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FYI: this is a series of shorts! The one shot 'Knightmares' is something like a prequel to this, so I advise reading that first. This is all inside the YJ tv show world/Earth-16, mainly because it's the best view of Daddybats at the moment.

Meeting Robin


Clark was one of the first to hear of Bruce Wayne's adoption. At first he couldn't believe his ears. Batman, the Batman, the dark knight, the worst nightmare to criminals in Gotham, the scariest of the Justice League, Mr. Broody, chose to be a dad in his off hours. When he first learned about this from Perry, he was tempted to fly over to the gloomy city to find out it was true. Unfortunately Metallo was wreaking havoc on Metropolis and the thought escaped his mind.

It returned several months later when rumor of Batman having a brightly colored, kid partner reached the Planet. This time he didn't hesitate. He had to see it for himself.

Superman made it over to Gotham around eleven that night and used his telescopic vision to find the two. The kid was easier to spot than the man, despite his small size. The yellow inside the kid's cape flashed outward quite often as he ran along the rooftops. They were chasing after some stick thin man in a raggedy costume. Superman decided to help.

The criminal had turned his head around in a disturbing manner just as he ran full in to his S shield. The man fell back with a loud "oof!", sprawled on the ground. He stared up at the alien with wide eyes. "Superman! What the..."

"What are you doing here?" Superman looked up at Batman's dark annoyed voice. He and the kid barely made it onto the rooftop, closing the distance fast. Batman was always annoyed when someone with powers made a call on Gotham, so he wasn't surprised by the unpleasant tone coming from his best friend's mouth. The kid though gaped at him, a smile growing out of the corners of his mouth.

"Just dropping by for a visit. Want to get some coffee?" He grabbed the rag man by his shirt and dragged his struggling form to the dark knight.

"Not particularly." Batman took the criminal's hands and cuffed him, then started wrapping the man up in tight cords. Apparently this one was harder to keep in one place.

"It's Superman!" the kid nearly shouted for joy.

"I noticed," Batman responded, not stopping his task.

"It's really Superman!"

"You're repeating yourself."

"But it's Superman! It's really Superman! He's really here!" The kid couldn't contain his excitement in the slightest. He ran to the alien and Superman could swear Batman was scowling more than usual, but not in the dangerous way. The kid gaped at him without any embarrassment.

"Yes, he's here, when he should be in Metropolis or taking down a natural disaster somewhere else."

They both ignored the sarcastic, bitter comment Batman gave as they started to get acquainted. Superman smiled and crouched down for the boy, liking him already. "So what's your name? I heard rumors about Batman here having a little partner but—"

"I'm Robin! Nice to meet you Superman!" Robin held out his hand excitedly and the man of steel took it grinning.

"Nice to meet you too Robin. How do you like working with Batman?"

"If you don't mind, we really should be going now. This contortionist isn't easy to pin down." Batman was trying, and failing, to take control of the conversation.

"It rocks!" Both men stared at his excited reply. Robin described it more dramatically than either of them expected. "People think we're a little batty doing this, but it's the best thing in the world! All the people we can save, all the bad guys we stop, it's just so cool! And there's all the flying through the air we do while running around Gotham! It's the best thing ever!"

Superman held back a laugh. "You do know this isn't a game right? It's not exactly the best thing for kids to do."

"Oh I know that. Just last week this guy tried to shoot me. Got Br—Batman's shoulder instead. Then we kicked every bad guy down before they could blow up the bridge. His shoulder's fine by the way. Two or three layers of Kevlar and all that. Just a small bruise." He thumbed over to Batman who said nothing in response.

"But is it true you've got like a million different powers?" Superman didn't need X-ray vision to know the kid's eyes were dancing behind his mask. "Can you really fly on your own?"

"Robin," Batman started again, trying to be patient.

But Superman didn't mind. "Wouldn't say a million powers, but I can fly."

"That's so cool! I wish I could fly. That'd be the best power in the world!" Robin's face was brighter than a Christmas tree, making the kryptonian's smile grow.

"So you call yourself Robin because you want to fly?"

"Um…" Robin looked a little away, blushing slightly. "One of the reasons."

"Superman." The alien looked up this time at Batman when he heard the firm tone in his voice. It wasn't a threat but it demanded attention. "Robin has school in the morning. He needs to get home."

"Awwww… but I wanna stay out longer!" Robin turned a pleading face to his mentor. "This is the first time I've met one of your friends! One of your real friends!"

Superman tried to hide his amused smile, thinking about how cute the kid was. But even he knew a kid needed to sleep on school nights. And guessing where they were and how far they'd have to drive to make it to the cave, the kid would probably be in bed a little past midnight. Six or seven hours was all the boy would get.

"The two of you can talk another time." Batman almost sounded… parental… to Superman's ears. Was that possible?

Robin continued to pout. "But he's Superman. He's needed everywhere. When will he…"

Superman put a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder, giving him a kind reassuring smile. "I'll come back to visit soon. On a night without school. Or maybe one day in the cave."

He gave the kid a secret wink, silently telling him he knew who Batman was, and could visit him at any time. While Batman started scowling behind them, Robin's face lit up in pure joy. "Promise?"

"I promise." Superman put three fingers up in the boy scout manner, making Batman roll his eyes behind his cowl.

Gleefully Robin threw his arms around his neck and gave him a quick hug. Superman barely had his hands around when the kid let go and darted away laughing. "Alright! See you soon!"

Still a little surprised, but very pleased, Superman watched the kid run to Batman's side. He also gave the dark knight a quick hug around the waist before looking up at the man grinning. The contortionist kept twisting his bewildered head around as he watched the scene. To the outsiders there's shock, Batman placed a gentle hand on Robin's head, his features softening for a moment. Superman could feel something there he never thought he'd see happen to Batman, and he only wished the rest of the League could see it.

Seconds after, Batman secured a hold on Robin, then launched a grapple to another building. The contortionist was strapped to the man's side as the three of them took off into the night. Superman watched them go, a pleased smile on his lips.

Batman having a kid at his side seemed dangerous when he first heard about it. Now that he met Robin, he was glad the boy was there. The dark knight had a heart. It just took a brightly colored child to bring it out.

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