Through the Cat's eyes

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This is also an apology. College is freaking me out, and I've had this done for a while now, I just forgot about it. There is a second to it, but it'll take a while before I put it out there. Thank you, and I'm very sorry.

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Draco Malfoy had a problem. A very big problem.

He had been turned into a cat! Somewhere during the day, someone had slipped a potion into his food, and it had turned him into a cat. And because he had been disoriented, he had fallen into someone's suitcase! And not just someone, he had fallen into Harry Potter's suitcase. And now he was going home with the stupid golden boy!

How could it get worse? Going to the golden boy's home where he would have to watch Potter get spoiled day and night! Ugh, why did this have to happen to him?