My name is Starfire, and I have seen amazing things. I have seen the power of true friendship, and the horror of pure evil. I had the greatest man of my life, then I lost him. But I am both a woman and a hero, so when great evil threatens the world. The titans must leave Jump City, in the hands of Titans East to spilt up, and warn the neighboring cities of the coming threat. Raven has gone to be the understudy of Superman; Beast boy has left to rejoin his former 'team; The Doom Portal. Cyborg has gone to be the understudy, of the green lantern; our leader has flown to Japan. Then there is me. In an attempt to reclaim what I lost, I have chosen to fly to Gotham city, To be the under study of the Batman.

'What ever made me think this was a good Idea, I will never know.' Starfire thought as she landed on the side walk, 'Its cold and I'm scared. But in cant let that stop me, I have to find him.' Starfire thought as she walked down the cold street, among the flicker of the streetlamps. Then she heard a laugh, come from a nearby alley. She then heard another voice shout.

"You deranged dolt!"

"Come come now Commissioner, you and I both know that you have been much to stress lately. And I have just the thing, to loosen you up" the stranger laughed again

"Bat man will never let you get away with this!" the commissioner shouted.

"Ah that's where your wrong. Just before I kidnapped you. I sent a trusted employee to stall the Batman while picking up some much needed funds. By the time he gets here the serum that I made will have taken full effect, and you will be the next member of Arkham Asylum ." The stranger laughed.

'Oh no, I have to stop this;' Starfire though as she ran towards the alley. Two arms, grabbed Starfire from the side.

"Hey boss, look at what we caught."

"Bring it here, boys, "the Joker said turning away, from the commissioner.

"Well boys, looks like you did something right for once," the Joker said as he walked a up to Starfire.

"Well, a girl and a nice looking one to. Don't you know that someone as hot as you shouldn't be out a night." The Joker said as he place his fingers, under Starfire's chin.

"I'm a super hero and I'm going to stop you," Starfire said pulling away.

"A child trying to stop me? Now that's funny. Hmm... I do have some extra serum, and anybody other than the girl I have right now, would be an improvement. Hold her still, boys," the Joker said, as he took out a needle .

Then Starfire kicked one the henchmen's feet out from under him; then, star fire threw the other one against a dumpster.

"It appears that you spoke to soon, this ends now," Star fire said, stepping forward.

"Stop right there, or he becomes the newest resident of Arkham" the Joker shouted, as he moved the needle close to the commissioner's neck .

"There's only room for demented idoit, in ark ham joker." bat man said, as he dropped down from a fire escape.

"Well if it isn't Batsy himself. Did you have playing with Harley?" The Joker asked, throwing a joker card at Batman .

"Its you Im after, Joker," Batman said stalemating the joker card with a batarang.

"You came after little old me? Im so touch," the Joker said throwing an ace card at Batman.

"Your tricks are getting old," Bat man said as he jumped on to the fire escape .

"No!" the Joker yelled as he saw the ace speed back toward him and cover in knock out gas.

"It seems like everything's wrapped up here, come on, lets get you to a safe place," Starfire said.

"Wait, who are you?" the commissioner asked, as he squinted in the dim street light.

"My name is Starfire. I'm here to help. Your not hurt are you?" Starfire asked she untied him.

"My name is Jim Gordon. I'm fine, but bat man needs to know that I'm OK." Jim said looking around the alley.

"Bat man is busy at the moment, I will give him the message. Don't worry. We need to get you some where safe" star fire said.

"OK take me back to my office. Here's map, " Jim said, handing her a piece of paper.

"OK let's get you there fast, before anything else happens. But first tell me, you aren't afraid of heights, are you?" Starfire asked taking the map.

"No, why" the commissioner asked.

"Because I think flying would be the safest way to get you back to your office. Now give me your hand, and hang on tight," Star fire said as she slowly, rose off of the ground. Twenty minutes later.

"We have reached the last stop on your map. But are you sure that you would not like me, to take you to a hospital?" Star fire asked, as she stepped in to Jim's office.

"No, as far as I can tell I have no broken bones, and I like laughing for no reason. I would say that I'm fine," Commissioner Gordon, said turning to Starfire.

"Good, if you're fine, then I have a business meeting, to get to. Good night, Commissioner" Starfire said, as she stepped on the ledge outside his window.

"Thank you," the commissioner called, to her from his window.

"Your welcome" Starfire shouted, as she flew off in to the night . Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum the Jokers put away again, for the fifth time this month. 'Why it doesn't make sense; it's almost like he's trying to get some ones attention. But whose? and why? Batman asked himself as he climbed in to the Batmobile .

'But the strangest thing of all is this letter,' bat man thought as he unfolded a small sheet of paper.

'Dear Batman

your city is in grave danger; I'll explain everything once we meet. Come the park on the out skirts of the city, don't worry about the commissioner. I returned him safely to his office. I come in peace my name is Starfire."

"I don't know who wrote this letter, but I'm going to find out why," Batman said as he sped through the city.

Just then, the dash board phone began to ring.

"Hello Alfred," Batman said, as he answered the phone. "

"Good Morning, sir, I saw the batmobile heading out side of the city. I was wondering if you were considering coming home early, sir" Alfred asked.

"Not tonight, Alfred, while I was taking the Joker, back to Arkham. I came across this letter, and I need to look in to it," Batman said as he held up the letter so Alfred could see it .

"My word "Alfred gasped.

"You know this hand writing?" Batman asked.

"Indeed I do, sir. This writing style looks very similar, to the way king Charles wrote his letters," Alfred said, he studied the letter .

" You think that we may be dealing with royalty here? Batman asked, taking another look at the letter.

"Indeed I do, sir. but do keep your guard: up this may just be a clever trap," Alfred warned.

"No, I don't think so. Alfred if this person wanted to attack me, then she would have done it already. I'll go see what she wants and return home afterward" Batman said as he pulled out of the city .

"Very well, master Bruce, but do be careful," Alfred said as a look of worry passed across his face.

"I always am. I'll see you when I return home. Good night, Alfred," Batman said as hung up the phone, and pulled in to Gotham city park .

"OK, I'm here now, what do want with me? Show yourself! Batman shouted as he jumped from the Batmobile.

"I come in peace, and to warn you, of the danger that will come. I am Starfire," she said as she jumped down from a tree.

"What do you mean by danger?" batman asked as he walked slowly toward her.

"I fear that the brotherhood of evil, will soon make an attack on your city," Starfire said calmly.