"Dear Virginia,

THanK yoU FR yyyyyour leter, Im vary GreetfuL yu wrot bakk.

I wentz to call YoU, bat i cANt find yur NumbAA. Pleeze seD wif nexTa LeveTA

-Luv, Arturd."

Virginia Rockwell set down Arthur's letter, unsure whether to laugh or be angry... The letter was obviously a mistake, at least she hoped so or Arthur's writing skills needed desperate improvement.

"Dear Arthur..." She began her reply.

"Are you feeling all right? Your last letter was rather odd. Anyways, summer is coming. My family is going to America until September, we'll be staying at this address: 3337 Holly Blvd. New York, New York. Please write often... All my love, Virginia."

Virginia's stomach fluttered at what she had written without even thinking. Would Arthur consider it too forward? Did SHE consider it too forward?

Before she could rethink the whole operation, Virginia folded the letter, put it in an envelope and licked it shut. There, now she couldn't change her mind.

Virginia searched her tidy desk for stamps, realizing she was out.

"Damn" She muttered, grabbing the letter and going for her coat and scarf. She would have to run down to the post office.

"Mum, I'm going to the corner store for stamps, we're out!" Virginia yelled, her voice muffled as she wrapped her scarf all the way around her head. It was March already, but the weather was insanely cold.

All the way to the corner store, which was three blocks away, Virginia thought about Arthur. What was he doing right now? Probably poring over children's letters for Christmas already and drinking cocoa...

In actuality, Arthur was tearing his hair out and spilling cocoa all over everything in his agitation, but she didn't know that.

Virginia pictured Arthur's nice brown eyes, all sparkly from the permanent Christmas cheer in them. The way he had looked at her on christmas... It made her heart melt like warm chocolate.

Virginia hopped the last few steps to the corner store entrance and slid in, unraveling her scarf a little in the warm building.

Five minutes later, Virginia was stepping out of the store, stamps and letter clutched in her hand. If she could stick the stamps on as she walked then she could put the envelope in the box on her way home.

Virginia began to peel the stamps off, sticking them to the envelope as she stepped out in the street without looking. A horn sounded, and she looked up from her letter just in time to see the bus racing towards her.

The envelope containing Arthur's letter fluttered slowly to the ground.

Arthur paced around his room, much like he had been doing for the past two months since he had sent Virginia the messed up letter.

"Dear Arthur, you're a loon. I hate you" He said, imagining the beginning of Virginia's letter.

"Dear Arthur, have you gotten your head checked?" He knocked over a stack of letters in his frustration and bent to pick them up.

"Dear Arthur, please don't speak to me again" He said, frowning as he voiced his real fear. Virginia's reply should have been there a week ago.

"Maybe she ran out of stamps?" He asked himself quietly. "No, that can't be it. She's on holiday" Arthur finished re-stacking the letters, then sighed and went to his desk, where he turned on the old battered computer.

He had tried the social websites millions of times, looking for Virginia Rockwell. Thousands came up every search he made. He had given up weeks ago on that method of communication.

Arthur pulled up Google, typing in Virginia Rockwell. He hadn't tried a straight up google search yet, though it would probably be just as hopeless.

He aimlessly scrolled down the list of random bits of info, barely looking at the article titles.

Then one caught his eye, making him sit straight up, heart pounding.


Arthur clicked on the link with a trembling hand. A news article from a couple weeks back came up, complete with a picture.

Red hair, limbs askew, blood pooling around the body... Arthur could barely read the story. Virginia's pale face kept taking over his mind, cold and hurt.

He reached the end of the article, fixing his gaze on the accident photo once more.

Then promptly fell out his chair in a dead faint.