I jumped into an alleyway facing a lovely beach. When I jumped I was looking west, directly at the beach and directly into the rising sun. The sunlight instantly stabbed me in the eyes and through my head back shutting my eyes and letting off a little grunt. My eyes soon adjusted and I walked off the spots I was seeing. I emerged myself from the alley on a quiet street full of bright coloured cafes, houses and shops. I dumped my shirt and wore my t-shirt, which luckily only had a few bloodstains; I would pick up clothes after I got something to eat. I stopped at an early open McDonalds and got a Double Bacon Egg McMuffin. I sat by the window and gazed out at the beautiful Australian coastline though I did look over my shoulder every couple of minutes. I finished up and everywhere was still deserted. I walked around for another while and looked for any open clothes shop. After an hour of looking I found a mall, it was bound to have clothing stores and boy was I right. There were tones of them but I decided to Lowes.

I entered into the empty store, except for a few sales assistants. I wondered around looking at shirts when it suddenly dawned on me, I had just blown up almost all my clothes; it was time to get new ones anyway. I grabbed some slim fit black skinny jeans, a white leather belt with a Jack Daniels Whiskey buckle, classic white converse, a light blue t-shirt with Hong-Kong Phooey on it and finally a bright red zip through hoody. I took them all into the dressing room and got changed. It was a good look, very non-sadistic. That's one thing Griffin and I differed on, fashion. Griffin preferred, well, black. Once I got fully dressed I considered jumping right there and then but I decided against. I had already killed around 7 people, I didn't want anymore bad karma, though thinking back they were paladins so it wasn't really bad karma. I sat in the cubicle and rummaged through my bag. I had to take out my guns and my paladin profiles just to get to my wallets. I kept a selection of wallets, each with a different currency; I took out the crocodile skin wallet, which was my designated Australian wallet. I paid for the outfit, left then dumped my old clothes.

I was really enjoying myself. A nice quiet day of no jumping helped to make me feel normal. I was simply strolling around blissfully in my cheerful outfit when suddenly I got a splitting headache. I stopped and placed my hand on my forehead. My jaw abruptly went numb and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Fuck sake, why now. I sat on the curb and began to breath heavily. Slowly my hand started to clamp up. I began to swear I shoved my left hand into my bag and pulled out I bottle of pills. As my vision started to go I swallowed 2 pills. Then there was a pause and gradually the hand unclamped and I slowly returned to normal. As I slowed my breaths I laughed to myself as I looked around me, there was still no one around. I continued walking, trying to walk off my latest episode. As I walked people began to show up, like as if they were all huddled into the centre of the city. It was rush hour so everyone was rushing (funnily enough) around, all in their grey suits with black briefcases. I stuck out like a sore thumb around them. Just as I began to fully amerce in the crowd I felt a rumble inside me, I needed a piss. I held my breath to keep it in as I rotated to see if there was anywhere I could go. I saw a bank; they were bound to have bathrooms for their customers.

I waddled into the bank and found it was full of people. I shuffled through the huge crowd into the bathroom. I took a long and peaceful piss, which relieved me greatly. I washed my hands but as I went to the hand drying I realised there was an 'Out of Order' sign on it. I bowed my head with a laughing sigh as I laughed at my own stupidity. I flicked my hands out to get rid of any dripping water then left the bathroom. I walked back into the main room where a still huge crowd met me. I paused and looked for gaps that I could fit through to get to the door, sure I could have just jumped but I hadn't jumped since I got here and I didn't want to start now. Suddenly the doors were kicked open and there was aggressive screaming. A group of men in boiler suits and clown masks burst in armed with standard issue AK-47's. They told everyone to get belly flat on the floor and we all complied. They circuited around the room to survey everyone, including me. They forced the staff to unload the cash and rummaged through people's belongings. I was lying in the back of the room having my own dilemma, should I or should I not stop these men. I surely could but that would require jumping in front of so many people. As I lay and pondered the men gathered their bags of cash. Their shouting and loud actions had scared a young baby girl who was now crying furiously. One of the men pointed his gun at the baby and told the mother to shut it up. Complete disrespect and that was the last straw.

As the robber made his way in my direction I prepared myself. He stood by me and looked down at me, raising a suspicious eyebrow. I shot my arm out and gripped my hand around his ankle. Before he had time to react and shoot me point-blank I jumped the both of us across the room. I jumped him straight into the wall and the slide of his face slapped the concrete. One of the other robbers gasped and spun towards me. I dived and jumped at him, then tackled him through the window. I got off the man and a bullet whooshed overhead and pinged off a lamppost. Before I could look behind me the robbers getaway van's driver side window slid down and a clown masked man lent out, aiming a Glock at me. I cringed and jumped away, accidently bumping into another robber. We knocked into him and I stumbled to the ground. The rubber grunted in rage, grabbed a woman and held a gun to her head.

"What the fuck are you?" The man exclaimed. I got my feet and raised my hands to ease him. He pointed the gun at me. "You're going to get us out of here." I laughed.

"No." I said through my fits of laughter. The man screamed and shot at me. I jumped behind him and deliberately left a huge jump scar for the bullet to travel through. Once I appeared behind him I ducked and the bullet passed over into his spine. He gave a faint whimper as he left go of the women and fell to the ground.

Suddenly the driver began to open fire. I shoved the woman to the floor, too safety, and jumped up to the van. I jumped next to the van, out of the driver's view. I quickly opened the door, grabbed him and jumped.

Then we were in America, the Grand Canyons. I jumped us to the edge of a cliff. I kicked him and he fell off, flailing his arms to try and grab something. I saw him become smaller the farther he fell and I smiled to myself. I turned around and found less than 50 metres away were 12 dozen Asian tourists taking photos. I gave off an awkward smile and jumped back.

I arrived back at the bank where everyone yelped at my return. They all stayed on the ground and had fear in their eyes. I grabbed my bag and went over to the bags of cash the robbers had organised. I opened one bag and took a few dollars out, I wouldn't dare take all the money, only bastards steal from banks. I turned to one of the women who worked there.

"Is it ok if I take this, its just I need money for the bus." I said in an apologetic tone. She nervously nodded in return. "Thanks." I put the money in my pocket and went to left. "Bye everyone, sorry for the inconvenience."

I left and hurried away before the police could catch me. That had just spoilt my day. Where to go….