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They sat in the small coffee shop opposite the fountain. That fountain, you know, the fountain of Rome- the name escaped him but he was never one for reading tourist books. They simply sat in silence whilst the Italian breeze rolled through.

The street lamps lit the area softly; they created gentle velvet shadows that hid behind the statues of the fountain, which stood tall and proud, taking pride in having stood the test of time. Looking back at the woman opposite him, Ted couldn't help how beautiful Laura really was. Her face was half hidden; she was too busy looking at the fountain which stood alone.

In the midnight light she shone as bright as any of the stars in the sky, she sat and watched as other twilight lovers wondered lost in the Rome streets, but Ted only had eyes for her. Her blue eyes shone with wonder and curiosity, she wasn't like other girls. And so they sat in the small cafe, Ted let the small breeze roll across and continued to study her face. He didn't notice the small man with the snowy wispy cloud beard crouch over and began to let his finger wander over the small buttons of the battered accordion. Ted only noticed it when she did- Laura began to tap her foot softly and slowly to the beat of the smooth notes.

Ted decided to do something he never normally does. He stood up and took a step forward and held out his hand towards Laura, who looked at it questioning.

"Come on, just a little dance." He smiled, desperately praying to those gods on the foundation that she won't say no. She smiled- that smile, the one that turned made his stomach do back flips- and took his hand in her's. He led her out before the fountain, wrapped his arm around her waist and the other link their fingers. Laura put her head on his shoulder and let him lead their swaying.

They stayed in blissful silence, swaying across the cobble stones as the man in the corner smiled to himself. The couple looked at ease and happy- though something was missing, however they were grateful for even this little moment of touch.

Slowly Laura pulled her head from his shoulder and looked into Ted's deep brown eyes; he looked back in her blues and couldn't help a quick glance at her lips. However Laura noticed his and was glad to have. She pushed her lips onto his in a rushed movement. He stopped, completely shocked at her unexpected move, but he quickly relaxed and pulled her in more wrapping both his arms around her waist. She smoothed her hands over his cheek.

And so the two lovers, stood entwined in each other for most of the night, as the moon and stars smiled down and the sun began to sing the good news, with the wind sighing


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