I Don't Want to Be Right

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Chapter 23

Blaine stretched his legs out in the back of Kurt's Pontiac, enjoying the feel of the air hitting him since his boyfriend dropped the top. This was one thing he liked about the summer months. Kurt would take him any and everywhere in this convertible and they'd enjoy long days and starry nights.

But now, that was hardly the case. Kurt hadn't spoken to him since he climbed in the back seat of the vehicle. He couldn't even remember the last time he sat in the back seat of his boyfriend's car. He was always shotgun. But tonight after exiting Romeo's house, he saw Kurt tell Briana to stay put when she tried to get out and let Blaine sit up front. It hurt because on top of everything else he was dealing with, his boyfriend was apparently angry now.

The worst part was Kurt had zero reason to be mad at Blaine. He tried to explain that on the phone but Kurt hung up. So much for the loving relationship they supposedly had. The one person Blaine thought would listen and understand was having a bitch fit right now.

The ride was way too quiet. Very tense and quiet. Not even any music was on.

They weren't too far from their neighborhood. She glanced at her phone for a while before clearing her throat to speak to Blaine.

"Mom and dad told Kurt and I about their plans to move to Columbus."

Blaine looked up to see if Kurt gave any reaction but the boy was still, eyes focused on the road and shoulders still tight. He swallowed hard, not sure if he wanted to have this conversation, but decided to participate.

"I'm staying."

Briana shook her head but didn't turn to face her brother. Kurt remained quiet.

"Why should we let them do this?" he continued, "Dad could easily find a job here." Blaine looked at a man walking his dog as they pulled to a stop. "The man's resume is any law firms dream. He's doing this because he wants control. All of it."

"And that's the way it's going to be, Blainey. He has the control again and he isn't letting loose this time. He's going to play his cards right, and mom wants this so bad that she'll let it happen. To her all that will happen is we'll have to find new friends. We've done that here, so I'm sure dad convinced her we can do it at another place." Briana put her feelings to the side to answer her younger brother. This whole situation was draining her emotionally and as bad as she wanted to fight it, she knew it was of no use. For some reason, Briana felt even worse for Kurt. They'd spoken on the ride to pick Blaine up and he was really heartbroken. Glancing down at her phone, she spoke one last time. "Can you drop me by Finn's house for a minute?"

Kurt looked over at Briana and frowned. Her green eyes were wet and he knew Finn would hate seeing the girl like this as much as he'd hate what she was going to tell him.

"Sure," he answered, signaling a right turn. They were only about three minutes away from Finn's place so it wouldn't be long of a ride.

What it was was very tense and quiet. Blaine hadn't responded to his sister, and maybe he was acknowledging the fact that his plans of starting his sophomore year at McKinley in a few weeks were going down the drain. Kurt hadn't said anything but that one word, still trying to suppress everything he was feeling and Briana could only think about how to break the news to Finn. None of this was fair to anyone. Her parents were only making things worse.

Briana's phone went off and both boys realized it must've been a call from Alice. She explained to their mother that Blaine was fine and they'd found him and they'd be home soon. Alice must've been satisfied with that because the call didn't take long to end.

Kurt pulled up in front of the drummer's house right behind Carole's, Finn's mother, car. He put the car in park and turned off the engine, undoing his seatbelt and slouching down as the older girl exited the car. Briana took a deep breath and went into the yard, up the steps, and tapped lightly on the window.

Blaine stared up at the sky admiring the color of the moon glimmering left the sky. There'd been many days he and Kurt did this at the lake house, and suddenly, Blaine realized that everything he did from this point would more than likely remind him of Kurt. How was this whole thing supposed to work? How could he just let go?

Blaine shifted focus to the back of his boyfriend's head. Kurt was still looking away and still not acknowledging his presence. Blaine couldn't believe it. He'd been through shit that day, and Kurt was here having a pity party. So much for being supportive and a shoulder to lean on, especially when he was needed most.

Blaine sat up in the seat and decided they'd talk. He was not going to bed tonight without having discussed something with Kurt. They refused to go to bed angry with one another and he didn't want to break that promise.

"So you aren't speaking to me?" Blaine said just loud enough for his boyfriend to hear. At this point, Carole had answered the door and Briana went inside. The light was on in the dining room and Blaine was sure they were all talking. Finn probably won't take it well, and Blaine knows that it's with great reason. Despite him and Kurt saying they wouldn't work because his sister wasn't really his type, they fit well together. They could've fallen in love if they hadn't already reached that point. None of this was fair.

Kurt hadn't answered him at all which made Blaine sigh. He hated when Kurt behaved like this. He was the older one but sometime Blaine was more mature and levelheaded, despite Kurt having to grow up the way he did, and Blaine got a lot of shit for that—from Anthony of course. Most of the 'you can do better' talks came from Kurt's behavior at times.

"Why did you go to him?" Kurt finally asked. He sounded so sad and broken that it made Blaine look up and away from his hands. Kurt didn't turn to face him though.

"I didn't go to him, Kurt."

He can hear his boyfriend scoff and it upsets him. What the hell did Kurt think of him? He thought Blaine would just really run off to some other guy for comfort? Honestly?

"So whose house did I just pick you up from?" Kurt questioned. This time he sounded amused.

"It's great to know you don't trust me." Blaine stated monotonously, turning back to Finn's house. Kurt answered quickly.

"Nice to see you're turning this on me, Blaine."

The younger boy threw his head back against the seat and looked at the stars. "It was a long day Kurt. I can't believe we're even having this conversation but we'll have it later. I can't deal with this right now."

The sound of Kurt's car door slamming made Blaine jump because it startled him. He looked up quickly and his eyes followed Kurt as he stormed off down the block. Without hesitation, he hopped over the back seat and over the convertible, running to catch up with his boyfriend.

This was how it all started, he assumed. The ending, that is. The beginning of the end.

"Kurt, wait—"

Kurt snapped around to face him, his eyes dark and hurt evident all over his countenance. "You don't think this is hard for me, Blaine? Having someone I fucking love ripped away from me all over again? Just like before!"

Blaine's face fell drastically and he felt like breaking down and crying right there, right in front of Finn's neighbor's house. "Baby, I'm not going anywhere—"

"You heard Bri, Blaine." his voice was calmer now, but still laced with pain. Blaine stared at him wishing to everything this was all a horrible nightmare, and he'd wake up in Kurt's arms. "You heard her. It's all over."

They stood there a few seconds looking at one another. Blaine breathed out deeply, his hand finding his curls before working into his camouflage shorts. "Is that what you think?"

"Guys," Briana called out, closing the fence to Finn's home. They both turned to face her as she motioned towards the car. "I'm ready."

Blaine looked back to Kurt for a moment before walking over to join his sister. He jumped into the back seat and placed his seatbelt on, staring at the sky once more.

Kurt shared a sad look with Finn who was in the doorway of his home, but looked away after a few seconds. They'd be able to bitch over this later. For now, he just wanted to get these two home safely.

The rest of the ride to their places was quiet once more. Briana sent texts the whole time and Blaine just sort of stared at the sky. Kurt would look at him through the rearview every once in a while and wish that this was different. But it wasn't.

When they pulled into Kurt's driveway, they noticed Anthony sitting on the steps of the home waiting for their return.

Briana got out first, followed by Kurt and Blaine. The youngest teen tried to walk away and follow after his sister but Kurt grabbed him by the arm.


Blaine allowed himself to be dragged into Kurt's body, and he stood there quietly, waiting for his next move. Kurt just sort of quietly held him close around the waist, avoiding eye contact completely.

"I didn't go there, Kurt."

"I know," he answered, "I'm sorry. I'm scared, Blaine."

Blaine let his head fall onto the taller boy's shoulder. Scared. That's what he was as well. He was tired of being scared. He thought that was over.

"Me too."

"Come inside, Blaine. It's getting late." Anthony called out. Blaine could feel Kurt's arms releasing him and he wanted to grab them back and keep them in place for as long as he could, but he knew he couldn't.

Kurt smiled at him once they caught eyes and placed a chaste kiss to his lips.

The thought that the amount of times he'd be able to do that was now limited made Kurt feel like setting something on fire.

"I love you," he said softly, smiling at how Blaine reluctantly pulled away.

"I love you." he answered.

Blaine backpedaled over to his home, across the well kept lawn and to his father, before finally turning away. Kurt watched the entire time. He saw how Blaine pulled away from Anthony's touch as he tried to pat him on the shoulder, and how Anthony turned to wave at him with a cheeky smile on his face. It almost killed him.

"Thank you, Kurt." he smiled, "Good night."


"I finally finished my internship yesterday, man." Wes said into the phone. Blaine lay on his bed listening with a proud smile. "We should do something before the summer ends."

"What do you wanna do?" Blaine asked curiously. "Maybe I can come back for a few days with my dad."

Wes smiled and Blaine could almost hear it. "No, no dude. I'm trying to come to Ohio. I'm tired of this town. I miss you crazy kids."

Blaine smiled up at the ceiling. It was a sad smile, because he knew he'd feel that way pretty soon… missing Lima, missing his friends, missing Kurt.

"I hear you, bro."

A knock on his door made him tell Wes he'd call him back. They hung up and Blaine went to answer, finding his father standing there dressed and ready to leave.

"Hey, we need to talk to you and Briana downstairs."

He nodded, and followed behind his father.

It was only a minute or so before Briana joined him on the couch, sitting close and crossing her legs. Blaine looked up at his parents expectantly. His father was standing, preparing to leave, and his mother was in her usual seat adjacent to the couch.

"We've come to a decision," Anthony began with a smile, "I'm going to Laurens one last time to finalize everything and then when I'm back we'll make the move to Columbus."

Alice looked at her husband with a soft, sad smile. She knew this wouldn't be taken very well. But they'd get over it. Briana got over the move from Laurens. They'd get over this one as well.

Briana and Blaine just sort of stared at the both of them, starting with their father, moving to their mother, and back to their father. Alice looked away.

"I love you both." he kissed their heads one at a time before going to his wife and kissing her cheek, and went over to the door to grab his bags. "See you all in a couple days."

After the door closed, it was extremely quiet in the living room. One could hear a feather drop if it came to that. Briana wrapped her arm around Blaine's shoulders and kissed him on the cheek. "It's going to be fine, bro."

Alice stood up and cleared her throat. "I know you both are upset about this—"

Blaine got up as well and smiled at his sister. "I hope you're right, Bri." he ignored his mother's words completely and walked to the door, closing it behind him.

The walk to Burt's shop was sad as he thought about what he'd say to Kurt. They'd come to the realization over the past week since the whole incident with Romeo that this was going to happen. He was going to move and they'd have to deal with this. They hadn't made any effort to deal with it though, going on with their days as if nothing would happen—kissing and even messing around in Kurt's room before Burt could get home. It was unhealthy, so Blaine needed them to talk about it.

Burt said hello to him and he waved back, motioning that he needed to speak with Kurt quickly. The man nodded, saying of course before going back to work on the motorcycle he was at.

Kurt was over at reception bothering his sister because Katelyn was flipping him the finger and Kurt was laughing, wiping grease from his face with a white towel. Blaine walked over to the both of them with a smile.

"Hey." he said simply. Katelyn looked at him and immediately knew something was wrong. Apparently Kurt did too, because he was looking at his sister sadly and excusing the both of them.

"Be right back, Katie."

Turning, he grabbed Blaine by the shoulder and led him over to his workstation. "What's wrong babe?"

Blaine was still smiling but it was extremely forced and Kurt didn't like this at all.

"I… umm…" he trailed off for a moment, ruffling his hair and the smile fell away as he said the words. "I have two days left. I should probably be packing now."

Kurt looked at him with the blue eyes that Blaine adored, scanning his boyfriend for a moment before dropping the hand off his bare shoulder. Blaine wore a simple wife beater today because of the heat, and if the situation was different this would be one of those times he led him to the locker room and had his way, but those days were over it seemed. Blaine looked defeated and he needed him.

"I, umm… I just wanted to see you because I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do honestly."

"I'm going to ask my dad for the day off, okay?"

Blaine nodded and leant against the car.

Kurt shared a few words with his dad, and Blaine saw Burt turn to face him with a hurt expression before looking back to his son. He nodded, and Kurt mentioned to the locker room, promising he'd only be a minute. Blaine smiled and looked at Katelyn who he was sure was seconds away from tearing up. She could probably tell what was happening without even hearing firsthand. Blaine mouthed 'I love you' to her and she smiled sadly, returning the sentiment.


Kurt turned on his air conditioner after closing the door to his room and went to sit next to his boyfriend. Blaine was looking down at the ring on his finger and Kurt took Blaine's hand in his, urging the boy to say something.

"Thanks," Blaine began, "I hope you didn't get in trouble for leaving."

Kurt shook his head. "It was a quiet day and my dad is very understanding. Talk to me."

Blaine held Kurt's hand tightly, taking a deep breath. "My mom wants us to go look at the house tomorrow morning."

His boyfriend was quiet, stroking the pad of his thumb over Blaine's hand.

"I still can't believe this, you know?" Blaine asked with a sad smile, "Everything would be different if I came here and didn't meet some of the most amazing people, or fall in love with the most amazing guy, but I did. Now everything is 'fixed'," he made air quotes with his free hand as Kurt stared at the side of his face, "everything that I wanted fixed is, but I couldn't be more unhappy."

"Should I apologize?" Kurt questioned with a smile. Blaine shook his head.

"For making my life better? Please, don't."

They were quiet. Kurt continued to stroke Blaine's hand, and Blaine continued to look down at the floor. He was afraid with each passing second that this would be the last time he was in this room with the guy he loved and that was really all he could think about.

Kurt asked the inevitable. It was floating around in his mind since Anthony and Alice first mentioned this whole moving thing, and he wanted so bad to make this work.

"So what happens now?"

Blaine smiled, looking up and matching his eyes. "I wanted to ask you that. I know I'll be a few hours away and you probably will forget about me, right?"

"I won't forget about you ever." Kurt answered confidently. Blaine dropped his head but he cupped the boy's chin, making sure they were looking at each other for the rest of the conversation.

"You have BBR and it's your senior year. You have dreams—"

"That involve you." Kurt cut in seriously.

"And your life will go on." Blaine continued. He noticed how Kurt's face was changing from pleading to almost defeated, and his heart broke.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Kurt asked sadly.

Blaine looked away yet again, but didn't answer. Kurt grabbed his hand back and turned to face the front, running it through his brown hair.

"I love you so fucking much." Blaine said brokenly.

The older boy looked down at his hands. "But…"

"I don't want to hold you back. You're amazing and you deserve so much, Kurt."

Kurt exhaled and sat back on the bed a bit. He didn't want to hear this. They could work this out.

"And the idea of a long distance relationship sounds possible but it won't work." Blaine continued, pretty much sealing their fate. "Not with my asshole of a father. He'll only ruin things more and we'd never see each other and I want to end this on a good note. And you never know," Blaine smiled and turned to face Kurt, "maybe one day—"

"We'll find each other again?" he asked with a smile. Blaine shrugged knowing Kurt would think he's a hopeless romantic. "That's cute," Kurt continued, smiling at the ceiling.

"So you don't think so?" Blaine asked curiously. Kurt shrugged.

"You'll find some amazing guy and he'll be everything I wasn't. Your dad will love him."

Blaine shook his head. "You are something else, babe."

They laughed a little as Kurt sat up, moving closer to his… ex? It was over right? Blaine looked up at him as the rocker leant into his side.

"I don't want to say goodbye." he admitted, though that was obvious. Neither of them did. "Move in the basement. My dad won't mind."

"That'd defeat the purpose of fixing the family," Blaine said quietly, "and your dad is all for my dad making things right."

Kurt nodded, realizing this was probably over. This was probably up there in days he could call some of the worst in his life. That wasn't even him being dramatic.

"You're right."

When he looked to his right again, he noticed Blaine taking off the ring and stopped him.

"Keep it baby." he begged, sliding it back down. Blaine only shook his head no.

"Call me silly but I kind of want you to give it back to me one day."

He handed it over to Kurt who was forcing himself to smile, though his chest was on fire. He'd never felt this out of control in his entire life. And he'd been through some heavy shit.

So this was it.

They were saying goodbye.

"So I only have a day left with you, huh?" Kurt slid the ring next to his own on his chain and put the both of them around his neck.

A tear was falling down Blaine's face and he caught it with the pad of his thumb as the boy turned to face him, placing a soft kiss on Kurt's lips.

"I want you to do something for me." Blaine voiced softly. Kurt nodded.


Blaine grabbed the hand Kurt had on his face, wiping away the tears, and held him tightly. "Make love to me one last time."

Kurt looked at him and licked his lips, but Blaine could see the hesitance. Kurt looked away for a moment, then down at the ground as if he was trying to come up with an excuse.

"Please." Blaine said softly. "I want to feel you even when I'm gone."

Kurt looked up at him, his heart melting at the gold in Blaine's eyes. "I don't know if I can let you go, Blaine. Honestly."

The distance between them was closed when Blaine moved closer, kissing him sweetly with nothing but emotion. The room felt smaller to Kurt as he reciprocated; his lips moving in succession with Blaine's.

Everything felt smaller, actually. And really tight. It felt as if his one lifeline was slowly being cut and he wanted to break down and cry. But with Blaine's lips on his, and Blaine's hand rubbing at the nape of his neck, he couldn't do it. As long as Blaine was there he felt okay. Once he was gone though, he didn't know what he'd do.

He lay Blaine on his back and settled between his legs, their lips still attached and Blaine's hands still carding though his hair. Uncharacteristically, the last thing on his mind was getting off right now. It may've sounded selfish but he wanted this moment forever—he just wanted to be held by Blaine and have him close, enjoying this forever.

When he felt Blaine pulling at the hem of his v-neck he had to pull away. Blaine's eyes opened very confused like as he watched Kurt settle back on the bed beside him. Kurt smiled at him, the taste of Blaine still on his lips and his touch still lingering on his shoulders. And this was more than likely the last time for any of it.

"I don't know if I can handle knowing this is goodbye."

The younger licked his lips and nodded, somewhat feeling the same way. "Don't think of it like that. It's more like an 'I'll see you later' right?" he smiled softly, "You know I'll always be yours, Kurt. You were my first and I'll love you forever. I don't know if I can just think of this as goodbye. It's an I'll see you later for me."

Kurt turned away, still not responding, and Blaine sighed. This was going to be a lot harder than he hoped.

"Let me talk to your mom." Kurt requested, "I need you, Blaine. She has to understand that. So much has changed since you came along and I just can't—"

Blaine stared at the ceiling before cutting in. "I tried, baby. I tried. It's of no use. So right now, just let me feel close to you. Let me know it's gonna be okay for one day."

Kurt wasn't so sure that was true. It wouldn't be okay. His life was falling apart; at least that's what it felt like. But despite how he was falling to pieces because of it, he granted Blaine his wish.

He undressed Blaine slowly and carefully, just like it was their first time all over again. After removing Blaine's shirt, he placed small marks along the length of his body, fighting the pang in his chest and enjoying the way Blaine's body would shudder when his tongue ring ran across his navel and he sucked down gently.

He cupped Blaine through his underwear and watched for the last time how he fell apart at each touch, each feel of Kurt's lips on his skin. Kurt paid attention to every part of Blaine's body, kissing up his legs to his thighs before carefully pulling the boy's briefs down completely. He watched as Blaine lifted his hips to help him and noticed how Blaine was half hard already when he was fully naked.

He kissed across his waist line up to his chest, flicking each nipple with his tongue as Blaine lay there moaning. He stroked him lazily as they kissed. Blaine kept whispering 'I love you' and Kurt tried to pretend this wasn't goodbye. It couldn't be.

He sat on his knees between Blaine's legs, pulling his t-shirt up and over his head as Blaine undid the belt on his shorts. He threw the top aside, watching Blaine's hand slowly fumble over his zipper as he pulled it down slowly. His hands followed the small trail of hair that led to Kurt's boxers and ghosted his hand over it, stroking him softly over the fabric.

It felt good. It always felt amazing when Blaine touched him. Everything with Blaine was amazing. This was not supposed to end. Not like this. Not against their will.


Kurt opened his eyes and realized Blaine was still lying there, smiling up at him. He pulled Kurt down by the waistband of shorts and connected their lips.

"The longer we take the harder it'll be," Blaine whispered. "Is this too much for you?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes it is, to be honest. But I want this so much."

Blaine nodded his understanding, running a hand down Kurt's back and under his boxers, caressing his butt lightly before helping Kurt to shimmy out of them.

A little dig in the drawer for some lubricant and a condom had Kurt taking a deep breath. He put all the thoughts away and the way his heart ached in the back of his mind, deciding to focus on what Blaine needed from him.

He placed some of the lube on his fingers and lowered his body some, kissing at Blaine's hole before slowly pushing a finger inside. Blaine exhaled hard as he lay there with his eyes fixed on Kurt's.

"I love you, Kurt."

He pushed further, working his finger slowly and licked his lips. "I love you, too."

They kissed languidly as Kurt pulled his finger out completely, pushing two into the tight heat of Blaine's hole. Blaine whimpered against Kurt's lips as the older teased his prostate once before going back to stretching him, scissoring his fingers back and forth. He began nipping along Blaine's jaw and before he could enter a third finger, Blaine was begging for him now.

"One more finger baby," Kurt whispered, "you're so tight right now. I don't want it to hurt…"

Blaine shook his head. "I need to feel everything. It's okay if it hurts. Everything hurts right now."

Kurt collapsed onto his shoulder, pulling his fingers out. Blaine's voice had so much hurt laced in it he thought he could die.

When he reached for the condom, about to rip it open, Blaine stopped him and grabbed it away.

"I need to feel everything." he repeated.

Kurt's chest heaved as he sighed. He nodded, wetting his lips and grabbing for the lube. Blaine's eyes shined as he looked at him, taking the bottle himself and applying it to Kurt's length. The elder teen couldn't believe he was hard right now considering he was probably going to cry when Blaine left, but that was a bridge he'd cross later. Right now, Blaine had lathered him in lube and wiped the excess in his sheets, and Kurt was placing the covers over the both of them as he lay down on top.

Blaine had his eyes closed once Kurt pushed in. It took a while, Kurt trying to be extra careful not to hurt him, and at the same time trying not to plunge in at the wonderful, tight heat Blaine was providing. Apparently, the curly haired boy wasn't trying to have that. Blaine dug his nails into Kurt's lower back and pressed him in further, crying out once he was buried inside.

His thrusts were slow and deep. Blaine held Kurt so close to him and Kurt pulled back to look into his eyes. A single tear was falling down his cheek and Kurt kissed it softly, forcing himself deep inside Blaine and angling himself to hit that bundle of nerves.

Kurt took in everything of this moment knowing it wouldn't last much longer. He took in the sounds Blaine's made as he stuttered his hips forward, and the way Blaine was tightening his legs around him.

They twined their fingers together as Kurt continued to thrust slowly, so deep that his balls were pressed against Blaine's ass. They both moaned as he pressed in harder and harder, Blaine still whispering 'I love you' and Kurt still tuning it out, trying to be strong. He didn't need to hear that right now, no matter how much Blaine needed him to know it.

He was close. They both were. Blaine's eyes closed, reveling in the way Kurt was hitting his spot perfectly. His hand was attached to Blaine's cock, rubbing over the head as his strokes matched the rhythms of his thrusts, his voice whispering 'this can't be it' more to himself than to Blaine.

Kurt felt Blaine clenching around him and then he was crying out his name, hands tangling in Kurt's hair as he came in long ropes across Kurt's hand and his own stomach. It was only three more strokes before he was coming too, his moments ceasing as he rode it out, pushing everything away.

It was over.

Blaine breathed out against him, eyes fluttering open as he stared at Kurt's ceiling. Kurt's voice whispered into his ear and once more, tears began to fall.

"I miss you already."


"Are we all packed up?" Anthony asked his wife, staring into the back of the moving truck. She nodded.

"This is everything for now."

Burt opened his arms and Alice walked into them, hugging him tightly. "Thank you so much for everything."

BBR was there, saying goodbye to both Briana and Blaine, trying to understand why it had to be this way. They had to accept it though.

Blaine walked over to Katelyn who was standing on her lawn, staring at the moving truck sadly. He took her into his arms and squeezed tightly.

"We'll keep in touch, right?"

She nodded, a tear falling slowly as she smiled. "Of course."

He looked around at everyone standing around solemnly. Finn and Briana were hugging and it hurt him to know they were facing a little of what he and Kurt were. Because it hurt like he never wanted to know.

Kurt stepped out of his home and noticed Anthony first, ignoring the smug smile on his face and looking for the only person he wanted to see right now. He heard Alice saying goodbye to him but only gave her a head nod. As close as he knew they once were, something told him he wouldn't be able to forgive her for this.

Blaine was hugging Burt as Kurt walked over to Briana and Finn, hugging her tightly as she reciprocated.

"I think I might miss you," she whispered into his ear. Kurt smiled as he pulled away.


Blaine looked over from where he stood next to Burt and Kate before excusing himself. Kurt did the same thing from where he was so they met half way on the border between Blaine's old place and Kurt's place.

Burt watched them sadly.

"I guess this is—"

"Don't say it." Kurt cut in with a smile.

"I was going to say I'll see you later," Blaine smiled as well.

Kurt nodded, breathing heavily. This was so hard. "Promise?"

"I sure hope so, Hummel."

They were quiet, smiling softly at one another. He knew Blaine needed to leave because Anthony was calling for Briana, but he needed a few more seconds.

"I love you, B."

Blaine's heart fell. This was it. "I love you so much."

They hugged one another tightly, neither wanting to be the first to let go. Burt looked away, having just as hard of a time as everyone else. He knew how instrumental the Andersons were in his son's turnaround. It meant the world to him. He didn't want his son hurt like this, or Blaine either.

When Blaine pulled back, Kurt saw the wetness of his eyes and his heart dropped. But just like that, he was smiling and walking away, going to get in Briana's car as their parents hopped in the moving truck.

Kurt stood there watching his lifeline slipping away, wanting nothing more than to follow him and stop this.

Puck was wiping at his eyes while Quinn and Sam consoled him when Burt walked over to Kurt, placing a hand on his son's shoulder. Finn stepped up on the other side of him, and they watched the cars pull off, Blaine waving back one more time before he was gone.

"You gonna be okay, bud?" Burt asked sincerely. Kurt shook his head.

"Probably not."

"I'm going home dude," Finn said quietly before rubbing at the nape of his neck. Kurt nodded understandingly.


Katelyn came over and hugged her brother once everyone had gone; their father inside and BBR going off in their directions.

"It's not over, Kurt."

He laughed a little, turning his attention from the for sale sign on the house next door to his little sister. "How can you be so sure?"

"It's meant to be."


Kurt removed his cap and threw his gown over his right arm, smiling down at his mother's headstone. He found himself coming back here often to talk and it helped him, he believed.

"I made it mom. I promised you I would and I did. I didn't think I would be a few years back but I'm a high school graduate."

He sat down on the grass and placed some flowers there, smiling as he glanced up at the sky.

"I gave up a few things along the way but I did it. Katie is doing well, though. She's going to be a junior in September." He looked over to her headstone and down at the flowers, before settling his eyes on his navy blue suit.

"Sam and I will be sharing a dorm at PSU together. We decided to go away for a few reasons. I can't stay here…" he trailed off. "Everything reminds me of him."

After a few minutes of quiet, Kurt exhaled and started again.

"I promise you I'll get my degree too, mom. And then we'll focus on BBR. My dreams are coming true. All but one," he whispered the last thought more to himself than to his mother, thinking about the past months without Blaine and how different everything could've been with him there.

"I haven't spoken to him in a couple months—Blaine… but I've come to terms that it's over. I think it's better for both of us."

Pucks truck was parked outside the cemetery and he hoped he wasn't taking too long, but he needed this.

"He has tried. Even told me he wanted to come to the graduation and everything, but I couldn't see him and do… that… all over again. Watching him leave was the hardest thing, mom. I don't know how I even did it to be honest. Back then, the last time we spoke, we pretty much knew it was over since I got accepted to Penn State and I didn't want to bring any old feelings by seeing him again." he stopped momentarily, "I mean if the long distance now is hard I don't know what I expect being states away… his dad keeps him so busy anyway."

Quinn stepped out the truck for a smoke, still in her cap and gown, and glanced over to Kurt to make sure he was okay.

"I just wanted to say I love you mom. And we miss you. We're doing a lot better. Dad is so much stronger and still loves you more than anything. I'll stop by more often."

He kissed two fingers and placed it to her headstone like always before standing to his feet.

"Thanks for listening, mom."


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