I Don't Believe In Fairytales

*AU. Magic, royalty, romance, friendship etc.

I sat on my bed chatting with Santana and Brittany. They kept glancing at each other and turning red, but they didn't notice. But, Tina, Mercedes, and I did.

We started to talk about what we would make tomorrow morning when the door burst open. We jumped and Santana and I glanced at each other. Looks like it's time.

"You two!" Marcus growled as he pointed at Santana and me. "Come here! It's time!"

We got off of the bed and we followed him out of the room, casting looks back behind us at the other three.

'I'm scared' Santana mouthed

'It'll be okay' I mouthed back

We walked to the other side of the castle; my hands were shaking the whole time. I don't know why I'm not used to this by now, it's happened every day. But I can't shake off the pain.

"Marcus?" Santana and I glanced at each other and looked behind us. My breath caught in my throat. It was Prince Samuel.

Marcus spun around and smiled at him. "Good evening, your highness"

"What is going on here?" He walked closer to us and raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing really. Just taking them to their punishment"

"What? I thought you stopped that!"

"They were back talking, so we must punishment them"


"So they learn their lesson"

"Marcus, is this really necessary?"

"Yes, your majesty, it is."

"Very well" He looked at Santana and I and frowned "Goodnight" He nodded and walked in the other direction.

Marcus started walking again and we followed, not wanting to get in even more trouble.

As we walked into the normal room, I felt tears come to my eyes like always.

And like always it hurt more than yesterday.


Santana and I walked closely together as we went back to our room. I had tears still falling from my eyes, and her face was tear-stained, but she had stopped crying. She's stronger than I am.

We walked into our room and Tina, Brittany and Mercedes were lying down on their beds. I collapsed onto mine and Santana did the same on her bed.

Mercedes sat up and walked over to my bed and hugged me as I cried onto her shoulder. "I hate my life!" I sobbed

I saw through my blurry eyes that Santana was clinging to Brittany and she was crying again. Tina walked over to Mercedes and I and embraced me as well, not wanted to disturb 'Brittana'.

There was a knock at the door and all of us exchanged glances. Tina nodded signaling that she would see who it was.

She opened the door and she curtseyed "Good evening, Prince Samuel" She giggled

"Hey Tina"

"Come on in" She let him in and I saw that in his hand was a first aid kit. I glanced up at him.

"Hey ladies"

"Hey, Sam" Mercedes and Brittany smiled. Why were they calling him that? And why aren't they curtseying. They got up and hugged him.

Santana smiled through her tears and got up. "Welcome back, Trouty Mouth" Okay, that would give her a month's beating.

But instead, the Prince just laughed.

"Sam, this is Quinn." Santana introduced "She came here a couple of months after you left"

He smiled down at me "Hi, I'm Sam" He stuck out his hand and I shook it.


"Chill, Q, he's our friend. He's the one royal in this damn castle that likes us" I nodded and lay down on my back. I wince in pain as I put pressure on the sore spot. I had gotten whipped 10 times this time.

Everyone obviously noticed. "Quinnie are you okay?" Britt asked.

I shook my head and tears rolling down my cheeks. "Sam, could you please help her?" Tina asked

"Of course. Was she hurt more, than you, San? You know how I feel about helping the most injured first"

"Yes. I only was cut a couple times, it could've been worse" San said.

"What happened to Quinn?" I flinched as Mercedes asked that

"Marcus cut her, and whipped her-how many times was it, Q?"

"10" I whimpered

"Then he kicked her a couple times."

"Okay, Quinn, where did he cut you besides your face?" Sam asked me.

"On my arm and my leg" He nodded and took out a towel. He walked over to our bathroom and put cold water on the cloth.

He lifted up my dress a little to examine my leg. "Quinn, this might be a little cold"

He started to dab at my cut. It hurt as he put a little pressure on it. But I said nothing. He was helping me, why should I be ungrateful?

Soon he put a bandage on it and I smiled softly at him. He moved up to my arm and started to repeat the process.

Then, the others started to walk away from us. Mercedes and Tina walked over to their beds and lay down, trying to fall asleep. San and Brittany walked over to Britt's bed and they started to talk.

"So, how long have you done this for them?"

"Ever since my dad started to punish the servants"

I nodded. "How long have they been here?" I looked over at my only friends.

"Mercedes was first. She came here about 4 years ago. Tina was after that. She came about 6 months later. Brittany came a year after that, and then Santana was last, she came about 3 months after Brittany."

"So, they've all been here for a while"

"Yeah, they haven't been 'punished' a lot though. Have you?" I sighed and he finished bandaging my arm. He moved to the cut on my face and started to clean it.

"I get beaten everyday"

"You talk back that much"

"No, my dad told them to punish me every day I was here"


"Because he's a jerk" My breath is shaky as he touches my face so gently "He put me here."


"Yep, just came into my room one day and said that I was coming to be a slave here"

"What about your mom?" I looked at him and sighed again

"She…um…died when I was little. My dad hasn't been the same since"

"I'm sorry I had no idea!"

"It's fine. I'm not mad"

He smiled at me and I practically melted. He's so cute.

"There" He said as he put a bandage on my cheek.


"I can't really do much for your back. I would recommend you not sleeping on your back tonight"

"Thanks, doctor" I giggled and Sam chuckled

"No problem, miss" He smiled and then look over at San."Satan, come here"

"Whatever froggy lips"

"You two are so mean to each other" I stated

"You wanna know something weird, they actually dated for a couple months!" Tina exclaimed

My heart sank to my stomach "You did?"

"Yup. But we're completely over that now" Sam said and glanced between San and Britt. Obviously he knew too. But then again, it was pretty obvious.

Sam helped Santana, and then he left. Telling us all goodnight and shutting the door as he walked out of the room.

Once he was out of hearing distance, Santana smirked at me. "You so like him!"

"W-what? No I don't" I blushed and lay on my side, wrapping myself up in the thin blanket.

"Yes, you do, Quinn" Mercedes smiled "It's obvious?"

I looked at them with worry in my eyes "How obvious?"

"Pretty obvious" Tina giggled

"Do you think he noticed?"

"I'm not sure, Q. But let me be the first one to say that you guys would look really good together"

"You think so?"

Brittany smiled "Like Barbie and Ken"

I laughed, "Thanks, Britt"

I turned the other way and then someone shut the lights off. We were all tired and we had to get up early.


I yawned the next morning as I finished the last of the waffles. I hadn't gotten much sleep last night. I had been thinking about Sam and if he really did know that I had a tiny crush on him. I finally fell asleep once I told myself that I couldn't get involved with men. They would only hurt me more.

"Quinn, are you done with the waffles?" Brittany asked and I nodded. I picked up the plate and walked them over to her so she could present them nicely for the King.

We heard the door open, and fear washed over me as I spun around. It was Marcus. Great, just great.

"Morning ladies" We all curtseyed and then he walked over to Santana, she didn't show her fear. "Did you learn your lesson?" he growled

Santana nodded "I sure did, sir"

"Good" He walked over to me and I tried to remain calm. "You know, Quinnie, I was thinking we would do what we were going to do yesterday. I'd love to see what's under your tattered clothes" He whispered this into my ear so no one else would hear. "I'll see you at 8. And don't tell any of your friends, because it will only be worse for you" He winked and then walked out.

I felt my legs give out and I was suddenly on the floor. Everybody was surrounding me.

Tears feel from me eyes. There was no getting out of this. I had been lucky to get out of it last night. It all came over me at once. Not only was I going to be abused tonight, but I would be raped.

"Quinn? What did he say to you?" I shook my head back and forth.

"I-I can't tell you!"

"Why not?"

"He'll make it worse" I sobbed

I need to get out of here. I will surely die before I'm 25 if this continues to happen.