Pain! It was everywhere! It was alive! And it was clawing and chewing at his insides, like a thousand meat eating ants, trying to eat him alive. He was unable to stop the agonized groan that slipped between his lips as he rolled over onto his side and drew his knees up to his chest in a desperate attempt to relieve his unending pain. He could feel his own hot tears trickle down his face as he turned his head and tried to press his hot, flushed face against the cold cement floor.

He was no longer bound. He resisted the urge to laugh as the realization flittered through his thoughts. There was no need to restrain him anymore. There was no fear that he was going to escape. He was dying and death was agonizingly painful and slow. He whimpered as he drew in a shallow breath as his ribs screamed in protest and closed his eyes, "I'm sorry Steve… I tried…" He breathed as he allowed himself to slide into beckoning darkness, "I really tried …"