A/N: My first fan fiction! ahh- felt there was a lack of Ted/Laura out there. Reviews are much loved

It was the last flight of the holiday for the majestic Pan Am clipper, which had landed softly on the fallen snow of the New York runway. The sky was velvet black that tenderly shook out snowflakes to the silent earth that lay below. For one night of the year, New York goes to sleep in eagerness of the next day.

The crew of the last flight were tired, but glad to be home, with beds crying out their names. They all sloped off the plane in silence. Letting the cold winter air move the air between them, rather than words. It was more peaceful that way.

Laura hurried into the main building, wanting nothing more to get home and have some hot coco. Though she realised she would never make it like her mother, but this Christmas it would be just her and Kate. Not that it bothered her. Well, it did. Christmas was (next to thanksgiving) the biggest family holiday. And she would only be able to spend it with part of her family. Laura like being with family at Christmas and this was the first time it would be just her and Kate.

She shook off the snowflakes that clung to her uniform and heard a sweeping of feet on the door mat behind her. Turning her head around she saw Ted, who had survived the cold brief walk from the plane to the main building. He looked up from brushing the snow off his hat and smiled at her; Laura opened her mouth to speak, but Ted beat her to it.

"What are you doing for the holidays?" He asked casually as he put his cap back on his head. Laura looked down at her feet and forced a smile onto her face.

"Oh, it's just Kate and I this year" She then walked off, wanting to reach the bathroom before tears threatened to spring. But was stopped by a hand wrapping gently around her arm; she didn't fight it. But stopped and didn't turn around to see Ted's face which was contorted into a face making a decision that he wasn't so sure about.

"Would..."he began unsteadily as Laura turned around with a curious look on her face, "Would you and Kate like to, you know, come to mine to Christmas?" He rushed it out, and dared a peak at her face: which had lit up. He smiled "Only if Kate and you want to you know, if you don't have plans or anything."

Ted couldn't help feeling like a school boy that had just asked his first crush on a date. Not the Casanova he usually is, she turned into the little boy that had the biggest crush. Though it was only seconds before Laura answered, it felt like years to Ted who continued to find his shoes a bit interesting.

Laura let her hand go up to Ted's face and guide his eyes to her. Laura didn't really have any idea where she was going with this. She smiled and let her hand drop, but it was instantly grabbed by Ted. "I think Kate would like that."

"What about you?"

"I would really like that Ted."

Ted smiled like he was the boy would had gotten the last slice of pie and this feeling was stretched further as Laura let her heart take the controls and her lips land on his.

They stood there, by the doors of the main building, kissing and holding each other for a few moments. Until a blast of wind threw them apart, but Ted never let go of her hand.