By: RiMa11

Hey guys so here I am writing the intro of a story I don't really do this but since I want you guys to now. The fanfic as you know is "Futago Hime in a Locked up Old Tower". So I hope you like it. In the story both Fine and Rein live in the same tower. As the story progresses you will find out what happens. This is based on a few mixed up versions. But in the end it will give you a laugh. I promise. I searched up information so I hope you like it. Also this is taking place as the characters are young. Btw I hate writing epilogues so whatever ending you come up with is good. Unless it has lemon or something. If you want me to add an ending review it and your ending might end up as the ending for this story! So please wait for the story and R&R.

Thanks to 14AmyChan for writing "Ichigo et les Kashino" it is based on Beauty and the Beast and Yumeiro Patissiere. Great combination. I would also like to thank the creator of Rapunzel so I can base this fanfic on it.