Arthur snuck inside the last house of the christmas night, waving his hand to the elves that were offering to usher him inside. He could handle this one on his own.

Silent as a cat, Arthur crept into the living room, smiling as he saw the christmas tree with a small pile of gifts under it, and the stockings by the fire. He slipped an orange and chocolate bar into each one, smiling as they bulged with treats.

Next, he set down the small package due to the girl in the house. He remembered her letter very well. It was simple, Virginia Rockwell wanted just a book of fairy tales. And odd request from a girl not that much younger than himself, but better than some of the odd things he had seen on christmas lists.

An almost unintelligible click startled him from staring at the tree, and Arthur turned around to see the copper-haired Virginia Rockwell herself standing in the doorway.

"Santa?" She asked, clearly confused. Arthur flushed bright pink. He hadn't grown anything even resembling a beard yet, and seemed completely unable to put on weight. All the sliding around in his slippers wore off calories like crazy.

"Erm, uh..." Arthur said, looking for an escape route.

"It's all right, I won't tell anyone" Virginia replied, giving him a wink and a smile. "Do you want some hot cocoa?" Arthur found himself nodding, even though he knew it was against every Santa protocol in the book. Steve was going to have a hernia.

Virginia led him to the small kitchen, motioning to a wood seat at the table. Arthur sat awkwardly, wondering what on earth he was going to do. No doubt the elves in mission control were plotting to get him out, but he would just have to stay still until then.

"What's your name? Or do you go by Santa?" Virginia asked as she poured milk into a saucepan.

"Arthur, Arthur Christmas" Arthur replied, finding himself blushing again. Virginia was only wearing a long white nightgown, that sent even his Christmas-oriented mind wandering.

"No doubt you know mine" Virginia said, spooning cocoa powder in the saucepan then coming to sit across from him at the table.

"Erm, Virginia Rockwell, right? I read your letter" Arthur said, trying not to fidget too much.

"I thought you had elves to do that" Virginia replied, her brilliant green eyes fixing on his.

"Well, I do... But I like to read some of them myself" Arthur said, beginning to relax a little. Virginia nodded, then got up to stir the cocoa. She poured two mugs then came back to sit down.

Arthur sipped his cocoa, racking his mind for other things to talk about and trying not focus on how pretty Virginia really was.

"I suppose you have to go... I shouldn't keep you from the other children out there" Virginia said after a while. Arthur downed the rest of his cocoa, trying not to choke as it burned his throat.

"I'm sorry i'm no good at conversation, I mean- I just, Erm. Yeah" Arthur mumbled, standing up. Virginia laughed.

"Come on, i'll walk you out" She said sweetly, leading him to the front door and unlocking it.

"Well, erm..." Arthur said, unsure of what exactly to say. "Thanks for the cocoa Virginia"

"Drop by next year, Arthur" Virginia replied, reaching out and straightening his red and green plaid scarf.

"I will"

They stood there for another silent moment, then Virginia looked up. Arthur looked up as well, wondering what could be so interesting on the ceiling. Then he saw the small bundle of green foliage hanging above their heads.

"Sorry, mum put that up" Virginia said, her cheeks flushing a light pink. Arthur realized he was blushing as well.

Without really thinking, Arthur took Virginia's small hands in his and kissed her cheek. Then tucked a lock of red hair behind Virginia's ear and slid out the door.

Virginia shut the door, sliding down the wood into a sitting position, holding her cheek where Arthur had kissed it. He was the sweetest, if not shyest boy she had ever met.

One thing was for certain.

Neither of them could wait for next christmas.