Chapter 4

Harry was taking his medicine; he had to take it every-day now. He was taking his medicine, when he saw Madame Pomfrey look at him with guilt on her face.

She saw Harry looking at her.

''I'm sorry Harry, but Ron and Hermione know about your claustrophobia.'' She said, not seeing the horror on Harry's face. ''I'm sorry dear, but they were worried about you.'' She said. She turned back, to see Harry drop his medicine.

She didn't know what she had done. She didn't know at all.

Harry was trapped, he was trapped, and no one could hear him!

He knew who had done it. Ron had told others, and they had found Harry while he was walking down the hall. They had pushed him into a closet, and he was locked inside!

''let me out! Let me out! Please!'' he kept screaming and screaming! But no one was coming, no one was coming!

Harry screamed, and then he felt his heart change. He was having a panic attack! And his power was raging through him. His glamour fell because at that moment, he turned thirteen. And he came fully into his inheritance!

He screamed one word, one word that forced them to see him.

''HOGWARTS!'' he screamed, and Hogwarts answered.

Draco was in the main hall, and he was worried. He could not find Harry, no matter where he looked. He was looking at the Gryffindor table, when the whole school shook and seemed to scream!

The sky became a storm, and in the storm, two feathers appeared, two feathers covered in blood.

Then, something appeared in the middle of the hall! Draco looked, and he saw Harry! But it was a Harry he had never seen before!

Harry had his ears covered by his hands and his mouth was open in a soul chilling scream. Harry's eyes were a more vibrant green, and from his back were two wings. One as white as heavenly light and one as black as hell fire. From his eyes, Harry cried blood!

Soon, the figure disappeared, and a woman took his place. The woman had white hair and wore a white robe. She was beautiful, and she looked at Dumbledore.

''I told you child, that the angel belonged with the serpents he loved. But you forced him to sleep with the lions! And now, now you have shattered him!'' she screamed, and the school screamed with her.

Draco realized, the woman was Hogwarts! Hogwarts was speaking to them!

''Now that angel has awoken the demon, and you!'' she pointed a finger at Dumbledore. Dumbledore rose into the air against his will.

''You who have broken the angel and unleashed the demon. You who have denied all I told. Now you will burn, as eternal fire holds your soul. Till the day you die, till the day you realize the horror you have done, you will suffer, you will burn, and never will you walk my halls again.''

As she spoke, Dumbledore screamed and disappeared. Then she looked at Ron and Hermione, and in an instant, they were gone as well!

Then she looked at Severus and he felt fear in his heart.

''Find the wolf and the dog, those that love the angel. Gather the true and go to the home of the evil snake. The one who would kill the angel. Find them, and go with them, and save the angel. Go, and save the broken angel. Before he falls and eternally becomes the demon.''

She said, beginning to fade away.

''Maker of potions, make a potion; give him a life, a new life. An infant life. And never again allow wizards to have him. Do not worry, only those who truly love the angel, will remember my words. All of you, go to the room of requirements, and you will find his location there.''

Her voice faded, as her form left the hall.

They had done what Hogwarts had said, and there had been others in the room. The Weasley twins were there, Draco was there, Severus was there, Neville was there, and they had been a small group. They had quickly planned, and they had found Remus and Sirius very quickly.

They had then found where Voldemort was. But when they arrived there, they had found it destroyed, and they had found Harry.

Harry had been in the middle of the ruins, surrounded by corpses, and stained in blood. Harry looked at them, and his eyes were empty as he smiled at them. There were tears in his eyes. ''No one came. No one came, no matter how much I screamed.'' He said, looking at his blood-stained hands.

They were in the dungeon at Hogwarts, and they were watching Harry's memory.

They watched as Harry was tortured by Death eaters, they watched as Harry screamed and called out their names. They all cried at what they saw, and then they watched as Harry glowed with a dark light. And then, Harry became a demon. A demon with blood tears, a demon that laughed at the death he caused.

They watched Harry kill Voldemort, and then, Harry cried, he cried until the tears became blood. Harry, the Harry they knew, died. Killed by wizards and humans. The Angel fell into the Demon's loving embrace.

They had to get Harry away from the Wizards. And they knew that they would never see him again. Severus had made the potion known as second life. It would turn Harry back into a child, and give him a chance at a new life. A life where people truly loved him.

They would give him to one who would care for him and love him. But to do that, they would use a spell to open a doorway. A doorway into another dimension. A dimension where no wizards would exist.

With their plans made, they said goodbye. To the one they knew as Harry Potter.