I Don't Want to Be Right

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Chapter 1

"Where is he? Where is my son?" Mrs. Alice Anderson barged into the main office of her son's school, her husband Mr. Anthony Anderson closely behind her. He had been called at work with news that his son was involved in yet another fight which greatly frustrated the middle aged man. When he called his wife who was also at her place of employment, she of course went berserk yelling for the man to come get her immediately so that they could rush down to the school together.

Anthony Anderson was a powerful man in their small town of Laurens, South Carolina. He was a defense attorney who always scored high profile cases and a majority of the time won them; thus meaning he had no problem providing for his family. His oldest child Briana didn't care how Anthony made money as long as she was able to go on her weekly shopping sprees with daddy's credit card. However his youngest child Blaine didn't approve of who his father was and what he did for a living. Blaine could care less about the money or the status that his family had. He wished that his dad spent less time getting guilty people cleared; people who had tons of money and felt the law didn't apply to them, people who committed hate crimes against innocent individuals, people who would more than likely do the same things over again. Instead, Blaine wished his dad used his degree and experience for people who really needed help. But no such luck. Anthony Anderson was a money hungry lawyer who was climbing his firms' ladder at an alarming rate, believed to be a partner soon, and no doubt wanted his son to do the same one day.

Briana and Blaine's mother Alice was the total opposite from her husband, making the children wonder how they even worked. The two were a prime example of the phrase 'opposites attract'. Alice was a registered nurse at a heart hospital in Laurens and was known around the community as a nurturing and compassionate woman. She would no doubt take in someone who needed the help without hesitation, even if that meant arguing with her husband for hours on end. She had done it once for Briana's friend who was pregnant. While Anthony warned his wife time and time again that he didn't want any 'teenage whore' as he so crudely put it, in his house, rubbing off on his children, she reminded him that it was of their professions to actually help people in need. The girl had been put out and had nowhere to go. Her husband laid off and the Anderson's watched after Briana's friend until she got back on her feet. Alice had always been a passionate individual and Blaine admired that most about her.

"Hello Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Anderson… Blaine is in with Principal Roberts now. I'll page to let him…" Alice who was still in her scrubs from work didn't even allow the secretary to finish her thought before she rushed into the principal's office. Her husband followed slowly behind her, sending an apologetic look to the woman and entering the room as well.

"Blaine! Blaine sweetheart, come here baby are you okay?" Blaine stood up from the seat in the principal's office and rushed over to his mother's welcoming arms. He broke down into loud sobs as he felt the warmth of his beautiful mother wrap around him, silently promising everything was alright now. His father didn't say a word to him, but Blaine listened between sobs as his father's footsteps approached Principal Roberts' desk.

"What happened here, James?" Anthony had an extremely annoyed voice as usual when it came to these situations, and any situation that made him have to take time away from work. Blaine buried his head further into his mother's neck only for her to make him pull back so she could clearly see his face. The young boy had swelling under his left eye that was beginning to tint purple. His nose was red and puffy with a little cut across the bridge. His eyes were glossy as tears silently fell on his face. Alice grabbed him closely against her again whispering sweet words into his ear.

"Well," the principal began, "Blaine was involved in a scuffle with a few other boys again. We have those three boys being held until their parents get here. But I didn't call you in to talk about them; we're here as you know to discuss your son." The principal paused and folded his hands on his desk. "This is the third time in as many months that Blaine has been involved in a violent altercation. This is the third strike and I have no choice but to place Blaine on suspension…"

Anthony dropped his head as he heard the news but turned to look at his son who was still being held by his mother. He shook his head as he thought of how much of a mama's boy his son really was. Blaine had decided to be the big guy and come out as a gay teen in high school which took a lot of balls but here he was crying in mommy's arms.

"I understand. Let's go." Anthony said to his wife and son as he turned from Principal Roberts.

Alice looked up amazed at her husband's attitude. "Excuse me? Let's go? We aren't going anywhere. My son does not deserve to be suspended for merely defending himself because you are unable to do your job as principal of this school. He has been bullied time and time again and I don't see anything happening about it James!"

Principal Roberts stood up and walked over to the front of his desk where he leant back against it. He didn't know how to help Blaine. In his mind Blaine made the choice to be gay so he had to deal with the trials that came along with it. Bullying would be the first of many persecutions so he might as well get used to it.

"Listen, Alice… there isn't much that I can say here. He hasn't been entirely innocent here. One boy had a bloody nose. I would've been able to do more had he come to us but he decided to fight fire with fire…"

Blaine, who at this time had become angered by the supposed leader of the school, decided to speak up and defend himself. He had been suffering for months since he came out and dealt with bullying even before then. He had grown tired of it and it was about time it stopped.

"I've been coming to the faculty of this school on several different occasions asking for help. No one cares! What am I supposed to do? Let myself be beat into oblivion because you won't get off your high horse and actually help me? I have to be persecuted because I'm gay?"

"Watch how your tone of voice with your principal Blaine. I've taught you better than this. Now, I said let's go." Anthony turned to Principal Roberts, "Thank you for your time and I sincerely apologize for my son's behavior." He turned back to Blaine, "This won't happen again… will it Blaine?"

Blaine looked up at his father with disappointment painted all over his face. Tears began to fall out of his eyes again as he thought about how the man he needed the most was the least supportive person in his life. After he came out to his parents his mother was the one that showed him he was still loved as much as before he came to them, and she promised that was never going to change. Blaine was her only son and even if he wasn't, he was her son. She would love him no matter what the boy was. His father on the other hand said nothing. He nodded and got up, grabbing his brief case and leaving for work. Alice held Blaine that morning as he promised himself he wouldn't cry. She told him that she and Anthony would always love him and that he should never forget it.

That was when he was 12 years old. Only in the seventh grade but confident in who he was and proud. Scared but proud. Anthony told his wife that Blaine was young and still not sure of what he wanted; that it was a stupid idiotic phase and would pass once he got a girlfriend. His wife looked at him and told him to stop being such an ass to his son and support him for once. Young or old, he would need it.

Now in the middle of his freshman year, he stood in this predicament, still proud of whom he was but tired of all the bullshit he was being put through and tired of having a father whose priorities were horribly screwed up. He'd be 15 in a few weeks, a few years away from being 18 and getting the hell out of Laurens, South Carolina.

Alice stood there dumbfounded by the lack of her husband's presence in the situation. Well he dominated the room but not in the way their son needed him to. She grabbed Blaine by the hand and stormed out of the school's main office, cutting through the halls and exiting the building in a timely manner.

By the time Anthony caught up to his wife and son, Blaine was in the passenger side of his BMW and Alice was standing by the drivers' side. He looked at the two confused and let out a laugh.

"So I'm on punishment? Are you making me ride in the backseat, honey?"

Alice who was not amused or happy with her husband at all right now interrupted before he could speak any further. "You can call your driver to come get you. You're going back to work anyway aren't you? I'm taking Blaine home." She opened the driver's side door and got into the car. They pulled off leaving Anthony standing there shaking his head, a smirk placed on his smug face.

Once Alice and Blaine arrived home, the woman put down her bag and jacket and headed to the kitchen. She told her son to sit at the kitchen table while she gathered things to care for his cut and swollen eye.

Blaine sat back and strummed his fingers on the table. He stuck out his tongue to wet his sore, dry lips. His mind wandered over the events of the day… how he was as usual minding his business with his best friends, sitting at their usual table in the cafeteria when his tormentors approached smirking in Blaine's direction. Once they reached, they told his friend Wes and Wes' girlfriend Kendra to get lost or they'd have to get their asses beat too. Wes told Kendra to leave but told Blaine he wasn't going anywhere as the girl went to run for help. Blaine said for Wes to go away because he didn't want him being hurt which made the bullies laugh. "Awwww… how cute! Does Kendra know you're cheating on her with Blainey the homo here?" Wes jumped up to punch one of the boys named Craig who was the ring leader in the face only to be held back by his brother Corey. Corey and another boy held Wes down as Craig and two others started to pounce on Blaine.

Blaine did the best he could to defend himself, swinging back and connecting with one of the boys before a school dean and a few lunch aides rushed over to the table, separating the commotion and dragging the kids to the principal's office. Blaine sat in the office being lectured by Principal Roberts about how he couldn't stay out of trouble and how this was the last straw.

Alice made her way back into the kitchen with a bandage, q-tips, a couple pain relievers, and some hydrogen peroxide. She placed the items on the table and walked over to the cabinet taking out a glass. Filling it with water, she headed to the freezer and took out an ice pack. Alice walked over to the table and sat down next to her son. She handed him the glass of water and instructed him to take the pills as she began to clean his cut and place the bandage over it.

"Here, sweetie, hold this to your eye for a while. I want the swelling to stop. Of course you'll have a nice shiner for a few days but you'll be back to your handsome self before you know it." She smiled down at him as he did as he was instructed, leaning over to kiss the cheek that hadn't been harmed.

Blaine smiled as his mother kissed his cheek. "Mom, I'm so sorry for everything. Fighting and getting suspended…" he was cut off by a very serious tone from his mother. Her tone was serious and her words were filled with love.

"Blaine, don't you dare apologize. I'm so proud of you for not laying down and being treated like shit… excuse my French dear…" he smiled, "but I'm so tired of that school and the man that calls himself a principal… And most of all Blaine I am disappointed in your father. How could he not stand up for you today?" Alice looked away with disgust recounting the events in the office.

Blaine shrugged as he held the ice pack to his eye. "You know how dad is. He's concerned with image and I'm not exactly helping his, I guess…"

Alice took her son's hand as tears threatened to fall from his eyes again. "Blaine I have something to tell you and I want you to listen before you dispute it or anything okay?"

Blaine looked up confused but nodded showing that he understood. He waited patiently for his mother to begin whatever she wanted to tell him.

"I wanted to tell you and your sister at the same time, but I feel that now is a good time for you to know this. I've been offered a job as head RN at a cardiology hospital in Lima, Ohio. I know that our home is here and your friends are here but I want to take you two and go. I'm not happy here anymore and I know that you aren't either."

Blaine took the ice pack off and placed it on the table, scrunching his face at the news. "But… but I don't understand. What about dad?"

Alice sat back in the chair and took a deep breath. She didn't know how her son would take this news of her not wanting anything to do with Anthony any more so she tried to break the news as gently as she could.

Running her fingers through her long dark curly hair she began to speak. "I'm leaving your father, Blaine. I'm not happy, I don't like how he treats you, I don't like how he throws money at Briana and isn't allowing her to learn anything on her own… she's completely irresponsible. I don't like how he treats people for a living…"

"I get it mom… I get it. But… he can change. You guys can work this out…"

Alice sighed before speaking again. "Blaine, listen. He won't change as long as we are here. He'll only keep disappointing you, me, this community. I'm not divorcing him, well not now at least, but I'm giving us the space to live our lives. You won't be happy here and you know it. And I haven't been happy in a very long time. Maybe with space we can fix our family. But for now, I have to take this job and do this for my children."

Blaine slouched in his chair. Alice reached over and put the ice pack back up to his eye.

The hazel eyed boy sat there silently for a moment weighing out the options. He didn't want to leave his best and only friends behind, running away from his problems. Who was to say that he would be happy in a new town at a new school? Who was to say that he wouldn't be bullied even worse there? But on the other hand, what if things did shape up for the better? He had an opportunity to be happy and his mom could come home without being eternally depressed that her husband behaved like his family were such disappointments… well not his family but definitely his son.

"What about Briana? She will not love the idea of leaving her friends and popularity to move to Ohio, mom. And Wes and Kendra…"

Alice scooted her chair closer to Blaine and started running her hands through his curls. "Listen, Wes and Kendra are your best friends. Trust me when I say they will understand why I'm doing this. They witness what you go through on a daily basis and I am tired of it. As for your sister, I honestly don't care about her popularity. She is only impressed by these trivial things… things that she could lose at any moment, so maybe having to start fresh with the lack of your father's wallet in her world will allow her to understand that there are more important things in life."

Blaine smirked at his mother. He was so thankful she was in his life. Trying to imagine it without her he know would make him cry, it would be so void and he probably wouldn't make it. But with her in his life, no matter where they went he knew they'd make it.

"I guess this means we're moving to Lila, Ohio!"

Alice laughed and placed another kiss on her son's head. She knew it would be hard for him to leave in the middle of his freshman year and start afresh in a new school, as well as his older sister Briana who was in her junior year, but he wouldn't let him suffer another day in Laurens HS with those ignorant boys and even more that ignorant faculty. She'd deal with her husband and daughter when they got home, and give the news to her job so that they could be gone next week.

"It's Lima, Ohio, Silly."

The moving truck pulled up to the new Anderson residence, minus Anthony. The ride there had been absolutely horrible. Sitting next to a pissy, annoying, arrogant Briana Anderson for almost ten hours was time he desperately wanted back. But here he was, it was over, and they were at the place they'd now call home.

"Here we are you two. Now let's get out and put these boxes inside so we can maybe unpack and familiarize ourselves with our new town, huh?"

Alice hopped out of the truck followed by Blaine and his rude older sister. She had argued with her mother for days after Alice told her that she'd be moving to a small town in Ohio and she'd be uprooted from her friends and fabulous high school life. Anthony put on a front like he didn't care his family was moving a few states away but inside he knew it was his fault the family was falling apart. Either way, he didn't let his pride falter as he told his wife they wouldn't make it without him and would be back as soon as they left. She smiled at him before turning away and going on with her day.

Blaine tied his converses tightly before reaching up to grab the first box. His mom had unlocked the doors and headed down to begin helping.

Blaine made his way inside and sat the box down. He observed his new home and looked around. The place was already furnished and it looked as if his mom had some say in what went where. The carpet was a beautiful royal shade of blue and he could see mahogany wood floors in the kitchen. Their pictures appeared to be hung around the home already, and the walls of the living room were pale blue, his mother's favorite color. It was by no means as big as his home in South Carolina but it wasn't small either. Blaine loved how as soon as he stepped inside it didn't feel like a house but home, something that lacked when he stepped into his house down south.

Briana walked in behind with the lightest box she could find and sucked her teeth at the scene. "I hate this tacky place. I'm going to call dad and beg him to let me come back. I'm his little girl there is no way he can say no to me." She walked over to the sofa and sat down. "You should finish unpacking the truck. I'm not doing shit, I refuse to live here."

Blaine rolled his eyes as he picked up the tiny box the girl brought in and moved it away from the pathway of the door. "Dad won't let you go back. We both know that. So get off your ass and get used to your new home, Bri." His sister lifted up her middle finger as he turned to walk out the door. As he made his way down the steps of his home, he noticed his mom talking to an older man and two young people, a girl about his age and an older boy. The group looked up at him as he exited the house and his mom called for him to come and join them. "Blaine, bring your sister to meet our new neighbors!"

Blaine turned back to call his sister and went down to meet the people. He was slowly followed by Briana who looked up at the group unimpressed.

"These are the Hummels… Burt, and his children Kurt and Katelyn. They go to the school you two will be attending, McKinley." Alice smiled at Briana and Blaine waiting for them to introduce themselves. Blaine stepped forward and politely did as he was taught.

"Hello, I'm Blaine Anderson, pleasure to meet you all" he smiled and reached out to Burt who grabbed his hand firmly. "It's a pleasure to meet you son."

The boy, Kurt he remembered, had been looking on rather amused. He looked like he would rather be anywhere else, but at the same time he observed Blaine with a look in his eyes the freshman was having a hard time reading. The older boy was wearing a black leather jacket, tight blue jeans that hung low on his hips, and black Doc Martens. His jeans had rips in them which made him look a lot like a rocker. And was that a tongue piercing?

His little sister Katelyn was looking at Blaine with a more obvious look. She had an expression that said she had just fell in love, eyeing Blaine with dreamy eyes as they danced over his smile and curly hair, and hazel eyes. Blaine greeted the two getting a head nod from Kurt and a breathy 'hiiiiiii' from Katelyn.

Briana said hello and rolled her eyes as she turned to her mother asking to be excused. "After you show some more respect you can gladly go inside."

The teen sucked her teeth and waved her hand sarcastically. "Hello Bart, Kirk, and Karrie. My name is Briana and it was lovely meeting you. Goodbye now." The girl turned and started towards the stairs as her mother congratulated her on being grounded before they even got the boxes in the house. Briana stormed off up the stairs and into what she claimed her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Sorry for her behavior. If you couldn't tell she wasn't too pleased with leaving our old home…"

"Don't sweat it. I have one her age," he turned to look at Kurt who smiled innocently up at him. "Where are you coming from, if you don't mind me asking?" Burt asked.

"No, not at all. We're from South Carolina. Laurens, South Carolina."

"Oh well welcome to Lima, once again. I have to head down to the shop, I own a little place called Hummel's Tire and Lube here. Any car issues you know where to go." He smiled at the two and Alice and Blaine returned the gesture. "But you can have my oldest here help you with your boxes…" Kurt raised his eyebrow at his father who had offered his services as if the boy didn't have better things to do on a Saturday. But looking at Blaine, the boy could definitely turn out to be the 'better thing' that he did.

"Oh, no," Alice began, "that won't be necessary Burt. It's a tall order but Blaine and I can handle it."

"Kurt doesn't mind, do you Kurt?" Burt looked at his son whose eyes briefly left Blaine's body to look at his dad and over to Alice. "I don't mind at all Mrs. Anderson. Another pair of hands would do you well." He smirked from Alice to Blaine who for some reason felt the blood rushing to his face.

Wait, is this guy eye fucking me? What the hell…

Kurt smiled to himself as he saw the young boy blush. Too fucking easy he thought to himself.

"Dad, Mrs. Anderson… I can help too!" Kate offered but Burt turned her down. "Don't worry baby girl, you have yet to master the art of coordination so I wouldn't have you risk your life unloading a truck. What you can do is come to the shop with me and help dad with the books. Say bye bye now," Kate folded her arms and said goodbye to Alice and her hot son. Burt gave his goodbye as well and told Kurt to behave himself as he left with his daughter.

"Well, Kurt," Alice started, "thanks for agreeing to this. You didn't have to," she smiled and grabbed a box that said 'kitchen items' and headed inside.

Blaine smiled up at the boy nervously before grabbing one of his own boxes and heading into the house. Kurt grabbed one that said 'Blaine's' on it as well and stalked closely behind the boy. The two climbed the stairs as they heard Alice exit the house again. Once upstairs, Blaine walked into the door on the end of the hall remembering his mom say that room would be his. He sat down the box and looked around, loving the set up. He was broken out of his thoughts as Kurt sat down his box next to where Blaine put the one he brought up.

Blaine looked over at Kurt and smiled again. "Thank… thank you."

"Don't worry about it. So let's take a break, shall we?" Kurt plopped down on the bed and looked up at Blaine with that expression Blaine had trouble reading earlier. He unzipped his leather jacket and tugged at the tongue of his boots, which were loosely tied.

"Well we just started," Blaine said in a barely audible voice. Kurt smirked in response. "I know that but I want to get to know you a little. All I know now is that you are my next door neighbor who is incredibly shy which I find too cute and you have this adorable little southern accent." Kurt smiled as Blaine flushed beet red. "Well… what do you want to know?"

Kurt sat up straight, pensive look on his face. "How old are you?"

"Fifteen in four weeks."

Kurt laughed, "Damn, jailbait. I was planning to get head before we finished unpacking today but I'm not trying to get locked up."

Blaine looked up shocked. "Umm… uh… what?"

Kurt laughed some more at how easy it was to make this kid blush. "Nothing, Blaine. New topic. Why did you guys move here?"

Blaine shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. "Well that's a long story. But I was getting bullied a lot back home mostly so here we are."

Kurt turned serious and nodded. "Bullied for what?"

"Please, I don't want to discuss that."

"Because you're gay right?"

Blaine looked up shocked that Kurt knew this. He wasn't flaming or anything and he knew him mom wouldn't say anything…

"Gay guys have the best gaydar Blaine." He stopped and smiled observing the room. "There are a few assholes in McKinley but nobody me and my friends can't handle. Let me know if anyone fucks with you or anything okay?"

Blaine raised an eyebrow at what the boy said. "Wait… you're gay? But you're…"

"A bit of a bad ass, huh? Doesn't mean I don't like sucking cock. If you weren't a freshman you'd be in trouble little boy," Kurt smiled as he got off the bed and walked up to Blaine, "I'd ravish you."

The two boys stood there for a moment, Blaine realizing the look on Kurt's face outside at the truck and a few moments ago had been one of sheer lust, and fuck if it wasn't hot and making him want the older boy. Kurt smiled down and broke away from the shorter boy. "Any ways, break it to my little sister easily okay? She's totally crushing on you. Now, Anderson, let's finish getting you settled."

Blaine stood there dumbfounded as Kurt left the room and headed down the steps. The freshman was quiet for the rest of the time they unpacked the Anderson boxes. Kurt didn't say anything either; he only carried the boxes in the house and smirked at the younger boy every time they caught eyes. And it never failed; every time they did Blaine would blush like mad.

After the team had finished bringing everything out of the moving truck, Alice graciously said 'thank you' to her new neighbor as Kurt said goodbye. He winked at Blaine and went over to his car parked in the driveway, pulling out and off.

Alice smiled at her son, totally missing the wink and hugged him tightly. "Well, welcome home, sweetheart." Blaine smiled back at her warmly. "Welcome home, mom." The two went inside and sat on the couch. Blaine wrapped his arm around his mother who leaned onto her son.

"I love you, mom."

"I love you too, Blaine. So much. And we're going to get through this."

Blaine held her closely. "I know. I'm famished. Please say there's some good take out spots around here?"

Alice leant up to kiss the boy's cheek. "How does some good ol' pepperoni pizza sound?"

"You know me so well." He kissed her cheek as the woman laughed. Things would be okay, he knew it. They both did.

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