Young Justice

Social Life of the boy called Dick Grayson…no wait, isn't it Robin?

By RobinIsAwesome

Don't own young justice. DUH! Why do we have to do disclaimers. This is fanFICTION!

(A.N if you can't get what the story is, then you can't read. )

(And in case you are offended, I am sorry. The story is about robin after my story murder attempt. You don't need to read it to get this story, but I'd like id if you did.)

(Btw, this is after Secrets. I realized today that in the future, some kids won't understand my story because of future episodes.)

(Btw again. I use aqualad's hero name because I can't remember the spelling of his real name, and I don't feel like going back to check. Don't hate me for my laziness.)

Normal POV

"You sure this is okay?" asked M'gann.

"Sure. We know his secret identity now. Well, you guys go now. I don't see why we can't visit him," Wally reassured her.

Conner shrugged. "I guess M'gann has a point. Shouldn't we have let him know first?"

"Well we know he's home, right?" pointed out Artemis. "He told us yesterday that he'll be there all day. He doesn't really have any reason to lie anymore,"

"But he does have a personal life, Artemis," Aqualad reminded her. "He has his rights to keep this from us," (no, that wasn't aqualad hinting anything of her past)

Wally waved his arms. "Come on! We're almost there! He has a free day, and Batman isn't home!" Wally was still scared to face him after he found out that Robin told Wally his real name.

"You are such a coward," mocked Artemis. She made a fist and softly tapped him on the head.

"Hey, don't act like the Bats don't scare you either! (wally once called I that in a comic)" Wally said to defend himself.

Artemis rolled her eyes. Although In the inside, she knew that this was true. She wasn't terrified of him, but did fear him, as much as anyone else would. He was the Batman after all.

"Whatever," Artemis crossed her arms, putting up her tough girl face.

"Hey, look! Here we are!" M'gann pointed at the giant mansion.

"We can see it M'gann," Artemis remarked. "I mean, it is a huge house right there!" M'gann blushed at this.

The team walked up the front doors of the manor. Aqualad walked up to the door, and rang the doorbell. Only a minute later, Alfred opened the door. He looked quite surprised by their presence. Wally grinned.

"Hi, Alfred! We're here to see Dick. He's here, right?"

"Well, yes he is," Alfred stated. "But, he already has plans with Miss Barbara Gordon,"

"What?" Artemis looked surprised. "But he said that he'd be here all day. Did he change his plans or something?"

"No. He is just spending his time with her here," Alfred told her.

"Sooo…" Wally rocked back and forth on his heels. "Can we visit?"

"If it is not an inconvenience," Aqualad inputted.

"Not at all," smiled the butler. "But you may want to be careful when you enter the room,"

"Why?" asked M'gann. She felt a strange emotion of mischief from him. It wasn't bad. But he was hiding something.

"Oh, I think that you'll find out," Alfred made a half smile. "Now, come with me," He led them through the halls of the home of their friend for a while.

"Ugh!" complained Wally. "Are we there yet?"

Conner massaged his head. "If you ask that one more thing, I'll throw you out a window," Wally rolled his eyes.

"Here we are," Alfred announced. He motioned to a door. "This leads to one of the gardens of Master Bruce. You'll find your friends just beyond this door," With that, he left.

The team looked at each other. "You think we should go in there? I really don't like that way he talked," M'gann said nervously.

Artemis sighed. "Don't worry," She went and opened the door. One second later, she heard some shots going off as someone pushed her out of the way behind a bush. She fell down, with the person getting off of her. It was Dick.

"Dick? What's going on?" Artemis looked at him. He was dressing army style with orange goggles holding …some kind of long range gun.

The rest of the team ran over as soon as the shooting stopped.

"Dude!" Wally exclaimed. "What's going on?"

"War," Dick said seriously. "War against the great and the great-er. A war that decides who pays, and who will enjoy the journey to-"

"In English!" Wally shouted.

Dick smiled. "Paint war. Barbs and I made a bet. Loser pays for smoothies and fries later,"

Artemis glared at her. "Dick! You scared me! I thought that you were under attack again!"

Dick smiled. "Sorry. But Barbs and I take this very seriously,"

"So, Dick," Barbara's voice called out. "Called for back-up, huh? Trying to outnumber me? You play dirty, Dick! You hear me?"

"Hey, I didn't call them! I only fight with honor!" called back Dick. He looked back at his friends. "You should leave," He grabbed an oval black container and reloaded. "It can get dangerous,"

He scrunched down when Conner grabbed on the shoulder. "Why is your paint gun black? It looks like a real gun,"

Dick shrugged his arms. "Guess I did it to make to look-"


"Ha! I got you, Grayson!" Barbara jumped out and ran towards Dick, who was shot on the side of his forehead.

"All man!" grumpled Dick. He touched that paint and looked at it. "Blue paint, huh? I love your taste in color,"

"Thanks," smiled Barbara. She looked at the team. "Who are they?"

The team remembered that she only saw them in costumes. "Uh…" trailed off Wally.

"Oh, they're just some of my friends," Dick explained.

"Alright then. So are they joining us? 'Cause you're still paying," smirked the redhead.

Wally put up his hand. "Don't worry. I can pay for myself. And Megan too!" He smiled towards her.

Artemis smiled. "I can pay for everyone else,"

Dick put her hand on her lap. "Pay for yourself and two other people? Forget about it, I'll pay for Conner,"

Barbara tugged Dick's hair. "Come on! Let's go!"

"Okay, okay." Dick stood up, and it was seen that his clothes were smeared in paint, Barbara too.

"Uh, guys?" Wally said.

"Yeah?" Barbara responded.

"Don't you want to change first?"

Barbara looked down as Dick did. "Nah,"

"Okay then,"

"So where are we going?"

"Mega Super Smoothie and Fast Food Yummy Mart,"

"Do they have pizza,"

"did you not hear the fast food part?"

"Well sorry!"

"Come on. If we don't hurry, we won't have a booth big enough for all of us,"