Chapter 9: Camelot's Suspicions

Camelot woke up earlier than usual on the Thursday. Her senses told her that Fine was feeling happy.

An emotion that she once felt, too.


The old enchantress wanted to protect the young girl from the harshness of the world.

She once fell in love. It was blissful to her... until the storm came. The day that her beloved kissed another girl and held the girl's hand in front of her and barely acknowledged her. It was down-right heartbreaking.

From that day on, Camelot vowed never to fall in love, EVER. The man was her first love was also her last. Just because of a terrible person, the enchantress had never gotten that chance to find a soul mate.

The first time she laid eyes on the red-head with her warm burgundy irises she wanted to protect her. By keeping her away from the outside world was the only way she could think to help the helpless and innocent baby girl.

Her love for the girl was given in the wrong way. The enchantress had almost ruined the burgundy-eyed girl's life by taking her away from the her love at the maiden's age: SIXTEEN. Camelot believed for Fine at such a young age to be taken away would be best. Where she didn't find a love yet. Someone who she would die for, bind herself to, and become miserable for in the end. She was wrong.

Camelot had meant well, but her gift was impossible for Fine to appreciate. To Fine, her gif made her feel like she was a bird in a cage. Never allowed to be set free.

The enchantress had ate breakfast at her cottage and left for the tower deep within the kingdom's woods; where no one would dare trespass. Those woods were known for their magical powers. Not a single person will go in unless you go with someone that knew it well.

She passed the rocks, trees, and caves that lead to the deepest part of the woods. In the darkness, there was a tower where Fine was held.

"Oh my, I can't wait for Shade to get me out of this rat hole! Gosh, Camelot kept me locked in here far too long," said a voice within the tower. At the statement made, Camelot's face had darkened. She got an idea of what was going to happen. THE GIRL'S GOING TO LEAVE, thought the enchantress.

A plan was brewing through Fine's mind, but so was Camelot's. TIME TO OUTSMART THE GIRL.

"Fine, Fine, let down your hair!" Camelot said in a sing-song voice.

"Coming, Camelot-sama!" Fine said, but under her breath she muttered, "She's too early today. Damn it!"

As she slipped her braid through the hook and down the tower, Fine felt Camelot giving off an obnoxious aura. The girl knew she was in trouble. But she passed it off and didn't give it a second thought.

Little did she know this was a bad decision and should have been more cautious.

The old enchantress had reached the opening in the tower and climbed. Accidently, something slipped. "Oh, Camelot, you are so much heavier than this kingdom's prince. Uglier and older. How I love his handsome face…" Fine said dazing into a morning dream.

"Excuse me, dear? What did you say?" Camelot asked. She heard what the dazing maiden had said loud and clear.

"Sorry, Camelot-sama. That was nothing. Excuse my rudeness, will you?" Fine said. Her mind was a different story though, I don't really care if you heard it or not.

"Alright, honey. If such behavior appears again, it will not pass." A thought had passed through the enchantress' head. She had a malicious smile on her face. You will never see your prince charming again, fool!

Finally noticing the hairpin on the red-head, Camelot asked, "Fine, lovely. When and where did you get that pin?"

"I got it just yes- I mean a year ago on my birthday. Why do you ask?"

Camelot was feeling angrier by the seconds ticking pass. Nothing felt right. The girl was locked in this tower for a reason. Not to be hurt from falling in love.

"Fine, I can take this no longer. You must come with me."

After creating a temporary portal to another kingdom's woods, Camelot pushed Fine forward and moved in herself. In the woods was a small cottage.

Camelot moved Fine over to a chair and made her sit in it. From within her cape she pulled out a knife and cut the long red braid off.

The older woman ran out of the cottage and put a lock on the door.

Tonight she was going to catch an intruder…

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Shade kissed Fine!

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