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Misconstrued Love…

Chapter One: CPM

Youth ranging between the ages of ten years of age and seventeen trickled into the lounge that looked a little different than it had three years prior, but not so different that campers who have spent time in here before could fuss over the difference. Not a lot had changed throughout the entirety of the area actually; the cabins remained as they were, named as they were and the courses for study hadn't been altered much besides of fresh new lesson plans drawn up by new counselors.

She couldn't help but smile. Nostalgia had her shutting bright colored eyes as she gazed into the faces of some she knew from her own times here and some she didn't…new campers. They were in for a hell of a ride this summer, she could promise them that. Ignoring the low hum of mindless chatter coming from those who were making their way in and finding a place to sit, she made her way towards the stage, hopping up there and reaching for the microphone.

She didn't even wince at the shriek that tore through the air from the surrounding speakers when she stepped too close to the monitors on stage. It effectively gained the attention of the children and teenagers alike in the vast room though. Some screamed and the boys she could already pin as the obnoxious troublemakers cracked some loud jokes as all eyes turned on her. She smiled, flipping perfectly curled, aqua colored hair over her shoulder as she brought the microphone to her lips.

"Hello Pokemon Masters Campers and welcome to where you will have the greatest summer of your lives; you can hold me to my words. I am speaking from experience here." She giggled with a wink. Bright eyes that matched the color of her hair sparkled with exhilaration at the enthusiastic response she got to her words. The massive group of gathered young, aspiring trainers cheered and she had to wait a couple of seconds for the excitement to die down before she could speak again.

"You're hot!"

People sniggered. Marina's expression faltered for a moment as she looked in the direction in which that particular comment had come from. She noticed a group of guys snickering, her young cousin Ray included. She also noticed a familiar chocolate skinned girl with dark ebony tresses start to verbally lash out at this group of boys that consisted of her cousin along with a few other boys she didn't recognize. Marina sighed when she noticed Riley pulled Nathani back with the help of some other friends while telling her to calm down.

"Anyways…" Marina drawled, her smile returning. "My name is Marina Sanchez and I will be your master of ceremonies this summer not to mention I am a CPM veteran so let's see if you can outdo my camp years, shall we?"

Another round of cheers, whistles and applause.

"Let me introduce to you all, your counselors," Marina said looking to her left and gesturing to some people who were standing off to the side. "Your Physical Educational counselor is Jimmy Talon," Jimmy flashed his charming smile as he waved at the mass of campers. Marina's smile brightened as he took his place by her side. "Your water pokemon Counselor, Misty Waterflower,"

Misty got on stage smiling brightly as she waved just as Jimmy had. Marina had to say, the ginger haired girl looked significantly different than she had the last time she saw her which was over a year ago. Her hair was longer, past her shoulders and she just looked…matured, granted she had about three years over her making the ginger a ripe twenty three.

"Your Battle Course counselors, Alex Cramer and Jason Alvarez," Marina said gesturing to the oncoming pair.

Alex ran up the stairs on the side of the stage, pushing Jason back in the process. The green eyed boy rolled his eyes at the purple haired bane of his existence before slowly following her. Anyone who had known Alex and Jason before, such as Riley or Nate, could see a definite change in the two. The change was in Marina and Jimmy as well, but it was less apparent in the aqua haired girl while Jimmy's shorter hair was definitely catching attention.

Alex hadn't grown an inch since she was a Freshman in High school and she was perfectly fine with that. Her large, blunt attitude certainly made up for her lack of height. Her once short purple hair was now long and thick and cut into choppy layers. Sure, she missed her classic faux hawk, but what she had now made it look like she had just hopped out of a music video and she liked it.

Jason's hair was growing out as well, but he opted to hide most of it under a beanie since Alex had decided to compare his hair to certain people such as Edward Cullen or Justin Bieber. She had also given him the nickname Grizzly Bear since he had gone without shaving long enough to grow some visible stubble, not to mention he had gotten taller, reaching his full height of six foot four when he had dealt with his final stretch of puberty. That was when he was eighteen. He was now twenty years of age and it showed in the new masculine sharpness to his features.

Girls swooned at the sight of him. Nathani wolf whistled before nudging Riley next to her and murmuring about how she'd love Battle Course this summer. Riley responded with a bashful blush and few stuttered words about Nathani respecting her cousin's relationship. Nathani brushed her off.

"Our science study course will be led by Paul Shinji," Marina continued.

Paul had to have been the least changed. Purple hair kept the same length, currently tied back and out of his face. Eyes always dark and still as fierce as any other day. His demeanor hadn't been altered a bit, minus for him opening up a bit more to his friends after a little coaxing from his girlfriend. He looked older…that was the best anyone could say if they looked at Paul then and now. He didn't seem to care much for altering his image past what nature did to his structure.

"Our Dance and gymnastics instructor, Dawn LeNoir,"

Alex rolled her pink eyes as the navy haired girl did a cartwheel into a backflip before posing before the crowd. She received some claps that had her smiling brightly, already capturing the attention of a few prepubescent boys. Dawn had always been adorable, but now she was just royally pretty. Her looks were almost intimidating with her inviting bright blue eyes, perfect smile and lustrous navy blue hair; not to mention curves that had boys tripping over themselves. Cheerleading paid off, was her testament.

"Breeding and Pokemon welfare will be handled by Aden Miller,"

It was almost upsetting to see Aden grow up. It seemed so long ago that he was once that guy with the boyish, almost childish looks coupled with intimidating height, but now he was just…intimidating. His height hadn't changed, but the acuity of his expression had. No more slightly rounded cheeks or gentle deep eyes. His eyes now popped against copper tanned skin as they almost seemed to glow a bright royal purple. His hair was longer as well, reaching back the nape of his neck and being kept neatly tied with a black elastic. The new matured look he adorned barely matched his still "pansy-like" demeanor.

"Our Home Economics instructor, Patou Cross,"

"Goddamn I jus' wanna take a pair of scissors ta her hair…" Alex murmured as Patou stepped on stage, her hair just as long as anyone could remember but it was almost like there was more of it…if that was even possible. Patou had always looked older from her age, having the eyes of a woman even when she was sixteen, but everything else had filled out in the last two years that had not already. Ian enjoyed this more than he should.

"You're performing arts teacher, Samia Khan,"

Like Alex, Samia was still pretty short, but it was a natural look for her at this point. Her face was less of that of a teenager in the midst of her changing and now added something more refined to her expressions. Her hair had grown out as well. She had promised Alex she'd grow hers out with her so cutting it wasn't much of any option until Alex decided.

"Strategy Course will be instructed by Ian Grey."

Unlike Jason, Ian had a lean build that was stretched out perfectly once he reached his full height that was an inch under Jason. The guy never let Ian forget it either. Jason was bigger muscle wise and by an inch in height, yes, but Ian knew how to put himself to use when the two ever decided to beat the crap out of each other for no apparent reason. Ian had kept up with himself, not letting his hair grow out too much or letting his stubble get out of hand to be referred to grizzly by Alex. He looked almost the same, minus for a more angular look to his face.

"His eyes are gorgeous…" One girl murmured. Ian smirked, glancing at Jason who narrowed his eyes. Of course the rivalry would not come to an end. Not for anything.

"Yea but do you see how unnaturally green Mr. Jason's is? It's so sexy…" It was Jason's turn to smirk. Patou and Alex shared a look.

"You should be familiar with our next pair; counselors overseeing our coordinating course are Drew and Rolyn Hayden, our former Prince and Princess of CPM." Marina went on.

And that was when a bunch of girls screamed. Not for Rolyn, of course not. That's what the boys calling out were for, but the overpowering screams of adolescent girls had Jason slapping his hands over his ears and Alex glaring out into the crowd in annoyance. It wasn't like Drew was…Justin Timberlake or another one of those guys from that old boy band…the purple haired girl mused.

Drew was as charming as always but now the sophistication that was associated with his name seemed to roll off of him in tsunami-like waves. Even in a t-shirt, jeans and flip flops he looked like the perfect picture of superiority. Time only added to his overwhelming handsomeness; hair was well kept and perfectly messy and still as green as grass. Eyes were sharp, scrutinizing and hard to meet. Body…one to be ogled with lean muscle. He had the same build as Ian after all.

He smirked. Flicked his hair. A girl fainted.

Rolyn had all the charms of a woman - coming of age wonderfully - being the curviest out of all of her friends now with hips so obvious, the begged to be held and a chest that she didn't have two years prior that attracted the attention of any boy with hormones. The body structure came from her biological family, Nathani's mother explained. Her mother had been just as curvy. Her body was vicious, as Jason once put it. She looked more like her late mother now more than ever. There was almost an exoticness to her with eyes so sharp and now an obvious shade of brown. This was only made more apparent by her glasses. Her hair now went to mid-back and was wavy, pinned to one side and flowing over her right shoulder.

A young boy named Ryder, one Nathani had threatened to kill on many occasions, howled like an animal in heat. A resounding slap came prior to the animalistic response to Rolyn's looks. Riley scorned Nathani for umpteenth time about hurting the now whimpering boy who was huddled behind Ray nursing a red cheek gingerly.

"And last, but certainly never least, Our Relations Counselor, May Maple…" Marina introduced with a particular smile.

The brunette that strode across stage looked nothing like the one that once sat in the very same place some of these kids were in. Wavy brunette hair was pulled up in a high messy bun with a modest bump made from her pulled back bangs. Dazzling bright blue eyes smiled as she waved at her campers. Yes, May Maple was a sight to be marveled. A classic beauty…not overdone or over exaggerated. Pretty enough to convict but gentle enough to appear so inviting. Slender and perfectly heighted…a perfect match for a Prince…or former Prince.

"And that, my dear Campers is our staff for the summer. Now I expect you guys to sign up for the First Battles. I also expect to see you all tonight at six o'clock on the dot for those battles to commence." Marina said pointing to the watch on her wrist. Noticing that she was closing out, people began to fidget and a low murmur running through the crowd steadily began to increase in volume. "See you all later!

"Summer jobs…" Alex sighed as she watched the large group of campers slowly ease their way out of the lounge. She chuckled, almost incredulously as she looked down at her Camp Pokemon Masters counselor t-shirt "We have summer jobs…counseling children."

"Thank you, captain obvious." Jason murmured, automatically ducking prior to his words knowing that Alex would swing a fist at him. He couldn't help but smirk when she missed and pursed her lips childishly over the fact. "God help me that we're co-counselors."

"Get ovah it." Alex chided.

"Did you see all the campers?" May said excitedly, her blue eyes wide. "There had to have been twice as many as when we were at camp!" She added with a bright smile. Now eighteen, legally an adult, May was still so excitable with child-like exuberance.

"That means double the work for us…" Patou breathed with a roll of her eyes. "I already have to head out to the First Battle sign up table; Celebi spare my soul…" She added as she hopped of the stage.

"Oh, I have to go too…" Misty breathed. The red head was the only remains of the former staff at Pokémon Masters. When she wasn't here during the Summer, she was back home battling whoever came to her gym in Cerulean City. Ash and Brock had embarked on yet another adventure for the ebony haired boy to conquer another league while Brock attempted to conquer the hearts of a new regions glorious selection of women.

Soledad had her coordinating that she wanted to refocus on. She had taken a long enough break and had let her rivals get a little too far ahead. The young woman couldn't have that so she had to sacrifice her Summer job for this purpose. Despite all this, Misty had promised she'd always have time to come back to Hoenn to serve as a Counselor.

"Uh, Dawn and Paul, I believe you have to join us as well." The water pokemon master said looking from the navy haired girl and her stoic looking boyfriend. Dawn hummed in agreement while nodding. Paul rolled his eyes.

"How the hell did I get roped into this?" Paul murmured as he hopped of the stage, shoving his hands into his pockets as he stood at Misty's side. He glanced back at Dawn expectantly and the navy haired girl took a few steps back before jogging forward and doing a swift front flip of the stage, landing with her hands in the air with a sort of Ta Da pose. Paul rolled his eyes and Patou stared at the pink loving girl blankly.

"Really LeNoir?" Misty sighed.

"Really," Dawn laughed as the group of four made their way towards the exit.

May watched them leave, a small smile coming to her features. This moment, where she was now, had her reeling. She could still remember how reluctant she was to attend Camp Pokemon Masters a mere three years ago. She couldn't say she regretted attending the camp though. This was where she had made lasting friends and meaningful memories…and she could still do that, but now the experience came with a paycheck. Excellent bonus.

"You know, I don't think we'll have jobs for long if we just stick around here chatting." Marina pointed out with an affirming nod. "We should get ready for the first day of camp guys – oh fix your face Alex." The purple haired girl stopped pouting and straightened up her posture. "Now move it people! We have a long day ahead of us!"

Jason rolled his eyes indignantly. "C'mon Cramer…our first class starts in a few anyways." The green eyed boy murmured. Alex didn't say anything but simply followed him towards the stairs at the side of the stage. "Oh wait, hold on…"

Jason whipped around, approached Rolyn with a few long strides while a hand wrapped behind her neck suddenly in a blur of motion, pulling her towards him as he leaned down and attacked her lips with little resistance.

"Holy crap…" Aden muttered.

"I'm gonna puke!" Samia cringed. Still kissing Rolyn almost hungrily at this point, Jason flipped her the bird. Samia gasped dramatically before huffing and turning on her heel to leave the stage and take her leave. She wasn't so put off by the disrespect she received, she actually had to prepare for her class as well. She'd get Jason back later.

"It's like every waking moment they're going at it like a pair of rabid Primeape…" Jimmy sighed with a shake of his head.

May who still wasn't used to the ravenous displays of affection Rolyn and Jason soon became known for when they had gotten past the awkwardness of their physical relationship, had her hands over blue eyes. Her cheeks turned a bright red. It was even worse when Drew would tease her about it, but luckily those times were rare and happened when it was only the two of them or when kissing became a subject of conversation. May still gripped to her innocence in a sense. Thinking about such acts had her fumbling over herself.

"Okay that's…that's enough! Jeez…" Drew exclaimed at the last moment, green eyes narrowing into a glare. Jason pulled away, a smirk immediately coming to his lips as he and Rolyn locked eyes. The dark haired girl took in a gulp of air before abruptly pushing him away with a grunt.

"Pervert." She said haughtily as she tugged at the hem of her camp t-shirt, nose high in the air. Jason's smirk broadened as he and Alex finally made their exit.

"That kind of PDA will get you fired…" Marina informed the former Princess with a shake of her head. Rolyn narrowed her eyes at the aqua haired girl, pursing her lips in the process.

"Whose mother owns the camp? Mine? Oh yea…almost forgot." Rolyn said with a faux uppity attitude. Marina chuckled as she punched Rolyn lightly on the shoulder. Rolyn smiled right back.

May sighed. She was glad that things were still the same as always granted they were all older and a bit more matured…some more than others as she recalled being invited over to Dawn's house the past weekend to hang out only to see that her room still looked like Barbie had taken up interior design…the girl had about three hundred plushies for heaven's sakes and the all had names and back stories.

Now they were all adults so most aspects regarding ages and attitudes might have taken a definite turn for the better in most cases. With growing up they grew out of things…no longer was there a rivalry between Flygon and Dragonite with challenges that were just as much ridiculous as they were unbearably fun. Since this was their summer before college and they were all happily coupled, the hatchet had to be buried, although a hint of animosity still hovered over the dozen of them.

There were times Rolyn enlisted the help of her closest friends for a spur of the moment prank, mainly when Jason and she had gotten into another one of their famous fights. Rolyn had changed the least in personality it seemed; then again she always had this mature air about herself like her brother. The most drastic change about her was the looks. It only took two years for those curves to become as vicious as Jason described them as. Alex kept the boy on a tight leash though, developing a relationship with him close to kinship over the years.

Alex, although still as brash as she had always been, if not more, became a viper. No longer did her violence come out in brute strength. She only resorted to said methods if it really came down to it. The girl was far more intelligent than anyone gave her credit for and it showed now in the way she spoke. She broke people down verbally, shedding them of their tough exterior with words dripping with venom but only if she was antagonized…she knew how badly words could hurt and this had only been made clear a year ago when she had flipped out on Dawn.

Now Dawn may have been seen as ditzy…overly hyper and eccentric, but she learned to rein that in, mainly because she had a bit more strength on her side. The girl had taken up mixed martial arts, stealing Alex's limelight in the strength department and spending so much time with Paul had molded her personality a bit. Not so much that it was bad but enough to notice Dawn was no longer one to be trifled with. She almost resembled how Marina once was.

Marina was the one who giggled and smiled the most often. Alex had claimed there must have been something in the water out in Sinnoh. She took pleasure out of emphasizing just about everything claiming it was excellent practice for her acting skills. In spite of all of this she knew when to tone it down; having to look somewhat serious and stay still for long periods of time when she did her on the side modeling had her switching back and forth between excitable and mellow like Pat.

Given time to adjust, Patou appeared to be the Dragonite girl Alex claimed she was born to be. The newest addition to the group had a well balance of excitement, calm and violent in her that made her an excellent cross between Marina, Alex and Rolyn. She never took more than she gave with her friends and she was constantly real with them…sometimes pulling them back to earth when they became hysterical. She never complained. She loved her friends.

May admired that. She loved her friend's quite a bit too…scratch that, she loved her friends to the point that she probably couldn't see her life without them at this point. Thankfully that wouldn't happen as soon as she thought. College would not put a wedge in their relationships like it usually did to most people. Not when they were all attending the same college minus for Marina who was attending her art school and Dawn who was heading into her senior year.

Speaking of college… "Rolyn," May addressed looking towards the brown eyed girl. Rolyn nodded towards the brunette in recognition to the call of her name. "Don't we have to see your mom about college orientation?"

Rolyn made an 'O' with her mouth. "Oh yea," She breathed with a nod. "We can talk to her after work though. I don't think orientation will interfere with work though." Rolyn explained with an affirming nod. May nodded as well in understanding.

"Ah orientation…" Ian breathed, a small lopsided smile coming to his lips. "What a waste of my time that was. I didn't pay any attention to the orientation leaders when I went." He confessed with a careless shrug. Aden gave him a blank look.

"But you girls are pretty much obligated to pay attention," Drew added as he draped an arm around Rolyn's shoulder than May's. Rolyn gave him a look of annoyance while May's brow simply furrowed. "Since your boyfriends are orientation leaders after all…"

"Oh please," Rolyn laughed sarcastically, ducking under his arm and making her way towards the end of the stage. "I could care less who was my orientation leader or not so you can calm that down." She said sassily. Drew perked a brow.

"Whatever you say sister dearest." He sighed. "You do know what's best." He added sardonically. May laughed behind closed lips.

"I do, whether you wanna actually admit it or not." She huffed hopping down off the stage. Drew followed her knowing that if she was going to take her leave, he was going to have to do the same. He was her co-counselor after all. "C'mon, we have to set up for our first coordinating class." She said jerking her head towards the door.

"Of course," Drew sighed as he jumped down off the stage. He whipped around only to gesture for May to come towards him. The brunette hesitated for a moment, wondering if she was going to receive the same parting gift Rolyn had taken oh so willingly from Jason. Drew gestured for her to lean down and she did. Brushing back her bangs, Drew placed a tender kiss on her forehead. May's face suddenly became hot as she smiled bashfully. Drew was always so sweet with her…well when he wanted. "I'll see you later?"

May nodded, her smile brightening.

"Drop by my class soon, okay?" He murmured running a hand through smooth brown tresses. May hummed in approval, both at the action and his suggestion. Drew smirked arrogantly. His fingers getting tangled in her hair at the back of her head as he pulled her in towards him. She was careful not to lose her balance. Drew placed a peck on her lips, then another, then another…

"Ahem?" Marina cleared her throat none too inconspicuously. Drew finally pulled away, his smirked returning. He released May, looked towards Marina and flicked his hair. The aqua haired beauty rolled her eyes. Drew then silently followed Rolyn out the back door to the vast lounge, absentmindedly paying attention to some of her ideas for lesson plans she had for future camp activities for the coordinating division.

May sighed as she watched him go.

And there you have it; the first chapter to the third installment of the ML series. I had to set up quite a bit for future chapters so bear with the first few that may have excessive amounts of description in 'em. My writing is actually going through a metamorphosis. I can see where its changing and maybe you all can see that too. And just so you know, I'll explain ages at this point. Keep in mind its July in 2014 for them. Just saying.

May: Eighteen going on Nineteen in November.
Drew: Twenty
Alex: Nineteen
Aden: Eighteen
Rolyn: Eighteen going on Nineteen in August
Jason: Twenty
Patou: Nineteen
Ian: Nineteen
Dawn: Seventeen going on Eighteen in March
Paul: Eighteen going on Nineteen in September
Marina: Twenty
Jimmy: Twenty
Samia: Eighteen

Jocelyn Alvarez: Twenty two
Adrian Cross: Twenty three
(They'll come into play soon enough…)