The Scream Of Jeepers Creepers

This is my first crossover fanfic, and will be a crossover of Scream(no, not the one with Ghostface, the 1981 slasher flick that's now considered one of the worst slasher films) and Jeepers Creepers. Gonna also bring up a brief Halloween and Just Before Dawn refrence. Please note: I do not own Jeepers Creepers or Scream(1981); that belongs to the creators of those films. Have fun reading!J

23 years has passed. His time had come yet again. A time to indulge on the fear that was being born in the Earth. He stopped in front of the settlement, his eyes squinting through the heavy dust and the piercing sunlight. His three nostrils took in a wiff of the air, attempting to smell the fear, and there was fresh fear, alright, but it was miniscule, as he could tell the settlement was abandoned-almost. However, he could sense a single life form here. That meant it was time to come kill and feast on the fear, no matter how big or small it was.

The Creeper took a step forward, the the wide-brimmed farmer hat pulled tightly over his head so as to somewhat hide his hideous, demonic face. A coat hid his muddy green arms and kept his two wings completely hidden in the back. Blue jeans and a pair of shoes hid his atrocious feet and legs. He was, as he liked to put it quite mildly, "dressed to kill", although how a farmer costume showed the readiness to slaughter eluded all but The Creeper himself.

As he brushed past the broken wooden gate, he began whistling the song "Jeepers Creepers" to himself so as to show he was here. He took a quick look around. Judging by the rotting and crumbling architecture, no one had lived in this settlement for a good long time.

Shit, doesn't the last person living here that I smell know how to at least keep the damn front yards here clean?, The Creeper thought to himself as he took in the scenery. He took in another sniff as he smelled the fact that he was quickly getting closer and closer to the single person here.

Then, without warning, a figure burst out from the wood-pile wreckage to the front of The Creeper. He was moving so fast, The Creeper could not see him, but the weapon the person was wielding was clear: it was a scythe. The figure stopped in front of the The Creeper, but before The Creeper could fix his eyes to see the figure, the person stretched out his left arm and slammed The Creeper's chest, pushing him down and knocking off his hat, completely revealing his demon head and face.

The Creeper groaned as he opened his eyes again, his vision struggling to adjust after he was knocked down. The sunlight blocked out much of the man, but The Creeper could see one thing too clearly: the man was raising his scythe over The Creeper's chest.

So, what do you all think? What will happen to The Creeper? Please R&R, and because there's no category for this 1981 Scream, I'm just going to list it under the regular Scream(the one with Ghostface) category for the second category of this crossover. Chap.2 will be here soon!J