Characters: Aurora, vague cameos of the good fairies, Maleficent, and Prince Phillip

Prompt: Enchantment

Title: Dreams and Nightmares

She slept on, blissfully, unaware of the turmoil in the world around her. Her dreams were filled with the oddest of visions, though they were always pleasant.

She saw glimpses of a dark witch with tall horns, and peeks of three vaguely familiar fairies in green, blue, and pink. She smiled in her slumber as she danced with the creatures of the forest and laughed when she saw the old memories of the owl in the coat.

Suddenly, the scenes changed again, and the lighthearted illusions dissolved into a darker vision of the world.

She fell, half sobbing, in the pulsating, dark, emerald world. Above her she could see the familiar dots of color, purple, glowing fiercely with the vow of hurt and revenge; green, vibrant as the forest; blue, sparkling with the promise of calm and peace; pink, shimmering with the happiness of a child, clashing, again, and again, and again.

She screamed, having torn her eyes away from the scene playing out above her, and turning, she saw the ground rushing up to meet her. The blue and pink lights streaked down towards her and she saw the two of the fairies, who, though she did not recognize them in her state of panic, were her old aunts. They grabbed her arms and slowed her down, though the force of gravity in this dream world was strong.

Be calm, they seemed to whisper, be strong, they seemed to say. You'll be fine, they seemed to express, though, in reality, all they had done was smile gently at her and pull her out of the harsh pits of the witch and onto a soft cloud bed with petal sheets.

When you wake up, you'll be fine, and with that final wink, they blinked away to continue the battle against Maleficent.

Aurora heeded their advice and smiled, turning onto her side and sleeping in this new cloud of hers. She felt a strange pressure on her lips, and tried to open her eyes, which had the sleep crust of a hundred year's worth on them. She rubbed it off and her blue eyes slowly opened, seeing the real world for the first time in a century

Where am I? she wondered. Sitting up and looking around, she saw first the wheel she pricked her finger on, and recognized that, dusty as it was, it was the castle she had been in before falling asleep.

Finishing her look around the room, she focused in on the man who had apparently kissed her. He smiled and blushed a bit shyly, and introduced himself. Recognizing his name as the prince whom she was engaged to, she smiled and realized; the curse had been resolved at last.

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