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I creep towards him slowly, taking in his gorgeous appearance before he looks up and notices me. His face is flushed and he gives me a simple, but sweet smile. When I get to the table they're sitting at, I put my hands down on the table and my whole body trembles due to my nerves.

"Hey Stan, what are you doing here?" He asks in a quiet voice seeing as we're in a library. He looks over at Rebecca, who is still reading her book.

"Looking for you…can we go somewhere to talk?" The smile is still plastered on his face but his eyebrow rises in slight confusion.

"Um…right now?" His voice holds hesitance and I start to worry he already knows what I want to tell him.

"Yeah it…might take a bit so I wanna talk somewhere else…" He looks back and fourth from me to Rebecca and the smile finally falls from his face.

"Stan…what's going on? Just tell me here. Give me a reason." He says in a firm voice.

"We're best friends…right? Is there something wrong with wanting to talk?" I look down to see my hand creeping towards one of his hands that is resting on the table, but I manage to stop myself.

"Of course we're best friends. But…why?"

"Because we love each other, right?" The second that question escapes my lips, I immediately feel like slapping myself in the face. My stomach drops at his shocked expression.

"W-what? You're kidding…" His whole face has now turned to a dark shade of red. He looks back at Rebecca to find her still drowned in her book. She must be really into it to not notice our conversation at all.

"Ah, I just want to spend more time with you."

"Stan…what…I…" He stumbles, struggling to come up with something to say. I'm probably confusing the hell out of him with my words. I stare at his baffled face, realizing that I'm probably ruining his moment with Rebecca. I have a feeling I walked in on maybe the time he was going to confess to her. Deep down I know I'm just being selfish, I should be thinking about what Kyle wants.

"I'm…sorry, I'm just being selfish. Just go back…to her. I hope things work out for you two." I watch him break out of his confusion and he gives me a slightly confused smile.

"Really? Thanks for the support, Stan! I'll do my best." I give him a quick smile and turn around, about to leave the library before thinking that maybe I should just tell him a part of my confession. I grab an empty chair before setting it down beside him and I plop myself down on it.

"You know…" His face is still slightly red and he doesn't look at me directly, but I can see him looking out of the corner of his eye at me, "Someone really likes you…"

"Wh-what? Really? W-who?"

"Well this person is just too…scared to tell you their feelings." He rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

"Well that's just too bad, but if they don't do it they're not really helping themselves." Wow, I've never seen Kyle act like this before. I thought he'd maybe have a bit more compassion about someone being nervous to confess. I guess there are some things I don't know about him.

"Kyle…" We both look over at Rebecca who is now standing up, "I'm just going to the bathroom. Oh, hello, Stan!" Kyle nods as she walks away from us.

"What…if it were me…that has feelings for you?" He turns his head towards me and he lets out a quiet chuckle.

"Don't say stupid things, Stan." He thinks it's a joke? What the hell?

"Kyle, I'm serious. I really like you…" His eyes almost bulge out of his head and now I think he realizes I'm not joking. Thank God Rebecca went to the washroom so she didn't hear this.

"What…you're just…joking, aren't you?"

"This isn't a joke! I didn't tell you because of Rebecca…and I know you like her and stuff…" The two of us sit in silence for what feels like forever when Rebecca joins us again, sitting back down and picking her book up once again, giving both of us a sweet smile before reading once again.

"Stan…Stan…I…" He whispers quietly, not knowing what to say.

"Please…just give me a chance. Give me an opportunity." I probably sound desperate now, but I don't really care at this point.

"But you're my…best friend, Stan." Not knowing if it's a good idea or not, I reach over and grab his hand in mine, feeling bad when I feel him flinch at my touch.

"I love you as something more, though. I just want the chance to show you I'm serious…" Rebecca finally looks over at us, seeing our hands together and Kyle yanks his hand away from mine. He opens and closes his mouth a few times, trying to spout something out but before he can the librarian walks over to us with a distressed expression on her face.

"I'm sorry but your constant chatting is bother others here, would you please leave the library?" We look around to see a few people glaring at us, our chatting probably disrupting them. Kyle grabs his stuff off of the table angrily before turning to Rebecca.

"I'm leaving, see you later, Rebecca." She glances up with a baffled expression and can only nod at his sudden leaving. I follow Kyle with a bad feeling he's going to bitch me out when we get outside. I shudder when stepping back into the bitter, cold air. He turns around and jabs me in the chest with his index finger.

"Thanks a lot, idiot! Look what you did, what is she going to think of me now?"

"What are you talking about? I did it so we can talk! I did it for you." His finger is still on my chest and I grab it roughly, pushing it away from me.

"For me? If you want to do something for me…go inside and clarify this whole misunderstanding to her!"

"You're overreacting! She has no idea what was going on. And it's no misunderstanding, I seriously like you!"

"But…this is wrong, Stan." At that one sentence I feel like my heart is being split in two. How can he think it's wrong?

"It's not wrong…and even if it was, I wouldn't care. I love you and I needed you to know that." He brings his hands up to cover his face, turning away from me. I groan and walk around him so that I'm facing him again. I bring my hands up and grab his, forcing his hands away from his face, his cheeks scorching from embarrassment.

"Stan…are you…I'm just…shocked…um…is it really true?" I let out an annoyed groan, starting to become impatient with him but I guess I can't be mad, this is probably shocking for him. I gently put one of my hands on his shoulders, giving it a comforting squeeze.

"Kyle…I'm tired of trying to convince you, yes…I love you, I always have. What…what about you?"

"Ahh….um….I…" He does everything possible to avoid any eye contact with me until I grab his chin, tilting it up so he has no choice but to look at me.

"Kyle, do you love me?" His scarlet cheeks darken and his fingers loosely grip my wrist.

"Ah…I never told you because you and Wendy were always together…a-and made a cute couple…" Never told you? Does that mean? His face darkens more, if possible before he catches himself, pushing me away and covering his mouth with his hand. So…he does like me? Holy shit.

"No! Oh god…not good!" He rushes past me and runs off somewhere. I turn around slowly and just watch as he disappears. What the hell just happened? I'm brought out of my shock when I see Kenny coming towards me, looking back over his shoulder where Kyle just ran by. Kenny waves his hand in front of my face until I finally snap out of the shock.

"Dude, what happened?" I gulp loudly before finally looking at him.

"I think…Kyle just admitted he has feelings for me, too…" He lets out a surprised gasp before giving me a huge smile.

"Dude! That's great! But…you might want to go after him, he's kind of running away from you."

"Huh? Should I?" Kenny throws his hands up in the air in an obvious matter before pushing me roughly.

"Uh, YEAH!" I nod before rushing off towards where Kyle went, running as fast as I possible can. I hear Kenny shout a good luck from behind me and I can't help but grin.

After a few minutes of running down the street, searching aimlessly for him, I find Kyle standing on the sidewalk with his hands shoved in his pockets until he notices me coming after him. He takes off once again and I use the last bit of strength I have to run faster and catch up to him.

I throw my arms around his shoulders from behind to stop him from running, both of us clearly out of we finally manage to catch our breath, he slowly turns around in my arms, prying them off of him. He stares at the ground, his face still extremely flushed and the only sound surrounding us are cars driving by and the voices of people walking by.

"Kyle please…don't run from me…" I plead to him, hoping he won't run away again.

"Stan…" He says my in such a hushed tone, it's quite sexy, even though he's probably not trying to be sexy at all.

"Please…do you…love me, too?" He brings his hands up to clutch at my arms, and I can feel his fingers start to shake tremendously.

"Stan…" He takes a deep breath before continuing, "I…I do love you…I love you, Stan…" After hearing him say those three words back I think I can die happily now, knowing he feels the same way I do. Tears start to sting my eyes, but I do my best to hold them back. This isn't a time to be crying, the one you love just said he loves you back, this is a happy moment.

"C-can…I kiss you?" His head darts up and he looks freaked out, probably because we're on the sidewalk where people can see us. Surprisingly enough he nods with a still cherry red face.

I place my hands on his scalding cheeks and lean in slowly to push my lips up against his hesitantly. His fingers fall from my arms and he drops his arms to his sides and I feel slightly disappointed at the loss contact.

It takes a moment for him to respond but I can't help but grin when I feel him finally give in to the kiss and start to kiss back. Our lips move together slowly, but decide it's best to not push my tongue past his lips, not yet anyway.

"Sta…n…" He breathes heavily when we pull away from each other. Both of us are beaming at each other, our cheeks flushed and feeling slightly nervous from this transition from being friends to something more.

"I'm so happy…thank you for giving me a chance, Kyle…" I bring up my hand to wipe a few stray tears that have decided to fall from my eyes. I jump a bit when I feel him grab my hand, pulling it away from my face.

"Do it again."

"Huh?" I ask in a puzzled tone, enjoying his hand that is holding mine tightly.

"Kiss me again." A shy smile forms on his lips as he stares into my teary eyes. I lean in immediately and crash our lips together once again, loving the feel of his now more confident fingers crawl up my chest and locks his arms tightly around my neck. My hands naturally fall onto his thin waist, pulling our bodies closer together.

"Mmmph…" He whimpers against my lips when I push against his lips with my feisty tongue. He gladly opens his mouth to allow my tongue to explore the depths of his warm cavern. His grip around me tightens when I massage his tongue with my own and I open my eyes slightly to see his eyes are squeezed shut and his whole face is completely flushed.

After a minute of swapping saliva and enjoying the warmth of his mouth, I pull back reluctantly, because I just realize we're still standing out in and I keep our arms wrapped around each other while people pass us, some giving us disapproving looks, and a group of girls walk by us and I swear I hear one of them quietly say 'aww' at our position.

"You should go back and tell Rebecca you're not interested…" I gently whisper into his ear, feeling him shiver in my arms.

"You're right." We finally part, only to have our hands lace together immediately after releasing each walking back to the library, I look out of the corner of my eye to see Kyle smiling to himself with a lovely pink blush spread over his cheeks. I turn my head away from him and silently thank the good lord for having Kyle love me back. I think this is the happiest I've ever been in my whole life.

"So…you said you like me…but why were you so intent on flirting with Rebecca and always wanting to be around her?" I ask curiously, hoping he won't get mad.

"Um…I guess because you've been with Wendy…I guess I just wanted to try to see if I could get with someone…I was slightly jealous…I never thought in my life you'd love me, Stan…" His voice cracks a bit as he tells me this.

I tighten my grip around his hand and lean in to kiss his head we reach the library, Kyle abruptly stops, pulling on my hand and forcing me to stop to turn to him. He lets go of my hand and rests them on my shoulders, pulling me down to place his cold lips upon mine in a brief, but sweet lets go, giving me a wink before walking into the library.

I walk over and look through the giant window, watching as he sits beside her and breaks the news to her. I watch her smile turn to a confused expression as she nods her head slowly, looking quite upset. They both get up, giving each other a quick, friendly hug before Kyle makes his way back outside.

"How did it go?" He walks up to me and leans his head on my chest, letting out a heavy sigh.

"Fine…I think she was slightly disappointed…I think she really wanted me to ask her out today or something…I feel bad…" He looks up to stare into my eyes, "But I ended up getting something way better." I tilt my head down and capture his lips between mine, both of us letting out happy sighs. We part after a moment and start to walk back to our houses, my arm wrapped tightly around his waist while his head rests on my shoulder.

"Kyle…" He looks up at me, waiting for me to continue, "Thank you for giving me this opportunity…you have no idea how happy I am." He leans up and pushes his lips against my cheek, his warm breath against my skin.

"No…I should be thanking you…if you didn't confess to me…I probably would have never told you my feelings."

As we continue to walk, we whisper our love for each other, ignoring the few glares we receive. Our attention is solely focused on each other and I made the right decision to confess my feelings, now the one I love the most is in my arms and always will be.


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