Author's Note: And, here's the possibly peniultimate fic in my Seven Deadly Vocaloid Sins/Sassy, Gay Friend series. I say peniultimate, since Gumi's sin song is unknown.

Disclaimer: Mothy owns the original Seven Deadly Sins stories.

Lawyer Kaito Marlon Gallerian Shion sat at his desk, revewing his latest court case.

"Meet Marlon Gallerian from the U.S. box office hit Judgement of Corruption. He is about to accept bribes so he can get money to help his daughter, who can't walk. This fate could have been avoided if he had a Sassy, Gay Friend," The narrator explained. Then, Piko, wearing a scarf made of peach silk and sequins, entered Kaito's office.

"What are you doing? What, what WHAT are you doing?" Piko asked Kaito, who jumped up.

"Ah! You scared me!" Kaito commented. "Well, I need some money, so my daughter can walk again. Money's a bit tight this year, so, i'm now taking bribes!"

Both males grew silent.

"Excuse me? No, no, no! You don't take bribes to earn extra money, you sell your old junk on Ebay for extra money!" Piko pointed out.

"I already did that," Kaito pointed out.

"Okay, then... Did you rent your house out?" Piko asked.

"Yep," Kaito answered.

"Did you work overtime? Sue somebody for compensation? Saved money by shopping at Wal-mart?" Piko asked. Kaito just nodded to all three questions. "Okay, Kaito, look at your life, look at your choices."

"Well, I actually considered prostitution at one point, but -" Kaito said before Piko cut him off.

"What were you thinking? What, what, WHAT were you thinking? You shouldn't be thinking about stuff like that! You should be thinking about how money is the root of all evil and stuff!" Piko pointed out.

"Uhh... You just said the whole plot of my predicament you came to solve," Kaito pointed out. Piko sighed.

"Say, you have all this money already. Why didn't you just give Miku the operation already?" Piko asked Kaito.

"Well... Uhh... I was saving it for something else," Kaito anwsered.

"And, that would be?" Piko asked Kaito.

"...Ice cream," Kaito answered meekly. Piko put his hand on Kaito's shoulder.

"You're a stupid bitch," Piko said re-assuingly before turning to the camera. "He's a stupid bitch."


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