Young Justice

Social Life of the boy called Dick Grayson…no wait, isn't it Robin?

By RobinIsAwesome

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Normal POV

"Hey Uncle Rick," Dick said. "Sorry I haven't been here long. But I was here with those friends I was with last time I was here. They're pretty cool, right? Sorry, you haven't met Zatanna. I sort of like her. Almost as much as Bar- well, not less than Barbara. I like them equally, well, maybe not-"

Dick sighed. "I'm stumbling on my words again, aren't I?"

He laughed. "You'd think it be easier talking to you, considering you probably can't hear me. I hope you can. It'd be nice to know you can,"

Dick frowned a bit. "I really miss you Uncle Rick. I wish you could wake up. But I know the chances of that happening is a zillion to one. The doctors all say that you'll be in a coma forever. I guess I should be glad that you're not….not…," Dick started choking a little.

"I visit mom, dad, Auntie Kayla, and John. I think they said hi, but I'm not sure. My friends met them. Well, not met them…you know what I mean. Barbara was there too,"

Dick closed his eyes. "I know you have…problems, but I need to talk about it. I like Barbara, but I like Zatanna too. They're both totally cool and awesome. I wish love was easier," Dick paused. "But then I guess love wouldn't be as special,"

Dick looked at the flower his got. "I got this white daisy for you. I wonder if I should throw out the old daisies. They remind me of…death," Dick kept his cool. It wasn't as if people died on his watch before. (1) He had to keep a calm head.

"I'd like you tell about more about my friends, but I can't take the risk. You know how hospital sometimes listens in with the camera…man, I'm being period. Just like-It's almost Christmas. I'll try to be here,"

Dick carefully place the daisy with two hands into the handmade vase hi=e made. The vase was slivery red with specks of black. Colors of a robin…

"There," stated Dick. "Thanks for listening, Uncle Rick. I miss you,"

Dick got up, and left the hospital. He walked home.

"How was your trip, Master Dick?" the English butler said.

"It's okay. I think visiting them makes it better,"

"I'm glad you're feeling better,"

Dick ran up to him room, and checked his email, when he noticed an IM from Barbara.

To: Dick Grayson

From: Barbara Gordon

Hey Dick! How's the hospital?

Dick clicked reply, and started typing.

To: Barbara Gordon

From: Dick Grayson

It's okay. Talking 2 him feels natural. I really think it's good 4 me.

To: Dick Grayson

From: Barbara Gordon

That's good. So wht did u talk about this time? School, home, ur feelings?

Dick paused a bit. He didn't want Barbara to know what he was talking about to Uncle Rick. He wasn't sure that Barbara liked him the way he liked her.

'Not that I like her that way,' Dick thought. He sighed.

To: Barbara Gordon

From: Dick Grayson

Nothing big. Skool n stuff. Gotta study. C u in skool?

To: Dick Grayson

From: Barbara Gordon

Yeah. Sure. Lats!

Dick deleted some spam, and listen to some music. Then he shut off the laptop, and pulled out textbooks from his backpack.

He did some problems, when he paused.

Did he like like Barbara Gordon? Does he like like Zatanna Zatara?

Barbara was his best friend as Dick. They real understand each other.

Zantanna and he was flirting from day 1. Dick really liked her as soon as he saw her.

Dick sighed, and grabbed the Christmas present gifted wrap in blue and green that was for Zantanna.

Barbara kissed him under the mistletoe, he was getting Zatanna a heart shaped locket, and he was pretty sure that he was in love with both of them.

Dick did a face palm. "Oh, bah hum bug!" he groaned.

Comics, issue 4, I think


Some people have been asking for a Uncle Rick scene, so there it is.

Btw, it was confirmed that Barbara wants to date Dick.

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