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-Everything started from here…-

In the beginning, there was "darkness".

Then, the "darkness" shed a "tear".

From that "tear", the brother Sword and Shield were born.

Shield claimed it could defend against attack.

Sword claimed it could slice through anything.

The brothers began a legendary battle.

At the end, both Sword and Shield shattered.

Sword became the sky, Shield became the earth, and the sparks from the battle became the stars.

As for the jewels, they fell to the ground and became the True Runes-the runes that all other runes were born from.

Location: Protector Village, northern part of Asadia

"…and so the world began…"

A group of children sit around chief village Lua, listen for his story. Chief likes to talk about story of true runes. He talks numberless time already, just if she could count.

"This story again? He really wouldn't get bored, huh?"

A girl who happen stand aside sigh and shake her head, smile slightly. She heard this story since she was a child, from curiously until felt bored. She couldn't remember how and when she started felt that way.

She has light brown color, light curl long hair tie with white ribbon. She wears white and yellow tube top and a decorated skirt that show her slim waist, a bunch of colorful bracelet around her arm. Her name is Helen, villager of Protector Village.

Protector Village locates at the northern part of Asadia, and also the most unsophisticated village. There are around two hundred peoples in the village. Northeast of Asadia is a strong and formidable country called Klan Kingdom. Compare to Klan Kingdom, Asadia just more like a small island, and Protector Village is most near to it which only separate by a strait.

Unlike Klan Kingdom, Asadia is a self autonomy country which means there is no communication between town and town, except some business dealing. No more than that.

Helen turns around as she hears some voices at the entrance of the village. The men who went out for hunting have back with their quarry, her childhood friend is with them, too. She waves her hand to him—Lirva as welcome back. Those children all run up to their father, leaving Lua alone. Helen walks to him.

"The twenty seven true runes…are they really exist? We don't see one though."

"There are ONLY twenty seven of them; you think you can see them so easily?" Lua chuckles for a bit. Helen slightly tilts her head. Look confusing. "Child, you're still young, too young to know everything in the world. There is a rumor says that true runes will grant its bearer agelessness, can you believe it?"

Helen shakes her head. How can she believe it? Lua walks back to his house without giving her an answer. Helen shrugs then take a look at Lirva. He is grilling his own quarry, she decides to take his spare.

But immediately, she stops.

The voice, she hears voice of ringing bell AGAIN. She turns around. As to say AGAIN, because this is not the first time she hears it. She gets to hear it while she stills a child.

Lirva notices her, he walks to her.

"What's up?"

"I hear it again…"

She had told Lirva about this before but all she gets was ridicule. Then she knew no one can hear it expect her. She is the only one can hear it and Lirva is the only who know this. She begged Lirva kept this as a secret, and after all the ridicule she had received from Lirva, she didn't tell anyone anymore.

Why she is the only one can hear it? What is the ringing bell mean? Sometime she did tries to figure it out but soon she stopped herself from thinking too much. She is scare. What if it means something scary? She can't bear to know the truth.

"Again?" Lirva teased her. He hands the grilled meat to her. "That's just your imagination."

Helen takes the grilled meat but she doesn't eat. She just stares at Lirva.

He says that because he cannot hear it. But for her, that is definitely not an imagination. The ringing bell sound so clear and tranquil, almost like it is calling for her.

The grilled meat smell good and it suppose taste delicious too, but somehow Helen loses appetite to eat it.

The night is quiet and calm. Everyone go to bed to meet their sweet dream, only a few tough looking men take turn to guard the village.

Helen keeps turning on her bed. She can't fall in sleep; she is too sober to fall in sleep. At last, she gives up on trying sleeping, instead of taking a walk outside.

She walks to the seaside, relax her mind. The sea at night is eerie at the time like this but show its own unique sense of beauty under the dim moonlight. The sea wind is comfortable enough to clear her mind, brush against her face, making her sigh satisfy.

Suddenly, some quarreling catches her attention, although the sound is so minor but enough to alert her at the soundless night. She decides to walk to the source of quarreling—Chief's house, to take a peek.

There are a man and a woman walk out…no, been wipe out from the house.

"Chief, please listen to us…"

"Quiet! There is nothing I need to listen to you. How can I believe such thing?" Lua tries to constrain his voice volume, not to wake everybody up.

"I know that is all of a sudden, but we can't wait until it happen. We need to do something before it's too late!" The man sound rushes. Instead, the women stand at his side speaks nothing, only look serious.

Helen carefully examines both of the strangers. The man around twenty five, look gentle and smart. He has a sword hanging at his waist, Helen believe he is a swordsman. The woman only about nineteen or twenty, her feature is childishness but she gives a strong mature aura that doesn't suit her childish cutie face.

"You guys better leave before anyone see you both." Lua ignores what the man said.

"Chief, but…"

"Let it be, Krew. We've done hat we suppose to. Let's go back. We are short in time." The childish woman stops the man from saying anything more.

The man looks at Lua once again, can't help but sigh.


They both are both to leave. When they turn back, they happen to meet Helen who hides aside. Three of them get shock a bit. Helen never thought they will saw her. She just keeps staring at the strangers. The man quickly catches his mind back and nod to her as a shown of his gratitude. And then, they both leave.

After watching their figures disappear at the entrance, Helen turns to look at Lua.

"Chief…who are they?"

"Just the outsiders that talk a bunch of nonsense. Ignore them."

"But…" She feels bad for what the man had said. Is she worried too much?

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this. By the way, what are you doing here?"

"I-I can't sleep…"

Lua slightly chuckles. He takes Helen to his house and gives her a cup of hot milk.

"Thank you…" The warm sense of the hot milk makes her lips curve slightly. She slowly drinks the milk. "This hasn't change a bit…"

She remembers back at childhood, she would receive a cup of hot milk whenever she couldn't fall in sleep. After drinking the hot milk, she would soon fell asleep with sweet dream ahead of her.

"You've grow up to be such a woman…times passes so fast." Lua sits opposite of her. "The hot milk seems remind you something."

Helen smiles bitterly. "I…just think of Vic."

"…He left the village about ten years already, huh?" Lua sighs.

Vic is Helen only brother. Their parent past away before Helen could barely remembered anything about them. Helen about four years old and Vic was ten at that time. Since parent had gone, Vic was forced to take care of little sister. Even their life was toilsome, but Helen felt satisfied to be with big brother. She didn't care much as long as big brother was with her. After two years of toilsome, Vic escaped from the village at the quiet midnight, leaving Helen who only six years old. With no other option, Lua adopted Helen, Lirva's parent looked over her after that.

Lua dislike Vic, or rather say he dislike his eyesight. Under his sight was only hatred and detest. He didn't talk to any village, including Lua. Some villagers couldn't stand the way he acts, so he often got dragged into dispute.

Lua didn't care about his escaping, but the most heartbroken was seeing Helen crying for her big brother. She couldn't believe her big brother left her alone.

"…He will come back one day. I have faith in him."

See? Lua just remain silent. That is her brother, after all.

"…Chief, I have other thing to tell you, just please don't laugh."

"What is it?"

Helen hesitates for a while. Lua notices her uneasy, he asks.

"You look pale. Are you okay?"

She shakes her head, tell him not to worry.

"Chief…I always get to hear some voices." Closing her eye, she feels the echo of the sound. "Ring…ring…like the sound of a ringing bell. I can feel like it is calling for me…how strange."

Lua expression immediately becomes gloomy. Helen doesn't notice that since she had closed her eye.

"…Where do you think the voice come from?" His voice turns to husky; yet again Helen doesn't notice it. She is too concentrating on the echo.

Her head slightly turn aside while frowning.

"It seems…it's from the back of village."

The back of village is a wood and also the forbidden area that no any village allows to enter.

Lua doesn't speak a word then. He seems last in his own thought. Helen gets worry by looking at his expression.


"Oh…oh, is nothing." Lua chuckles, try to hide his unusual. "Helen, I have a favor for you. You are the only one can do it."

"…Yes? What is it?" Without knowing reason, Helen feels it is hard to breathe, like a rock press on her heart.

"If…I mean if. If something happen to the village, your first priority is to get to the forbidden area no matter in what cost, or even you alone. You get it?" Lua sound harsh. It makes Helen feels even bad.

"But…aren't we not allowed enter there? B-Besides, what will happen to village…"

"Just do what I said!" His tone shocks her. She never sees chief acts like this before.


Although she promises him, but still can't stop from trembling and the fear of knowing nothing occupy her mind. After she had promised him, Lua urges Helen goes back and sleep. However, the conversation they had just a moment ago has totally distracted her from getting a good rest.

Character Introduction:

Helen age: 16 race: human

I choose female protagonist instead of male protagonist. She is a caring and sensitive girl with sensitive emotion. She is more like a coward at the beginning of story but she will slowly grow up as the story move on until something serious happen to her.

Lirva age: 17 race: human

Helen childhood friend. He is a brave man that always tries to protect Helen. He knows Helen more than anyone else. Something bad will happen to him in the middle of the story.

Lua age: 70 race: human

Chief of protector Village. He is more like a father to Helen since he adopted her as her brother left her alone.

Vic age: 12 (when he escape from village) race: human

Helen's only brother. He escapes from village ten years ago.

Krew age: 26 race: human

Still an unknown character for now. His identity will be release in the up coming chapters.