"Yuki your hand is cut, its bleeding!" Tohru yelled her eyes getting wide with worry. She quickly got a first aid kit and ran toward him. "Its fine, Miss. Tohru." Yuki said calmly, putting his hand out on top of the table for Tohru to rap it with a small bandage, she went closer trying to get a better look at a angle moving closer to his face he looked at her for a few minutes and found his face getting red. "Hmmm.." Tohru looked up confused "What's wrong, do you have a fever?" she gently placed her soft hand on his fore head which made him blush even more he quickly got up and ran up the stairs with out a another word.

What's wrong with Yuki did I say some thing? Ow no I bet I did!, Tohru started to pace around the small living room mumbling to herself trying to think of a way to get Yuki to talk to her

A few days passed and each day Yuki would ignore me and each morning Yuki would wake up earlier to get a head start to school even in the hall way he would pass with out even a glimpse in my direction. I could feel a hard throbbing in my head and found my self spacing out more often I could tell my friends were getting worried but I told them not to the last thing I wanted was to be more worred. I had to confront him and fast before things got even worse.

I waited on the out side of Yuki's home room door waiting for him to come out I mean he had to come out some time. while I was drifting off thinking about what I was going too say I herd foot steps moving down the hall way I looked to find Yuki heading home, I quickly walked up to him "Yuki." I called in a normal tone he stopped and walked faster "Yuki!" I called again he kept walking as though he didn't hear me but I knew he was just running away. We were out of school and were alone near the house I could feel my blood boiling some thing that rarely everr happened. "YUKI!" I yelled feeling my voice cracking and hot tears running from my face, he stopped and looked at me with worried eyes he quickly walked up to me and gave me a tissue "Tohru, I'm sorry please for give me." He said weakly slowly aiming to grab my hand. "Enough!" I screamed and pushed my hand away from his "Do you know how much pain you caused? I loved you but you ran away. Yuki.." I said loudly and the next part took even me by surprise "I HATE YOU!" I screamed he looked at with shock his eyes going wide and mouth opened and just stared at me "Tohru." He whispered and put his head down "I'm ... sorry." He said again. I couldn't look at him, I needed to get away.

I ran toward the park not wanting to turn back and see Yuki's torn face. Yuki I loved you, but is that enough? Will you be able to return my feelings and except me for who I am I thought to my self wanting to scream but my voice wouldn't come out. I was still mad but also disappointed I loved Yuki but was ignored like a pest, what now? I looked around noticing that the sky was getting dark and the temperature getting colder. I didn't want to go home but I couldn't stay out hear any longer I was starting to see my breath. I turned around and started walking I swiftly turned a corner and found my breath getting knocked out of me I looked up and found Yuki looking at me with confusion he took my hand and I jumped up. We walked home in silence I couldn't think of any thing to say so I just let my mind wander. "I like you." Yuki said in a whisper I turned my attention to him and wanted to yell but decided I would hear what he was going to say "I knew you were lonely and was hurting you, but there was some thing that kept creeping in my mind…. I was scared you weren't going to like me and I would ruin are relation ship." He said he looked determined and stared me straight in the eyes, I looked away I didn't want to be trapped in his beautiful purple eyes. 'I, I … I don't know what to say I'm so happy but I'm still not sure," I wanted to cry I was so confused. I slowly lifted his hand and stroked my face "I under stand."

We swiftly went home and before I was about to go to bed Yuki passed me to his room and gave me a wink and smoothly said "Miss. Tohru, I'll make you fall in love me me." And went in his room. I knew my life was about to get a lot more interesting.

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