The airport was packed practically to breaking point. The passengers had even taken to sleeping on the floor as the snow filled up the runway and lay a thick cold white blanket on the planes which were as desperate to fly as the pilots and passengers.

London had seen snow, but never this bad. Roads across the country all shared a common problem of slippery ice and the sky looked like a large white cotton candy mess that kept shaking out clumps of sugar. Every room in the London City airport was full, the employee rooms, the bars (the shops had been closed for a number of days). Everything had been put on pause and life seemed to stand still like a black and white photo.

The pilot lounge was already full when Ted and Dean arrived and there was no space available. The Pan Am Clipper was the last plane to be allowed to land. This meant for passengers and crew of the plane that most seats were taken up and that every nearest hotel room was full to breaking point.

Ted came down from the plane and looked at the people who had taken to sleeping on the floor. Passengers where either jetlagged or had been waiting all day for the flight that would never come. It was just pure luck that they landed when they did, the gales were coming in, bringing with them more unwanted snow which would have made landing in Paris near impossible. The passengers, however, were unaware of the luck they had at being able to land in London. They all would grumble and whisper as he walked by, looking for a seat that he could rest on for a few hours whilst the snow storm blows over.

He eventually found a pair of seats in a corner, abandoned and for some reason or another, a little dusty, but they were seats and Ted would feel more comfortable on those seats than on the floor. Settling himself down he sat and breathed a deep sigh, knowing this was going to be a long night. Running his hand through his hair, after taking off his hat, he noticed Laura eyeing the seat next to him.

"Take a seat Laura, I'm not gonna bite." He sighed. It had been a long and tiring day, he didn't feel like arguments. Laura seemed to be thinking for a moment- considering her options; it was a seat next to Ted or the floor. Laura decided it would be easier to handle Ted than trying to get stains off her uniform. So pulling her hat off her blonde hair, she sat gracefully next to Ted, in a perfect Pan Am stewardess manner.

Ted glanced over to Laura as she began to sigh and close her eyes, leaning her head back against the wall. Ted decided this wasn't the time to start any conversations and began to noticed how tired he actually felt- jet lag was getting the better of him. Letting his eyes slowly close, the last thing he saw was Laura.

Laura woke up softly and gently, her eyes flapping up and down for a few moments. The night was still going strong, darkness and stars reined the sky outside the large window that stood next to the seats. Laura then realised the position she was sitting in. It was comfortable and warm with Ted's arm wrapped around her shoulders and her head resting on his chest. She had never felt so relaxed. It was so safe and warm with Ted like this. She sneaked a glance up at his sleeping form. It looked so peaceful. She didn't want to end that image.

So Laura remained in Ted's arms, gliding between sleep and glances. As did Ted, who wondered if he could stay with her in his arms forever.