe how great shagging was. Why hadn't anyone told her? She would have started years ago, if someone did.

The last two weeks of August were going to go so slow without James. Lily could not wait to get back to Hogwarts to shag him more.

She wanted to get in a couple more shags with James this morning before they left this rented house. Well, not really a house, more like a sprawling seaside mansion. Potter's parents were pretty swell to pay for this place for the Gryffindor guys to holiday in along with all the girls that were here.

Nudging James, all he did was grunt, "Later, Evans. I may be the greatest, but I'm still mortal."

She frowned at him. She did tell James he was the greatest shag ever, but it had been in the heat of the moment after he had her pinned and refused to do anything until she said it. Toerag.

Pettigrew was in the kitchen again this morning. James had brought a house elf, but Lily had noticed Pettigrew in the kitchen a lot. It was not very nice of the other fellows to leave him here, especially when Peter had a couple nice girls that were interested in him.

Lupin had the same girlfriend all week, Black had maybe a dozen coming and going, and Peter had two that were probably still asleep. He got up every morning and made them breakfast. He was really sweet to them. Lily had noticed because she was also an early riser.

"Evans … I mean, Lily, here's a glass of nice, fresh pumpkin juice for you."

"Thank you."

After he made sure that Evans started drinking it, Peter turned back to getting the breakfast tray ready for his bedroom. He had two young ladies waiting for their morning pumpkin juice too. Then he'd spend the day in bed again. This had been a bloody brilliant plan. They had to do this next summer too, except longer than a couple weeks. Heck, it should go on year round. It was a lot easier than having to talk, listen and flirt with girls. Just slip them some of this potion and they couldn't get enough of the Wormtail or any other wizard's wand. Padfoot had found it in an old book about getting witches to crave a wizard's seed. The language was so outdated, it made it sound like farming.

It had been Peter's idea for Prongs to invite Evans. He had been moping around for the first couple days when all these babes were here and ripe for the picking. Padfoot paid him no mind since he was too busy. Hell, they thought Sirius was going to keel over due to dehydration since he had so many witches to service. At least he was gentleman enough to leave Moony's girl and the ones Peter picked alone. Every time they tried to crawl over to Padfoot, he steered them back to them.

Peter hoped this got Evans out of Prongs' system. She was still a bitch even when she got wand shoved into her regular, he thought to himself as he wiped the counter clean before she complained. Peter should have let her walk out that first day. James had to make her believe he was on a family vacation, and since he was head boy and she was head girl, that there was some tradition that they spend time together before school started. The idiot fell for it, but then wanted to leave when she found out Mr. and Mrs. Potter were not here. If Peter had not plied her with some cool pumpkin juice since it was such a hot day, she would have apparated home, and Prongs would have melted into a miserable puddle.

Since then, Evans confirmed she had too much energy and attitude. James could shag her rotten till he passed out, then she was out of the bedroom, nagging anyone who was about.

Lily licked her lips after that great glass of pumpkin juice. Why did it taste so good here? It was much better than Hogwarts' pumpkin juice. Was there better pumpkin juice that wealthy wizards like Potter were able to get?

Her eyes drifted over Pettigrew. Was his thing anything like James'? Would he show it to her if she asked? Or should she just follow him back to his room to see it? James would be asleep for hours yet. Was it getting hot in here? Lily wondered as she looked at the stove. Was the house elf baking something in the oven?

Peter watched Lily start peering at the stove and then open the oven. Now what? If Prongs wanted to keep her, he better chain her to the bedpost so she couldn't wander off. Evans was an out of control menace.

He then got worried as Evans turned her gaze to him and it lowered to the front of his trousers. Oh Merlin, she was licking her lips. He shouldn't have let her distract him. Till now, he had given her the pumpkin juice and left. Though he could create a beautiful memory to reminisce upon every time she opened her mouth in the future of him shoving his prick in it till she gagged … and then Prongs just may kill him.

Finding the stove and oven turned off, Lily's eyes were drawn to Pettigrew, who was near the stove. There was nothing on his breakfast tray that could get cold. He had time to satisfy her curiosity. James' was absolutely brilliant but maybe Pettigrew had something just as good. Something had to make up for his lack of looks. He did have two girls in his room after all, she thought as she leaned closer.

Keeping his laughter contained was hard. Peter saw Evans was drooling. He bet he could have her on her knees and crawling to him. Yup, this could be a historic morning except Evans would remember it and may talk about it too. If only Prongs mentioned that he was finished with her. Damn it.

"Can't keep the girls waiting, Evans," he said, grabbing the tray and getting the table between them.

Peter passed Remus in the hall while carrying his breakfast tray.

"Hey, don't forget we have to be packed and ready to floo by noon."

"Today?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, it's Monday already."

"Oh uh … all right." Peter turned around and went back to the kitchen to pour out all the pumpkin juice he mixed up this morning. He gave Evans a brief thought. She'd be all right since she lived with muggles. This potion only attracted witches to wizards.

When Lily got home, her father was still at work, and she briefly told her mother she had a nice time. She was distracted by something. In fact, Lily was downright agitated so she decided to take a walk.

Her feet led her to downtown, and she had a vague idea of maybe stopping at the pharmacy to say 'hi' to Tunie at the lunch counter. She did not know why she headed this way, but it had done nothing to cure the feeling in her lower belly that she needed something. Something pretty bad.

Was that Severus going into the market down the street? It could be him. Lily raced across the street to follow him. A car's brakes squealed as it came to an abrupt stop, and the driver leaned on his horn. She ignored it and went inside.

Lily glanced down the first three aisles then spotted him in the fourth with a basket over his arm, reaching for something off a shelf. She rushed over and said, "Hi, Sev."

"Hello," was his response. Severus looked at Lily. Even if she was in the store at the same time as him, he was surprised she said anything to him rather than hiding behind a shelf or putting her nose and chin so high in the air she was in danger of hurting her neck. Lily was empty-handed. He suspected Mrs. Evans was close by with a trolley.

When Severus continued on his way, Lily asked, "What are you doing?"

"Getting food."

"How about after?"

"I need to stop at the butcher too, then home."

Snatching the list out of his hand, Lily suggested, "I can help."

"Please give that back."

"What kind of beans?" Lily asked. This list was no good. It just had one word for each item.

"I know which kind."

"Did your mum write some of the words with her other hand?" Lily inquired. It looked like two people wrote it, but neither was Sev's handwriting.

"No," he muttered. Severus knew that he never claimed his father was illiterate. Why would Lily adopt some pureblood philosophy and think muggles could not write?

"Hey, aren't you going to get beans?" Lily asked, pointing the other way towards produce.

"No, in the can, Lily."

"Oh, I see. You already got a head of cabbage and bread. Um, what's after canned beans?"

"Why are you doing this, Lily?" he asked. She doesn't speak to him for a year, and now she's playing around in the grocery store and swiping his list.

"To help you get done faster, Sev."

He raised a questioning eyebrow at her. Was Lily hinting that he was in a hurry to get home for some reason? Severus decided not to reply. He'd probably sound foolish if he suggested Lily wanted his company this afternoon.

Lily was happy it was a short list and followed Severus to the checkout.

Severus knew Lily was behind him as he put the items on the counter to have them added up, but he did not know why she kept bumping up against him. There was no line behind them. She had all the room she needed. What if Mrs. Evans saw her acting this way? Bad enough the woman tallying his order gave them a disapproving look.

He insisted he carry the bag when Lily tried to take it. Was that what she was after? To throw his food into the street? Normally, he did not think Lily would do something like that, but she was a Gryffindor.

When she followed Severus out of the store, he asked, "You're coming with me?"

"Yes, do you really need to stop at the butcher's?"


Severus looked around the street. Was Lily luring him out of the store for someone else to attack him?

"Let's get a move on then," Lily urged when Severus moved too slow out on the sidewalk.

At the butcher shop, Severus held the door open for Lily, then entered himself. The butcher recognized her and asked, "What can I get for you today, Miss Evans?"

"Oh nothing. I'm with Severus."

It was in an entirely different tone that he asked, "What do you want?"

"Ham, pork or beef. Not more than a pound."


"If that's what you have."

Lily made a face at the mess the butcher wrapped up. It was a hunk of bone with a chunk of meat attached. Who'd want that? The corner of her lip raised as she realized Severus did not mean weigh a pound, but a pound was all the money he had to spend.

She took a moment to look at her former friend. He did not look much different than he had previous summers. His clothes did not fit and had been worn for years before they were given to him. Severus was getting taller, but his father was a broad, big fellow. Even though he was seventeen, and could do whatever magic he liked, Severus did not bother with fixing his clothes or taking any sort of care with his appearance.

Despite Lily's thoughts about how unattractive Severus was, she leaned close to him and gave the front of his trousers a definite squeeze.

"What …?" was out of Severus' mouth before he thought. Lily did not grab there by accident, but why did she do that? He doubted she'd tell him the truth.

"Let's go," Lily suggested, letting her hand slide along his hip.

He frowned at her, put the beef bone in his bag, and warily exited the shop.

Lily stayed close to him, and put her hand on the small of his back. "Where to now, Sev?"

"I have to bring this bag home."

"So we're going to Spinner's End next?"

"I am."

"Is anyone home at your house?"

"Why do you ask, Lily?"

"Just curious."

"My mother should be home," he warned her. If she told other Gryffindors where he lived, would they try to hurt his mother? Once he was in the house, it would be difficult for any of them to do anything. There were protections on their home.

"What are you doing afterwards?"


"Did you want to go somewhere?"

Hoping he would get an idea of what Lily intended, Severus asked, "Where?"

"I don't know. Maybe by the river, where the trees are?"

Severus knew the place. It's where they used to sit and talk when they were younger. Lily's skin was so fair that she needed to stay in the shade or she'd burn. He used to clean up the rubbish before they met there, and had not been there in years, even though it was close. It could be covered with trash, the trees could have died, and after a few days of no rain, the river was sluggish and smelly.

Did she choose there because she forgave him, or it was hidden enough for someone to perform magic out of view? Though why would someone cast something at him out of sight of others? Gryffindors loved an audience.

As Lily's hand crept around a bit to fondle his bum, Severus had to ask, "What are you doing?"

"I've missed you, Sev."

"I've missed you too, Lily." Was Lily playing some sort of joke on him? His eyes darted around to try to see who was watching them. What was he supposed to say? Lily had not talked to him in over a year. Walking and squirming as she got too aggressive was not easy. What was Lily trying to do? Severus was intrigued, yet it seemed wrong.

On the way to Spinner's End, Severus' mind was on Lily's hand and watching his surroundings as he asked the typical questions such as how Lily and her family were, and mentioned he noticed Petunia was working in the pharmacy. It did register that Lily did not politely respond with the same sort of questions.

Rather than paying attention to Spinner's End and the fact that this was the first time she was this close to Severus' house, Lily was in a hurry for Sev to get rid of that bag and come with her.

Severus used the kitchen door, as he usually did, and lowly asked, "Could you wait here please? I'll leave the door open."

Lily stayed at the door, rather than entering the house, watching as Severus put the bread in the box on the counter and put the rest of the groceries away. He went into the next room to give his mother the change, and to let her know that Evans had run into him at the store and requested he go with her.

When Severus returned to the kitchen, he noticed that Lily was fidgeting at the door like she needed to use the loo. It would be impolite to ask if she did, but if she did not ask to use the one here, there was none at the river, other than the river itself.

Joining Lily to leave, she grabbed him through his trousers again, and did not let go after she squeezed it while moaning, "Oh Sev."

"Stop that," he replied, pushing at her hand. To be contrary, she tightened her grip on it, pressing her body against his and for some strange reason, gave a large exhalation of breath onto his chin while looking into his eyes.

So many conflicting thoughts confused Severus. It seemed dreamlike since it was Lily, and she was doing things to him that she never did before, with the added nightmare factor of his mother being in the next room, or if they moved out into the bare dirt garden, his neighbors could look down on this.

He could not deny it felt good and somewhat thrilling. Better than the one time he experimented to see what all the fuss was about and concluded it was a waste of time. Severus would not mind trying it again with Lily, if this was not some trick. He felt a moment of panic, thinking about that. Bad enough his trousers and underpants were removed in front of half the school, but was this the next stage of their plan to humiliate him?

Lily was surprised that Severus firmly grabbed her arm and twisted it. She grunted out, "Huh?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"What do you mean, Sev?"

"Did someone give you something? To eat, drink, a gift, or even something as trivial as a quill?"

"No, what's wrong with you?"

The same question was going through his own mind. Was he being a complete dunderhead? His doubts were valid. Lily was acting odd. "I'm not understanding what is going on, Lily. What are you doing?"

"What do you think? Now let go of my arm so we can get going."

He did as she asked, but something was off. Lily did not reprimand him for manhandling her.

They walked along the fetid, sluggish river with Lily's hand growing bolder, when Severus did not hold onto it with his own. After cautiously looking around their old hang out, he took out his wand and used some detection charms before cleaning it up a bit.

Lily did not wait for Severus and sat down, wishing he'd hurry up. Why was Severus so picky?

Severus was laying down some wards when he noticed how Lily was sprawled on the ground with her skirt pushed up so her white cotton knickers were visible. Even if she forgot she was wearing a skirt, how could she not feel how uncomfortable the ground was against the back of her legs? When she reached down, he thought she was going to modestly pull the hem down to where it belonged, but instead Lily *** revision begins here ***

He could not look away, and Lily noticed his eyes as she tried to soothe the ache her body was feeling. "Hurry, Sev. I need you."

Even though Severus was lowering himself to his knees, he had to ask, "Are you sure, Lily?"

Severus chose to kiss Lily on the mouth. When he imagined such things, kissing was a higher priority. Avoiding it seemed impersonal.

Snogging Lily Evans. He was snogging Lily Evans. Severus had not studied or practiced it before since it looked rather disgusting when he observed others doing it. Lily's tongue kept entering his mouth. Was that all right? Was she thinking about his crooked teeth or how they weren't white? His mind was so much on whether he was snogging correctly that Lily's hand squeezing and stroking him was secondary.

Sev was still being too slow. His hands were on either side of her face rather than moving all over her body. Lily broke their kiss with a pleased hum to keep Sev in the mood, and purposely looked down to give him a hint as to what she wanted.

"Ow," Severus complained. Despite the crazy tales wizards told of what their members could do, he knew his did not bend like a pretzel, or whatever way Lily was trying to twist it.

"Then you take it out, Sev."

He felt his cheeks heat up with a blush. Although Lily had felt it, seeing it was something different. Was she going to be disgusted? Laugh at him? She was making a face … oh no.

"What … why's this look different?"

"Different than what?" Severus asked tightly. When did Lily see one? Did girls pass around photos like the male students at Hogwarts did with pictures of lewd women?

Lily leaned closer, studying it then experimentally moving part. "Does this hurt?"

"No," he replied, afraid to say something more. This was somewhat brilliant, and he did not want to ruin it. Lily was temperamental. This was not how he imagined things happening at all. Lily was the only thing that seemed right. In his mind there would be candlelight, flowers, music, inside on a lovely bed, Lily wearing something … romantic, rather than a wrinkled skirt, socks and shoes. He supposed Lily had changed her mind on the romance and marriage she used to tell him about.

Smirking as Severus responded, Lily saw Sev's was bigger than Potter's, and Sev was making such nice little sighs and moans now.

As Lily tried to bodily get on top of him, Severus jerked back, exclaiming, "What are you trying to do?"

"Calm down, Sev." How could she have forgotten how skittish Severus could be about touching? Oddly, it turned her on. This could be the first time Sev ever did this.

Firstly, why … how … no, why did Lily want to shag him? And secondly, of all the spells Severus knew and could forget, the contraceptive charm had to be the one. Not that he paid it much mind because the only time he'd thought he'd be casting it in the near future was at people who should not have children. He admitted, "I've forgotten the charm, Lily."

What charm? Obviously this was his first time. "Don't worry about it, Sev. Did you want to be on top of me?"

Either Lily cast it earlier or used one of those other ones he vaguely knew that lasted longer. She planned on tracking him down and having sex? Of course she did. Suddenly seeing him at the store would not have gotten her all hot and drive her crazy with desire. That was some ludicrous delusion that he never even attributed to his imaginary alter ego who said and did everything right, the Half-Blood Prince.

Flustered, he repeated what she said, "On top? Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? I don't want to accidentally hurt you." He was not sure what was rumor and what was fact regarding this. His thinking was if it hurt, why would women want to do this? Now that he thought about it, Severus cast a cushioning charm.

"Come on."

He stopped breathing … nothing had ever felt this good before. Lily was smiling so hopefully he was doing this correctly. Shit. What was … maybe don't move. Severus overheard taunting about being too quick. How fast was too fast?

Not sure what was supposed to happen next, and since Lily was on top of him, Severus resumed snogging, now that her mouth was no longer clamped to his now sore shoulder.

Lily was somewhat embarrassed that she bit Sev. He had been bloody brilliant. Could he do that every time, or was that just beginner's luck? He was certainly getting the hang of snogging. Lily liked how gentle he was about it, rather than trying to shove his tongue into her mouth to try to feel her tonsils. There was also the caressing hand on her cheek, and now Sev had his other hand flat in the middle of her back with his fingers lightly moving.

She broke the kiss and asked, "Did it hurt when I bit you?"

"I don't care, Lily. I've missed you so much."

Somewhere in the back of Lily's mind, there was a slight inkling of how wrong this was. However, she preferred to think about doing this again.

Severus had been aware of Lily writhing against him, not responding to what he said. It did not seem possible that she was still angry with him. Was she expecting him to forget it and not mention how terrible the past year had been for him? He'd like to discuss it though. Severus never wanted something like that to happen again.

"You can snog more later, here … let me get more comfortable and I'll help get you back in the mood."

Part of him wished it was dark.

Eventually, Severus got his wish because it did get dark after hours of Lily insisting he continue shagging her. She still did not want to have a normal conversation with him, and kept her answers short and added an annoyed tone when he inquired if she was getting tired or sore.

He had also asked a number of times what time she needed to be home. Severus did not need to cast a charm because the church bells were audible each hour, and he had been keeping track since it got dark around nine.

By midnight, even Lily had to admit that Severus was not going to get hard again, no matter what she tried.

*** end of revision ***

Why did he have to be so talkative?

He walked her home and used the light under a street lamp to sort Lily out as best he could, and then strolled slowly home deep in thought.

In the morning, Lily woke but it was like she had two brains conflicting with each other. The one that started giving her instructions for the day while she was still half asleep suggested that Lily could go meet Severus by the river again. Then her thinking mind started shouting in her head, "Oh my God!" until it was heard and drowned out the other voice.

What had she done? Lily could remember everything. Severus was right to be cautious and ask questions, and she lied. Well no, not exactly, she thought it was unimportant at the time to mention that she had spent a week with Potter, Black, Pettigrew and Lupin. It was none of his business. It wasn't, but obviously the Gryffindors thought it frightfully funny to … ruin her life. This was not a harmless prank! She slept with that toerag for days and thought she liked it. They even shagged on the toerag's broom. Bloody Bollocksy Bastard!

If that wasn't horrifying enough, they sent her home still on that stuff so she tracked down the nearest wizard and dragged him off to shag by his … thing. It was worse than those books her mum read. Lily was like one of the 'other women' who were so desperate they'd do anything to steal a man. The kindest word for her behavior yesterday would be slut. Her face got red just thinking about how she sprawled on the ground and flung her knickers off before she truly got started. What if someone saw her in the grocer's or at the butcher's or on the street … there were so many places in town she could have been seen lewdly groping Sev.

Then there was Severus himself. Sure, if she was so angry at him and never talking to him again, she could try to ignore yesterday even happened, but the things he said to her … how he missed her, he never wanted to argue with her again, and then if that wasn't bad enough, Severus was terribly confused about what was going on. He might have even proposed marriage based on Lily's claim from years ago that nice girls did not do this sort of thing before they were married and then only with their husbands. Why couldn't Severus have just had sex and stayed quiet? Now, Lily did not know what to tell him.

She'd have to say something. Lie? About what though? That it meant nothing? She only did it for a bit of fun? Or tell the truth? That Potter and his friends lied and took advantage of her and were probably still laughing over it? It would certainly make Severus angry to be the butt of their jokes even over the summer holiday. Would he get angry at her too? Lily was pretty good at charms, but did not get into the childish squabbles with the dueling, hexing and jinxing. Would Sev even dare cast something on her? If he did, she'd certainly never talk to him again. Ever.

Lily was feeling vengeful against the Marauders, and would do more than smirk like Sev did. She'd jinx, hex, curse, slap, punch and then kick them when they were down. Kick them repeatedly till they cried and screamed. She wanted to kick them in the ribs. She wanted to kick them in the nuts so hard they'd never have children. She wanted to stamp on their wand hands and then twist her foot to feel their broken bones grind beneath her heel. They had messed with her for the last time. There would be no more smiles, 'oh sorry, Evans', 'want to go out with me, Evans?', 'how about a kiss, Evans?' … Sev kissed better than Potter anyway and that changed Lily's thoughts from how she'd take revenge back to Severus.

Yesterday, he was her friend again. Talking about anything. Even crazy sounding things … well, maybe not so crazy since they were shagging, and Lily had spelled out the facts of life to Severus long ago since he came from such a crappy home where his parents taught him nothing about how nice people lived. It was definitely not the Severus Snape she saw frequently at school with the evil Slytherins who cast evil spells at girls while he stood back and watched, doing nothing about it.

Actually, was there much of a difference between those horrible boys and Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew? If someone told her in June or July that four boys from Hogwarts planned to lure nice girls from school to a remote location and slip them some potion so they became their sex slaves for a week, Lily would guessed Muliber, Avery, Rosier and Wilkes in a heartbeat. She did not think Severus would be too keen on it, based on how hesitant he was yesterday. He didn't even that ridiculously large jumper off. Sev was so weird.

Well, Lily was not going to get anything done lying about in bed. She had a full day ahead of her. The simple part would be planning and committing four murders.

After she gave her mother an obligatory 'good morning' when she entered the kitchen, Lily realized that Petunia followed her into the room.

"Good morning," she said to her sister.

Petunia narrowed her eyes and hissed, "What were you doing with that Snape boy yesterday?"

There was a brief moment of panic, but then Lily reasoned that if Petunia knew something definite, she would not be asking a question. She'd be making an accusation to expose her indiscretion to the world.

Mrs. Evans commented, "Oh, you've made up with him? That's good. I thought I saw him in the back garden by that rock where he used to leave you notes, Lily."

"He did?" Lily asked, wondering what he could have put in a note. Maybe he thought it over and realized that Lily had used him or something to that effect. That would solve everything. As she went outside to get whatever was there, she reconsidered that that would be more of a girl thing or a really strange thing for a guy to think that a girl used him for a quick shag. Oh, this was Severus. Nothing was too strange for him.

There was a folded piece of parchment there. Lily grabbed it, first wished to find something normal written on it, then unfolded it.

Lily – I didn't know if you wanted me to come round this morning like I used to. Can you send me your owl to let me know? Love, Severus

Her mouth twisted as she read the 'Love, Severus'. Well, what else did she expect him to write? As her mind went through the normal sort of closings, she thought 'your faithful servant' might not be bad … oh wait, that was before when they used to play make believe things. This was terribly real.

Going back inside, Petunia's arms were crossed over her chest and she pronounced haughtily, "You were seen all over the place with Snape yesterday afternoon."

Lily smirked. That was the least of what she had gotten up to. Wait … she had followed Sev home, and then had stood there like a total moron rubbing her upper thighs together like some overheated slattern. Well, she was not addled today, Lily could go over there and take a look, rather than sending an owl.

"Mum, I think I'll go see Sev."

"What about your breakfast? I kept it warm for you."

"Oh, well, alright … and thanks."

Petunia huffed, "Aren't you going to say something to her?"

"Severus is the only person Lily's age that has the same … talents around here." Mrs. Evans then asked, "You did not say much about your holiday with the Potter family, Lily. Did something happen to make you reconsider your friendship with Severus? I guess he forgave you quick enough then?"

"Uh, I guess. Wait, forgive me? Who said I needed forgiving?"

"You did not speak to him all last summer, and this holiday till yesterday. I'd say that was monumentally stubborn of you."

"Monumentally stubborn?" Lily repeated. "He started it. If he hadn't called me … well, never mind."

"He called Princess Lily a bad word?" Petunia cackled.

"Stop that," Mrs. Evans reproached her elder daughter. "Couldn't you have just explained how he hurt your feelings and asked Severus to apologize?"

"He did apologize, as soon as he could. He couldn't then because some boys were bullying him, and when I tried to get them to stop, he snapped at me."

"Who cares if he's bullied?" Petunia scoffed. "I mean look at him. Open your eyes, Lily. I'm sure he gets called plenty of things."

"It wasn't just calling him names," Lily explained. She always said Sev should not bother with all that nonsense about what people said. He could not help his parents, living down at Spinner's End, or his looks … well, to some degree. His nose was what it was. "They were taking his clothes off and holding him up in the air in front of a crowd."

Petunia looked disgusted.

Mrs. Evans commented, "Oh my. That sounds horrible. Since you're a prefect, it is your duty to put a stop to it, Lily. You were absolutely right."

"A prefect? That doesn't work with these boys. One of them's a prefect and provides them with alibis. They attack both students and prefects."

"Why did you get involved then? Couldn't they have stripped you as well? I mean you said they are boys," Petunia pointed out.

"They wouldn't …," Lily stopped. Of course they would.

"Lily's top of her class, Petunia. That's why she's Head Girl now," Mrs. Evans cleared up.

"No, Sev is really good too," Lily murmured, sinking deeper into thought. Maybe that's why Sev had called her that, but why did he have to choose that word?

Sure, she was Head Girl now, but how could they have appointed Potter Head Boy? That was horrible. He hadn't even been a prefect. Stupid quidditch captain was all he was, and every prefect knew it since he trashed the prefect bathroom repeatedly by throwing swim parties in there with his buddies.

If she was Head Girl, and Potter was Head Boy, Hogwarts would not expect her to cooperate with him, would they? If she disliked him as a toerag before, that was nothing compared to the hate she felt for him now.

At the very least, Severus could help her bone up on her insults and hexes.

When she declared that she was off to meet Severus once she had picked over her breakfast, Lily had to remind her mother that Spinner's End may be somewhat dangerous, but obviously Severus could navigate it, she already had been to his house yesterday, and she was now allowed to do magic outside of school discreetly.

Petunia latched onto Lily visiting his house, but Lily retorted, "He had to take their groceries home, and tell his mother that he was going for a walk with me, you ninny."

On her walk to Spinner's End, Lily was not as confident as she sounded with her mother. The brick houses in various states of disrepair had miserable looking children and a few older people hanging about them, a lot of shouting emitting from the open windows, and a variety of stenches wafting from the street, gardens and from within the houses themselves.

Lily thought this was the front door of Sev's house because it had been the back door of the house on the end. Unsure of whether to knock, Lily decided to go around to the rear. Sev always used the back door at their house, and yesterday, used the kitchen door to enter his home.

When she reached the bare dirt garden with the only sign of a path the difference in the surface of the harder earth leading straight from the broken gate to the back door, Lily hesitated. What if he wasn't home? What if one of parents answered the door? The window was not open to just softly call his name to see if he was close by so she did not disturb anyone else.

Lily was waffling about the garden, when the back door opened, and Mrs. Snape called out, "What are you doing?"

"Uh ..."

"Get in here instead of spinning in circles like you are mentally challenged."

She did not particularly care for the tone in Mrs. Snape's voice, trying to make her feel like an idiot, but they had never been on speaking terms. Phrasing in her head how to best ask politely for Severus so they could go somewhere to talk, Lily blurted out, "Mr. Snape," because he was seated at the kitchen table with a bowl, a large pint glass filled with dark brown brew with a healthy head of foam, and was looking up from a folded over newspaper with a pen poised in his hand. She quickly added, "Good afternoon."

Lily received a grunt to acknowledge her greeting, before he turned his attention to scrawl something in the mostly completed crossword.

"Sit in Severus' seat," Mrs. Snape indicated with a bony outstretched finger. Her fingers were longer than Sev's, Lily thought to herself. They were creepy looking and a bit crooked too.

Lily sat where she was told, but there was a bowl already at the place along with a spoon and an end of bread crust beside it.

Feeling the stare drilling into her, Lily looked towards Mr. Snape and noticed he was scowling at her.

Mrs. Snape answered his look with, "There's an extra bowl since Severus missed dinner last night."

That did nothing to dampen the glare since he suspected that Lily was the reason why Severus did not come home last night.

If Lily were to tell the truth, she did not want a bowl of cabbage and bean soup or whatever this was called. Neither of the Snapes looked like they cared, and she knew from Severus they could get angry for little or no reason at all.

A chair slid through the doorway and placed itself opposite her on the other side of the table. Lily turned to look at Mrs. Snape next to the stove, but if it was her, her wand was already put away. She was ladling more of this soup from a big pot on the stove into a bowl.

There was further proof of how brainless Lily was yesterday. She had seen the stove, but today saw it. It was some black iron thing that she only saw on something like Upstairs, Downstairs.

The bowl was placed on the table in front of the new chair and Mrs. Snape went through to the next room. Lily heard her yell, "Lunch," before she returned and got herself a bowl, bringing it along with two spoons to the table. The second spoon she put next to Severus' bowl and sat down to eat.

Lily looked about without trying to be obvious, but luckily, Mr. Snape had gone back to finishing his crossword. She noticed that his bowl was bigger, and that he had at least one large untouched slice of bread along with a second that might have been whole before that big bite mark was subtracted from it.

Feeling that she better do something before either of them said anything, Lily picked up her spoon and sampled the food. It was watery. She guessed that was the word to use for it. There was no thickener added, and now that she glanced at Sev's bowl, she saw he had less stuff in his. His was a bowl of flavored water with a few beans and shreds of cabbage.

In the doorway, Severus had come to a complete halt. Lily was sitting in his chair, eating lunch with his parents. It was like yesterday with that dream like quality that seemed reminiscent of something about to turn into a nightmare. How did she get in their house? Why hadn't he heard anything?

He started into motion again and sat down in the added chair before he got yelled at for standing around like a lackwit while food that his father paid good money for grew cold. Severus got hit for hardly any reason at all and he did not have to add to it. He glanced at the clock. Father would be going back to work soon, but that did not mean Severus could not get his account settled this evening.

Lily stopped eating and stared at Severus. He did not have that bruise on his cheek near his left eye yesterday. He gave her no clue what happened and tilted his head forward as he ate so his hair swung over his face to hide his injury.

For Severus, today was as odd as yesterday. Why was Lily doing these things? Even if she suddenly decided to forgive him, she had never come inside his house or eaten here. She had never expressed any interest in shagging before either. She was fortunate that this was only the second meal out of the pot. Father was not paid till Friday so more water would be added until a fresh pot was cooked up for Friday evening.

The meal was odd to Lily. Not just the food, but the quiet except for the sound of spoons clanking against the bowls, or Mr. Snape scrawling something on his crossword.

Then Severus' father rested his spoon in his empty bowl, drained his glass and stood, pushing his chair back with a scrape.

Lily tensed as he passed behind her, and he stopped at the door, threatening, "You better not be late tonight," before he left.

Once the door closed loudly, Severus gave his head a shake to move his hair and looked at Lily. She was still acting odd because usually Lily talked. Sitting quietly and observing to try to learn what was going on were not traits of hers.

When his mother got up to clear her dishes and his father's, Severus asked her, "What are you doing here?"

"I'd still be writing if I sent you an owl like you suggested."

"Writing what?"

"You were right yesterday."

Although Lily admitting he was right was a historic moment since it was so infrequent, Severus knew he had did most of the talking yesterday so was not sure at what point he said something that Lily reconsidered as correct. "About what?"

Nervous about how Severus would react and not certain if Mrs. Snape was even paying attention to them, Lily was vague. "Someone did give me something."

"Did you bring it? Or did it have something on it to make it disappear or crawl off after its job was done?"

"No, it's not like that … uh, there's a bit more. Can I talk to you alone?"

Severus considered Lily's request, then inquired, "Is it still a mystery where we'd need access to books, or should we go for a walk outside?"

Lily was struck by a sudden thought that Severus was willing to aid her, even after she just told him that yesterday was … not her … or maybe he was not thinking about that. She had shown up here after all, the least he could do was help sort this.

"Maybe we'll need books," she admitted. This was not going to be in their textbooks. Lily could not imagine Prof. Slughorn teaching more than how one recognizes Amortentia and the side effects of love potions. Was what Potter slipped her even a love potion? Lily acted like a complete whore, and her mind went along with it to fill in the missing pieces that Potter was her serious boyfriend or something like that now. He did say they'd still be together at Hogwarts so that helped give her that impression. A love potion should have kept her in the same room with him, watching Potter sleep and think everything he said was absolute brilliance. Now that she was sober, she could honestly say she had been temporarily insane, but she had not fit the definition of someone under the effects of a love potion. There was supposed to be a lot of different kinds. They might have found one that got the drinker to question if they were or weren't. Wait, if she was given a love potion, then why did she attack Severus? This was so confusing. Killing Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew was the easier solution.

Severus was back to looking at her, with his hand on his empty bowl. Now that he had Lily's attention, he let his eyes drop to Lily's bowl which was still half-full.

In reply, she made a face and muttered, "Uh, no."

He responded with a look that Lily could only describe as pure Severus, the disapproving one, then he switched their bowls. His gaze turned towards his mother and he must have seen that she had turned because he lifted Lily's bowl and drank what remained quickly, then put the empty bowl back on the table and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

They exchanged looks again, with Lily making a face at what Sev just did, and him shrugging back at her, before he grabbed both bowls and took them over to the sink.

When he got back to the table, he picked up the bread crust she had ignored, and used his wand to move the chair he used into the next room. Severus then instructed her, "Come on," and followed the chair.

Lily was amazed at the number of books in here. The room felt small because every wall was covered in shelves from floor to ceiling and they were all filled with books. The only things that were not books were the front door, a window with shelves beneath it, and a fireplace with a clock upon the mantel along with a couple candlesticks and some little things. There were old framed photos above that, but she should wait before she went staring at them.

She remembered that Severus had said he had books at home so that's why he seemed more knowledgeable than an average first year, but he did not say his house contained a library.

"You can sit in that chair," he said, pointing at a worn armchair with the hand still holding the bread.

Lily sat down and wondered why anyone would have an armchair stuffed so tightly that the seat had absolutely no give. It was not the least bit comfortable. A rounded rock would have been as cozy.

Since Severus had started gnawing on the bread crust, Lily began, "Okay, I know this is going to sound bad, but I got to get a few points in to get to the part we need to get to so give me a chance, Sev."

He nodded. His imagination was already firing with all sorts of terrible things that could have happened to Lily.

"I got a letter that I'm head girl this year. So I'm happy about that, and send my owl to all my friends to …" she noticed Severus scowl at that, but continued, "let them know. You know, the girls in my year in Gryffindor. I even wrote a letter to Prof. McGonagall to thank her because she was the one that wrote me.

"So … a couple weeks go by, and I get a letter from Potter." Seeing his face darken further, Lily agreed, "Yeah, I know. Well, Potter wrote that he heard I was head girl and he was head boy."

"What?" Severus exclaimed, indignation clear by his tone and facial expression.

"Let's just say I agree that he should not be, Sev. Let me get back to this. Anyway, he wrote and said it was Hogwarts tradition that the head boy and head girl do something over the summer holiday to get better acquainted."

Trying to ignore the skeptical look on his face, Lily continued, "And he suggested that I join his parents and him at a week long seaside holiday at a rented cottage."

"You went then?" Severus asked.

"I did, but when I got there it was not my idea of a cottage. It was huge."

He snorted. That sounded like typical Potter, flaunting his wealth.

"No, it gets worse. Black, Pettigrew and Lupin are there and there's all these girls and the place is an absolute mess even with a house elf scurrying around. Finally, since I did not see them, I asked Potter where his parents were, and he blithely replied that they changed their minds and went to oh, I forget, but it was somewhere in France. So I tell him that I've changed my mind and I'm not staying. I hadn't even unpacked and then it happened. I'm pretty sure there was something in the pumpkin juice."

"And then?" Severus prompted, wondering how Lily continued to remain so gullible.

"I moved into Potter's bedroom for the week."

Not sure of how to phrase it so Lily did not get angry with him, he let his suggestion dangle, "So you …?"

"Yes, and they kept giving me pumpkin juice and I came home, ran out of the house, found you and you know ..."

Severus was completely disgusted to think that Potter had touched Lily, and then she shagged him within hours of shagging Potter. He did not want to even look at her right now, but this was his big chance. If he was understanding this correctly, Potter committed a criminal act and it would not be his word against Potter's, it would be Lily's. There was also Lily herself. She came to him for help and was still talking to him today, after whatever Potter gave her to shag like a kneazle wore off. The 'no longer speaking to you' was over. She also had her memory. Lily knew what they did yesterday and everything he said. He may have sounded like a sappy dope, not knowing that Lily had not forgiven him and things could go back to the way they were along with snogging and shagging, but she knew what he said, and it was the truth. Wait … he was getting way ahead of himself with all this thinking. What if Lily was only here to explain what she did yesterday, then leave? Severus had to be very agreeable right now, rather than pointing out what a complete dunderhead Lily was to ever trust Potter.

"That's … I don't know what to say, Lily. I have heard of terrible things … sort of like someone knew someone that knew someone, but this is so … are you alright? No, not that ... I mean are you physically hurt?" There he thought he did a good job of pausing and phrasing it, while expressing his overriding concern was for Lily alone.

"Uh, I guess I am. Right now, I'm mostly angry."

"At me? I mean if you are, you're right that I should have known better because that's not the type of thing you do."

"No, I was not going to take 'no' for an answer from you, Sev," Lily admitted. "I'm only thankful it was you. With someone else, it would have been downright embarrassing."

Severus fought hard to suppress a smile from creeping across his face. Lily currently did not hate him.

"Angry? I can understand that, Lily. What do you want to do most or first?"

"I don't know. I mean … how could they just do something like that?"

Severus paused to think of something that was not too confrontational to say. Potter did whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted, but Lily would not believe that anyone would do something like that to her. Potter and his friends did things for laughs, not to be evil like anyone in Slytherin house.

"They can't legally."

Lily started, Sev's mum was in the doorway.

Mrs. Snape continued, "Get yourself to St. Mungo's to have them test if there's any trace of it left in you to report them to Magical Law Enforcement. That is if you're serious. Black's probably untouchable, and Potters rely on being descended from Ignotus Peverell to make themselves invulnerable in court. Oh, and Dumbledore holds a lot of weight with the Wizengamot. I've heard he still supports Gryffindor boys having their fun. Used to cover for them all the time when he was their head of house when I went to Hogwarts. Awarded them points if they were smart enough to tie their own shoes."

"Are you saying it's not worth fighting?"

She shrugged, "It may not get into the newspaper, but there's always rumors. They're getting old enough for their families to want to set them up with smart marriage matches. Whispers of rape might keep some of the fatter plums from falling into their laps."

Scowling, Lily thought of how it sounded like their lives would be blissfully untouched by their actions. She was just one more riot of laughs in their lifelong comedy.

"How do I get there?"

"I can go with you," Severus volunteered.

"No, you will not," Mrs. Snape snapped. "You will remain here and serve your father dinner if I do not return till later. I'll go with Evans to her house so she can consult with her parents before haring off to London."

Severus thought this sounded like a terrible plan. Lily came to him for help, not his mother.

"My mum?"

"Were you held prisoner and raped for a week? Even muggles find that unusual."

"She thought I was on holiday. That's what I told her when I left home, and when I got back I was still all crazy."

"Now you're not. She can come with us."

"How? She's a muggle."

"But we are not. What is your address?"

Severus supplied the house number and street. He suspected his mother already knew it.

Mrs. Snape nodded at Lily and suggested, "You should go first."


"Apparate. Is your back garden visible from the street?"

"Apparate? But … oh, uh, not really."

Lily took out her wand, and in her now flustered state at telling her mother, circled three times before she popped out of the Snapes.

Before apparating, Severus' mother commented, "She's a real tit."

Severus sighed in agreement, then trudged into the kitchen to see if it was tidy.

Lily was speaking to him, asked him for help, and said she was glad to have shagged him instead of someone else. Although he could die happy now if his father decided to throttle him tonight, Severus would prefer not to antagonize him.