A very, very short chapter. I'm nearing the end of the year, and all of my work is crashing down into my lap. I'm sorry, but the next one will be longer.

The Darmody's were dead, and Richard Harrow had a Gun

"This wasn't how I imagined our next meetin', to be honest," Alex said. She licked her lips.

"You were supposed to kill Manny," Richard said.

Pure, unadulterated rage granted him his voice, and he smelled of bleach and blood and gunpowder.

"He'd already been shot when I found him. I shot him again and let him bleed before the nosy neighbors wandered in."

Richard's fingers tightened round the handle. He stared her down, unblinking and quiet, and twisted his ruined mouth into a scowl.

"He should've died."

A shot sounded in the distance.

"He didn't."

Alex didn't know if staring down the barrel of the gun, or into Richard's eye was worse. He hummed and pulled the trigger.