An idea that's just been in my head for a while. Based on the premise of the film but not directly linked. I will continue the story if I get some positive feedback so please Read & Review. Enjoy.

I rolled across the kitchen table and onto the floor as the 1000 volts of electricity flew through my body. My body hit the ground with a thud. I could hear the paladin walk around the table to me but I couldn't see her, my vision was still distorted. Her footsteps creaked against the wooden flooring. I rolled onto my back and saw her looming over me as she pulled out her knife. She started to unwrap the cloth from around the blade so I needed to get out of there fast but my mind was still fuzzy. Just as she revealed the sharp, deadly weapon I focused as much as I could and I jumped, into the bathroom next door. I landed on top of the sink and smashed part of it off. It was dark, the lights were off and the only lights were the streetlights from outside with an orange tinge. I slowly got up, my head was still wrecked from the shock but I quickly found my balance. The paladin located me again and was soon kicking the bathroom door down. As the door came down my mind cleared so I was able to jump better. The door burst open and I jumped back to the kitchen. I smashed open the toaster to get my weapon. Behind me I heard a bang and a zing then the thick metal wire shoot into the cabinets in front of me. I swung around and put a round in the paladin with my Colt Python that I kept hidden in the toaster, I had little toys stashed all over the safehouse. The paladin dropped and suddenly two more arrived. They fired and I dived through the serving hatch into the living room. I kicked over the coffee table and grabbed an Uzi holstered under the base. Just I grabbed it one of the paladins fired another round and the wire wrapped around me right leg. He pulled on it and it flew onto my stomach. He came up behind me and went to shock me with his staff. I rolled out of way at the last second and riddled him with holes then pulled the wire off. I jumped back to the kitchen, behind the last paladin and got her in the back on the head. It was time to go. I packed my equipment, guns and any necessary files into a messenger bag, slung it over my shoulder and left. I jumped down into the car park below.

I looked up at the apartment, pulled out the detonator and blew the place to pieces. Glass and derby shot out the windows. I smiled softly at the burning masterpiece and left. I got 5 minutes down the road before they showed up; they must have been slacking recently. I walked to stop them sensing my jumps but they still caught up with me. I was walking down a quiet road when suddenly sharp white car lights of a large land rover popped up unexpectedly about 100 metres aiming towards me. A car, seriously? They put their foot down and sped down towards, there was a terrible screeching sound from their wheels. I stood and cleared my mind, just like Griffin explained. As the car got ever close a struck. I jumped out of sight, prompting the car to suddenly break at great force, with more screeching. Then I jumped back, right in front of the car. I slammed my hand on the bonnet and jumped the car, along with all passengers, and myself 500 metres in the air. I let go and jumped to the closest rooftop. From the roof I watched the land rover fall and take a complete nosedive to the concrete 500 metres away. Even from the roof I heard the impact, it was a furious sound full of crashes, smashes and pounds. I jumped back down next to the twisted pile of metal that was once a sleek automobile. The car was upside-down so I knelt down to peer in. some had been wearing their seatbelts so were still in seat, but still certainly dead. Others who didn't were lying on the ceiling (or floor depending on how you looked at it) their necks had been snapped so roughly that the bone had shot out of their skin. I smiled to myself at my success but I was a bit light headed, jumping an object of that size can really take it out of you sometimes. I shook it off just in time. Sirens were waling and quickly getting louder.

I jumped to my favourite 'American style' dinner on the other side of town and brainstormed my next move. I needed to get out of Frankfurt but where to next. I pull up my shirtsleeve to look at the watches on my right arm; they went from my wrist to just before my elbow. It was about 7am in Sydney, I could do with breakfast. As I dropped my sleeve back down I realised there was blood from all three of those paladins from the apartment on my shirt. I cringed at the awkwardness I felt. It was pretty late and dark so I guess no one had noticed but still, first thing after breakfast I'm going clothes shopping. I finished up, gathered my things, left and jumped to the other side of the world.

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