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The remnants of the night before littered Chi's flat as she walked – stumbled – through from the bedroom at some ungodly hour that was most likely almost midday. All she could remember was that she had gotten very pissed that night, her last conscious thought being that she should probably stop drinking…

…needless to say that she'd ignored her own warning.

"Urgh," was all she said as she accidentally walked into something that resulted in a mountain of firewhiskey bottles clattering all over the floor, a noise that was more than painful to her hungover head.

"What the fuck was that?" James groaned from the bedroom, walking out dressed, if you could call shirtless and shorts dressed.

"That was your cue to leave," she sighed slightly as she reached the coffee pot in the corner of the room and clicked it on, having lost her wand somewhere in the flat last night.

"As usual," he nodded and turned to find his wand, something which had Chi confident he would be trying to apparate.

"Outside," she snapped, tetchier than usual due to the oh so painful headache that throbbed behind her temple. Her hair hung in that way that everyone desired to have: the bedhead that could be worn out of the house without even a brush being ran through it.

"Yes, Chi," James sighed as he walked out. "Are you ever going to let me stay for breakfast?" he hesitated by the door, allowing a waft of cold air into the flat from outside. It was something that allowed Chi to clear her head, to eradicate the haze that was covering everything from the firewhiskey consumption last night.

Her fingers moved to cover her lips subconsciously, the taste of James still there, as it always was, and she shrugged before turning away to pour a cup of the strong black coffee.

"I give you coffee every morning," she said as she handed him out a to-go cup containing the first cup of coffee.

"Yes…" he trailed off, looking at her in almost disappointment as he did every morning. This had been his idea at the beginning; friends with benefits, no strings attached fun and frivolity, yet he seemed to like it less and less every day.

"Maybe tomorrow," she said in response, draining half of her own cup in one go.

He nodded slowly and turned away, muttering barely audibly, "You bloody say that every day."

The banging of the door sent a wave through her head strong enough to make her regret life and so she went back to bed and slept.

And, that night, they did it over again.

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