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5 Years Later...

Two young kids were playing on a hill, playing tag. They giggled in delight as they took turns running away from each other. The oldest child was a boy, and the youngest was a girl. They both had a shade of blonde hair. The girl wore a blue-flower sundress, and had high pigtails. The boy wore a white shirt, with black shorts. The boy had a silly grin on his face, as he hid behind a tree, waiting for his sister to come near. When she came closer to the tree, he popped out scaring her, and tagged her. The younger girl fumed up after being scared by her older brother.

"Sara! Maes! Lunch is ready!"

"You heard mommy Maes! Lunch is ready! If you stay longer again, you'll get scolded again!"

"Stop tell'n me what to do Sara! I'm older than you, so I can do what I want!"

"You're only five Maes, you're not that old to be out here by yourself!"

"Well, you're only four! A four-year old shouldn't be tell'n a five-year old what to do!"

"Fine brother! Do what you want, but I'm a good girl so I'm gonna get some lunch!"

"Do what you want Sara, but I'm gonna stay here and play some more!"


Sara ran home for lunch. When she came in, she was welcomed to a yummy smell, that drove her in further. She came into the kitchen, to be greeted by her mother.

"Hi sweetie! You ready to eat?"

"Yes mommy!"

"Oh, can you go tell daddy that lunch is ready? He's in his study."

"Ok mommy!"

"Wait, where's Maes?"

"He's still playing! I tried to tell him to come back home, but he said I'm younger and he doesn't listen to kids younger than him! He's so rude! He told me to go home, and leave him alone!"

"Well, we could go outside and eat, it's a beautiful day outside."

"It sure is mommy! It's so sunny!"

"Ok, then we'll eat lunch outside! How does that sound?"

"Nice! Lets go!"

"Well, I better go get your father, he's always got his head in the books. Lets see if we can get him out of his study!"

She went upstairs, and knocked on the door. She came in and saw her husband looking at books, as usual.

"Edward, honey, lunch is ready. We're gonna go outside to eat. Do you wanna come with us?"

"Sure Winry, I'll come out with you guys. I bet it's a good day out since you're suggesting this."

"It is daddy! Please come out with us!" Sara barged in, and sat on Ed's lap.

Ed got up, carrying his daughter in his arms.

"Alright alright, I'll go!"

"Yay! Daddy's coming outside with us!"

Winry smiled at Saras response, and so did Edward.

"We better get out there soon Edward, Maes still hasn't come back home. He's still playing outside. He's always doing this."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I remember when you, me and Al played a lot outside."

"Uncle Al like playing outside?"

"Of course! We always practiced alchemy, and we would show our creations to our mom."

"Alchemy? Is that the stuff you always study?"

"Yes, it is."

"Mommy, daddy, can we go now? I'm hungry!"

"Sure, let's go! I'll be right back, I'm going to pack the food."

"Ok mommy!"

Winry packed the food, and the three went to the place Maes was playing in. The family of four sat down in a circle, and ate all the food. They enjoyed their company, as they ate under the tree, that shaded them from the sun. They laughed and talked together, and enjoyed their time together. After all the food was gone, Sara and Maes played,while Winry and Ed watching them, with smiles on their faces.

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